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C.U. Engineering

4 Benedict Road
30,32 Homewood Road

A.E. Catlin
E.L. Catlin
H.F. Usher

Light Engineering

Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

1978 ad

1978 ad

From the Mitcham History Group on Facebook – November 2016:

Nick: I worked for Catlin Bros Engineering in Homewood Road in 1972.
Cliff: I Remember the Catlins, wasn’t the steel firm called Catlin and Usher?
Nick: I only knew it as Catlin Bros Engineering.
Cliff: most likely that the name changed when the Dad retired, there were a few brothers, and they played cricket for Mitcham. Usher was the brother in law. That’s what I was led to believe.
Nick: It was Derek Catlin I mostly worked with back then, welding, grinding etc.
Catlin’s also had a lockup at the very end of Century road.
Cliff: I believe that the yard in Century Road was accessed from the Catlins garden in Benedict Road.
Nick: That’s right Cliff, it be came a carpet warehouse when they packed up!

Lower Mitcham School

Now Benedict Primary School, Benedict Road.

Described in the 1918 street directory :

Lower Mitcham, Church road, built in 1897, for 280 boys, 280 girls & 320 infants & enlarged in 1913 for 380 boys, 880 girls & 320 infants; John D. Clarke, master; Miss Annie Roes, mistress; Miss Ellen Smith, infants’ mistress

1899, Mr Harber, Headmaster
1899, Mr Hossack, Assistant Master
1918, Mr John D. Clarke, Headmaster
1918, Miss Annie Roes, Mistress
1918, Miss Ellen Smith, Infants’ Mistress
1926, Mr H. C. Toller, master
1926, Mr F. C. Stone, headmaster
1933, Miss White, Teacher

Newspaper Articles

1899 School Board Report

1910 Antipodean Visitors

1920 Twin Towns

1924 Comedy of School Vacancy

1926 Novel Jazz Band at Christmas

1933 Seaside holiday for Explosion children

Merton Memories Photos

Dragmire Lane

From the Mitcham News & Mercury, January 31st, 1936

Running from Benedict-road to Morden-road, Dragmire Lane is a footpath according to Borough Engineer’s Department, after a case at the police court on December 11th 1935 re Walter Richards, Homewood-road summoned for cycling on it.

Mr Isaac Wilson, chairman, dismissed the case as there was some conflict over the case. Defendant said it was used as a road by carts. Borough Engineer said it was a path under the 1932 Rights of Way act.