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Council Houses ‘Derelict’

From a local newspaper, dated 23rd July 1982

COUNCIL houses have been left out of a scheme to do up a badly run down area.

Many have been left to decay, while nearby private houses have been given government funded face lifts.

These are the angry claims of Colliers Wood councillor Miss Siobhain McDonagh.

“It is an indictment of this council,” she said. “These houses have been owned by them for a number of years and they are still derelict.”

While the number of smart private houses and flats is on the increase, the condition of vacant council housing in Robinson Road continues to worsen with age and frequent spates of vandalism.

For years residents were haunted by the threat of M23 motorway plans, many left and the area became dilapidated. It was then named a housing action area, and over the course of five years council cash was providrd to assist private building enterprise.

But Coun McDonagh feels strongly that the council should have given similar cash support to its own property, especially as there are 4,500 people on the wailing list.

“There is an obvious need for rented accommodation,” she said. “All the council is interested in is cutting services.”

Environmental health chief Mr Jim Smith said that the aims of the five year plan had in fact been achieved in that almost all the housing had been improved.


Many of the council houses had only recently acquired from the Greater London Council and the Department of Transport, and that provision has been made for their improvement in the very near future.