Vestry Hall

Locally listed in February 1991 by Merton Council who notes:

This is a part two storey, part two and a half storey, and part three storey detached building. It dates from 1887, and the architect was Robert Masters Chart. The materials used include red brick and mansfield stone, and a slate roof. For many years it served as the offices for the Mitcham Local Authority, at first for the Mitcham Vestry, then for the Urban District and finally for the Borough of Mitcham. The main features of interest include the steeply pitched roof with its cupola and weathervane, the asymmetrical clock tower, the moulded brickwork at the first floor level, above the ground floor windows and doors and below the eaves. Also of note at the projecting corbels supporting the eaves and the classical architraves and pediments on the doors and one of the windows. No adverse alterations appear to have been carried out.

DCF 1.0

Photo taken 2005