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New Close

Built in 1936/7, a council housing estate originally of 95 houses and 3 flats.

The road is off the west side of Phipps Bridge Road, between numbers 142 and 144. It is a cul-de-sac and is shaped like a flattened oval. Two houses on the left are numbers 1 and 3, then the even numbers, from 2 to 152, continue around the outer side of the oval anticlockwise towards a block of flats at the tramstop end. The houses numbered odd are in the inside of the oval, numbered from 5 to 47, also anticlockwise. See illustration below:

New Close house numbering.

The map above shows that the estate had its own fire alarm post (FAP), next to number 2.

The land was bought for £14,475 from Messrs Clarkson by Mitcham Borough Council for rehousing people made homeless by the Explosion, and for their slum clearance programme.

1935 New Close Clarksons Land sale to Mitcham

1935 Map of land bought by the Council

From the Mitcham News & Mercury, 29th May, 1936:

“Laying out of housing estate”

Reporting on the lay-out plan of New Close Housing Estate, the Borough Engineer, Mr Riley Schofield, said it allowed the erection of 135 houses. The density on the land purchased, viz. 9.70 acres plus one half of the width of Phipp’s Bridge road, and one half of the railway, a total of 11.149 acres worked out at 12.1 houses per acre.

A portion of the estate accommodating 36 houses might not be proceeded with, leaving 99 houses for immediate development.

It was proposed to erect a disinfection house, to be isolated in the south-east corner of the property.

The size of the houses provided for a living-room, scullery, W.C., and bathroom and larder on the ground floor and three bedrooms on the first floor and for the provision of a shed at the rear of each house. A proportion of the houses to have more than three bedrooms.

The Council approved the plan.

Housing Committee, Thursday, October 10th, 1935


-Messrs. Chart, Son and Reading reported that they had been in communication, on behalf of the Council, with Messrs. Clarkson for the acquisition of 9 1/2 acres in Phipps Bridge Road, and that the terms upon which Messrs. Clarkson were prepared to sell were, that the total sum to be paid for the land should be £14,475, and that of this sum £12,047 should be paid upon possession being given of 8 acres 0 roods, 5 perches, and that the balance of the purchase money should be paid on vacant possession being given of the remainder of the land either on the death of Mrs. Clarkson or earlier if Mrs. Clarkson ceases to occupy New Close House. The Town Clerk reported that these conditions had been referred to the District Valuer for his observations, and a report had been received from the District Valuer stating that he was prepared to support an application for a loan at this figure.

Resolved. That the Council be recommended to purchase the site at the price quoted, and that application be made to the Minister of Health to sanction a loan of £14,600 for this purpose.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 1 1934-35 pages 980-1

Finance and General Purposes Committee
Tuesday, 21st July 1936

8. Nameing of New Street
– That in lieu of “New Close” suggested in the report of the Housing Committee, the name of “Jarrow Road” be substituted.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 2 1935-36 page 841

Highways, New Buildings, Lighting and Public Works Committee
Thursday, October 14, 1937

New Close Estate.
-It was Resolved, That his worship the Mayor be asked to hand over officially the New Close Housing Estate to the Housing Committee on Saturday, October 23.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 3 1936-37 page 1065

November 12, 1937

New Close Housing Estate

– The Borough Engineer reported that he had received a quotation from the Wandsworth Gas. Co. for the carcassing required for 95 houses and 3 flats for gas services, amounting to £176 12s., and that he had also received an offer from the company to supply 98 slightly used reconditioned gas cookers at the reduced price of £5 each.

Resolved, That the quotation and offer submitted by the Wandsworth Gas Co. be accepted and the order placed accordingly.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 3 1936-37

From the minutes of Housing Committee
11th December 1947
page 151


The tenant of 36, New Close, has erected a 15-ft. long pigeon loft without first having first obtained the Council’s permission. I shall be glad of the Committee’s instructions.

I am, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
Housing Manager

Resolved – That the tenant be instructed to remove forthwith the pigeon loft which has been erected without permission.

The name ‘New Close’ can be traced back to the 17th century. Deeds published in the Harvard Law Library mention a lease from that Richard Garth for ‘New Close’.

Lease, 1633, January 19. 8 Charles I. 1 Item : parchment ; 42 x 58 cm.


Lease between Richard Garth, esq., of Morden (Surrey) and Dame Dorothy Capell of Morden of a new brick house in Morden, with all out houses, barns, etc., with 1 adjoining close called “the Marsh Close,” containing 5 acres, another called “New Close,” containing 5 1/2 acres, another called “Great Parkelandes,” containing 13 acres, another called “Little Parkelandes,” containing 8 acres, another called “Grube Close,” containing 3 acres, and another called “Water Dens,” as now it is enclosed, containing 8 1/2 acres; except and always reserved all woods, timbers, and trees now standing, etc., with all hunting, for 21 years (if she live so long) from last Michaelmas, at the annual rent of £30 5s. Signed: Dorothy Capell.

WITNESSES: Edward Straynge, James Grantham, William Mathewe.

NAMES: I. Garth, Richard. R. Capell, Dorothy, Dame. III. Straing, Edward. IV. Grantham, James. V. Mathew, William.

SUBJECTS: I. Deeds—England—Surrey. 2. Deeds—England—Morden. 3. Surrey (England)—Charters, grants, privileges. 4. Morden (England)—Charters, grata, privileges.

Source: Harvard Law Library, though this text is no longer online
Retrieved: 2007
This text can also be seen online as part of a Google Books search.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.