Companies, factories, small businesses etc.

Acme Printing Works
Bigsby W.T. and Sons, varnish manufacturers

C.H. Blume
W.J. Bush

Gas Works
Hygienic Wire Works
Lyxhayr Manufacturers Ltd., horse hair substitute manufacturers
Pain James & Sons, fireworks
T.W. Palmer
Typke & King
Woodite Co., india rubber & steam packing manufacturers

In 1919, in a report on the housing shortage, the Mitcham Urban District Council Minutes gave an overview of the industries post WW1:


The number of factories and workshops in the Parish amounts to 96, of which 41 can be designated as factories. Of these 41 factories 26 are in the South Ward, 10 in the West Ward (mostly in the neighbourhood of Church Road), 5 are in the East Ward, and none in the North ward. Eleven of the 41 are utilised in the manufacture of varnish, while the largest employer of labour in the parish is the Wandsworth, Wimbledon and Epsom Gas Works. The remaining factories include such diverse trades as the manufacture of chemicals, leather, margarine, chocolate, and engineering requisites.

There is at present an amount of work being carried on and extension of several of the existing works, and there is also a large demand for land in the district for new factories, some of which has already been satisfied and building is in immediate contemplation. An increase in the number of persons employed in the parish itself is, therefore, likely to result.

Source : 1920 – 1921, page 193

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