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Taffy’s How

Road off of Love Lane. Council Minutes use two spellings “Taffys How” and “Taffy How”. Note no apostrophe. The OS map for 1953 shows it as Taffey’s How.

1953 OS map

1953 OS map

A strip of land 0.6 acres was bought from Messrs Mizen Brothers, market gardeners, in 1935 by the Borough of Mitcham, for £975. It was developed for social housing. Inflation adjusted this is around £63,000 in 2016.

Proceedings of the Council and Committees, Mitcham Borough Council
Volume 1 Nov-Oct 1934-45
Housing Committee
Page 884

Taffys How, Love Lane

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Accompanying this report we beg to submit for your approval a preliminary sketch lay-out for the site acquired from Messrs. Mizen at Taffys How, Love Lane, immediately adjoining the Pear Tree Close housing scheme.

The area acquired is 0.600 acres. It is outside the area of the Town Planning Scheme and consequently free from restrictions of density. Adopting the same density figure as was taken in the case of Pear Tree Close, it should afford sites for 12 houses, and this is the number which we have shown on the plan upon the assumption that is to be developed to its utmost capacity.

It is a long and very narrow strip of land, with a very short frontage to Love Lane, and the only way in which the utmost use may be made of the land is to drive a road along one side of it as shown. This will be a 24 feet road with turning space at the end. While in this position it will also be available for the development of the adjoining land, which is not your property, it is, in our view, preferable to placing it on the other side of the site, when the new houses erected upon it would look out on the backs of the Pear Tree Close houses.

As regards the type of houses to be erected, the two blocks of three in each we propose should be exactly similar to those already erected on the Pear Tree Close estate; for the remainder of the houses the shallow depth of the sites calls for wide frontages, shallow depths, and the provision of some garden space at the sides. We show in the sketch the plan we suggest, which will provide similar accommodation to the other houses included in the scheme.

we are, ladies and gentlemen,
Yours obediently,
Chart, Son and Reading.

Housing Committee
Thursday, October 10, 1935
page 980

“Taffy How,” Love Lane. – The Town Clerk reported that the District Valuer was prepared to support an application for loan for the purchase of “Taffy How” from Messrs. Mizen Bros. at the price at which the Council had acquired the same. Resolved, That the Finance Committee be recommended to submit an application to the Minister of Health to borrow the sum of £975 for the acquisition of the land known as “Taffy How,” Love Lane.

Eric Montague says the origin of the name is unknown but that it was an alternative field name for an inclosure off Love Lane called Barn Field which was part of property owned by an Andrew Feltham, as documented by Edwin Chart in 1827. The details are held at the Surrey History Centre.

Source: note 14 on page 137 ‘Mitcham Histories: 12 Church Street and Whitford Lane’ by EN Montague.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

1872 Durham House To Be Let

Wednesday 27 March 1872

MITCHAM, Surrey.
-This capital FAMILY RESIDENCE, in substantial and good decorative repair, to be LET, containing six bed-rooms, two dressing-rooms, dining and drawing rooms ; water and gas laid on; large garden, walled in, perfectly private. Rent £65. Four railway stations within 15 minutes walk; omnibuses pass the door.— Edwin Chart, Mitcham, Surrey.

Source: London Standard – Wednesday 27 March 1872 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

1882 Mortuary chapel tender

Saturday 1st April, 1882

For enclosing and laying out new burial ground at Mitcham, Surrey, and erecting mortuary chapel thereon, for the Mitcham Burial Board. Mr. Edwin Chart, architect. Quantities by Messrs. Franklin and Andrews :—

Bottom Bros , £2,750;
Nightingale, £2,257;
Higgs and Hill, £2,120 ;
Dickenson, £2,105 ;
Holloway, £1,978 ;
Martin, Wells, and Co., £1,032 ;
Knight, £1,851;
Cooke and Co., £1,850;
Tyerman, £1,850;
Fletcher, £1,849;
Hazell, £1,704;
Acock, £1,782;
Maides and Harper, £1,761;
Crockett (accepted), £1,761.

Source: Surrey Mirror – Saturday 01 April 1882 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

1859 Auction of Rev Wharton’s Property

Saturday 2nd July 1859

MESSRS. BLAKE WILL SELL BY AUCTION, at the Vicarage, on Tuesday, July 12th, 12 for one o’clock (the property of the late Rev. H. J. Wharton), The capital FURNITURE, comprising Arabian and four-post bedsteads with bedding, wardrobe, chests of drawers, secretary, marble top beam stands, toilet glasses and tables, excellent Brussels carpets, rugs, fenders and fire irons, rosewood chiffonnier, loo and occasional tables, chairs, sofa, chimney glass, a cottage pianoforte by Broadwood and Sons, pedestal sideboard, sarcophagus, telescope dining table, chairs and Morocco seats, cut glass and china, dozen of choice wines, culinary and dairy requisites, garden utensils, &c., also an elegant four-wheel basket phaeton, built by Lenny (cob axe, quite new), four-wheel phaeton, harness, saddles and bridles, prime cow, poultry, &c. May be viewed the day before the sale, and catalogues had on the premises; of Mr. Edwin Chart, Estate Agent, Mitcham; Garrawy’s Coffee-house, Change-alley; and of Messrs. Blake, Croydon.

Source: Sussex Agricultural Express – Saturday 2nd July 1859 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

1879 To Dust Collectors

Parish of Mitcham.

—Parish of Merton.

To Dust Collectors.

The Rural Sanitary Authority of the Croydon Union are prepared to receive Tenders from persons willing to Contract for the Removal of the Contents of the Dustbins and House Refuse within the Parishes of Mitcham and Merton, for one year ending Michaelmas Day, 1880. Separate Tenders for each Parish to be delivered at my office, 15, George Street, Croydon, on or before Saturday, the 25th day of October instant. Information with regard to the requirements of the Contract can be obtained on application to Mr. Edwin Chart, Sanitary Inspector, Mitcham. By order, A. G. BLAKE, Clerk to the Sanitary Authority, Croydon Union.October 14th, 1879.

Source : Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 18 October 1879 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required).

1883 School Tenders

For girls’ and infants’ schools, Upper Mitcham, for the Mitcham School Board. Mr. Edwin Chart, architect, Mitcham. Quantities by Messrs. Franklin and Andrews:-

Dove Bros, £5,493.
Jarrett, Croydon, £5,399.
Kirk and Randall, £5,268.
Higgs and Hill, £5,184.
Ward, Ward, Warlingham, £4,964.
Lawrence, Mitcham, £4,888.
Martin, Wells, and Co., £4,600.

Stewart, Wallington (accepted), £4.574.

Source : Sussex Agricultural Express – Tuesday 27 November 1883 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)