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Pig Bins

From Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser
4th February 1954

Pig bins to be abolished

Waste food is now ‘unprofitable’

Kitchen waste is no longer to be collected in Mitcham, and the council’s street pig bins are to be removed.

Commenting on this at Thursdays meeting of Mitcham Council, Ald. C. A. Norris (Ind.) congratulated the Public Health Committee on their decision to abolish what he described as “the pig-bin nuisance, and the now unprofitable collection of kitchen waste generally.”


The committee made their decision after receiving a letter from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries stating that the Government had decided that the salvage of waste food by local authorities would in future be on a voluntary basis.

The Minister, the letter continued. was prepared to revoke individual directions for the salvage of kitchen waste should local authorities wish him to do so, although he hoped they would give the matter careful consideration before deciding to disband their waste food services.