Nationally Listed Buildings

These buildings are registered with Historic England (formerly English Heritage).

Building Grade
Bidder Memorial II
Burn Bullock Public House II
Chestnut Cottage II
60, 62 and 64 Church Road II
The Canons II*
Dovecote II
Drinking Fountain and Horse Trough II
Eagle House I
Eagle House Gates I
Elm Lodge II
Remains of Hall Place Chapel II
Jubilee Clock Tower II
109 111 London Road II
346 348 London Road II
470 472 London Road II
482 484 London Road II
Milestone at Figges Marsh 2
Mill Cottages II
Mitcham Station II
Newton House
Obelisk II
Parish Church
Parish Rooms II
Park Place II
Prospect House II
Ravensbury Mill
St Barnabas Church II
SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church II*
SS Peter and Paul Parish Church II*
Renshaw Corner II
Tate Almshouses II
Tombs in Parish Churchyard II
55 Upper Green East II
The Vicarage of St Peter and St Paul II
Wandle House II
White Cottage II
White Hart Inn II
The White House II
Base of Windmill at Mill House II