1882 Mortuary chapel tender

Saturday 1st April, 1882

For enclosing and laying out new burial ground at Mitcham, Surrey, and erecting mortuary chapel thereon, for the Mitcham Burial Board. Mr. Edwin Chart, architect. Quantities by Messrs. Franklin and Andrews :—

Bottom Bros , £2,750;
Nightingale, £2,257;
Higgs and Hill, £2,120 ;
Dickenson, £2,105 ;
Holloway, £1,978 ;
Martin, Wells, and Co., £1,032 ;
Knight, £1,851;
Cooke and Co., £1,850;
Tyerman, £1,850;
Fletcher, £1,849;
Hazell, £1,704;
Acock, £1,782;
Maides and Harper, £1,761;
Crockett (accepted), £1,761.

Source: Surrey Mirror – Saturday 01 April 1882 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

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