New Ideal Homesteads Ltd

From the sales brochure, dated 6/4/1935, for Bramcote Avenue, this property developer’s head office address was Ideal House, Carlton Road, Erith, Kent. The estate office was Baker Lane.

According to Wikipedia, the company started in 1929 by Leo Meyer, and was later known as Ideal Homes. It was bought by Trafalgar House in 1967.

In 1935, the managing director was Leo H.P. Meyer, the chairman was J.S.E. Todd and other directors were Sir Thomas Keens and Sir Lionel Earle.

L.H.P. Meyer, Managing Director
Sir Thomas Keens, D.L., F.S.A.A.
Sir Lionel Earle, G.C.V.O., K.C.B., C.M.G., J.P.

The company built houses in Bramcote Avenue, Byards Croft, Oxtoby Way and possibly Hammond Avenue.

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