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Taylor and Kensett

Builder of houses in Mitcham.

Had building plans approved in
1899 for 38 houses in Pitcairn Road
1903 for 12 houses in Crusoe Road
1904 for 16 houses in Crusoe Road

Percy Frank Kensett, builder, listed in 1911 Kelly directory

Newspaper Articles

EXCITING FIRE SCENES Whole Street in Danger. There were remarkable scenes at Mitcham yesterday — a portion street being in flames. Fire broke out at the timber yard of Messrs. Taylor and Kensett in Crusoe road, and burned fiercely that adjoining houses caught fire, and the whole street seemed in danger. Householders in considerable alarm carried their furniture and valuables out into the street, and there was scene of great confusion. The combined efforts of the brigades, however, succeeded in preventing the spread of the flames, but not before four houses adjacent to the timber yard had been considerably burned.

Source: Hartlepool Mail – Friday 02 September 1921 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

Council Minutes
From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council
Volume VIII
1902 to 1903
17th April 1902
page 45

20. FIGGS MARSH DRAINAGE.—Read letter from Messrs. Taylor & Kensett, the owner of building land on the west side of London Road, Figg’s Marsh, near Tooting Junction Railway Bridge. The road was, at present, drained by pipes laid under the footway discharging on to the land belonging to the applicants, where a ditch formerly existed ; to carry out what was suggested would necessitate the construction of four new gullies and a length of 6in. drain to take the water to the other side. It would improve the drainage of the highway and at the same time relieve the landowner of a liability to get rid of the water now discharging on to the land ; the cost would be approximately £20, and he suggested that Messrs. Taylor & Kensett should be asked to contribute one-half the cost.

—The Committee Resolved, That they be required to pay the whole of the cost of the work.

From the minutes of the
Croydon Rural District Council
Roads and Buildings Committee
Volume VIII 1902 – 1903
15th May 1902
page 111

2. Deposited Plans. – The Buildings Sub-Committee reported that they had carefully examined al the plans of new streets and buildings deposited since the last meeting, and on their recommendation, it was Resolved:-
(a) That the undermentioned be approved:

No. 2127, Taylor & Kensett, house, London Road, Mitcham

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Dr Thomas Hamilton

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 13 March 1875

Lamented Death.

—We regret to announce this week the death of T. W. Hamilton, Esq., M.D., which occurred at his residence at Mitcham, on Sunday last, at the age of 54 years, and after a short illness. The funeral took place on Wednesday last, at Mitcham churchyard, the deceased gentleman’s remains being conveyed to the grave members of the police force. The Oddfellows were represented in the churchyard, and a large number of parishioners were also present for the purpose of testifying their respect for the deceased. The service having been performed the Rev. D. F. Wilson, the vicar, the body was consigned to its last resting place, the grave. Dr. Hamilton was for many years the principal medical practitioner in Mitcham, and his death has occasioned universal regret amongst all classes. Perhaps his loss will be felt most keenly by the poor, to whom he was endeared by many acts of kindness and benevolence, and with whom his memory will be ever sacred.

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 28 October 1876

A second meeting of the promoters of the Hamilton Memorial Fund was held at Dr. Smith’s schoolroom, Upper Mitcham, on Thursday, the 19th inst, when communication from the vicar, Rev. D. F. Wilson, was read, suggesting that it should take the form of a stained window in the church, and an offer assisting liberally in raising additional subscriptions, but it was considered, after lengthened conversation, that the fund hitherto collected could not diverted from its purpose, namely to place a stone over the remains of the deceased doctor in the churchyard. A design in granite was then selected, at about the cost of and order given to Mr. R. Chart to erect it without delay.

1867 Private Residents Directory

From the 1867 Post Office Directory

Adams Edward,esq. Lower Mitcham
Anderson Rev. William [Independent], Cambridge cottage.
Asquith David, esq. Mitcham common
Attwood Alfred, esq. Hall place
Barter Mrs. Lower Mitcham green
Bartley Mrs. Lower Mitcham green
Bennett Samuel James, esq. Morden la
Boyce Mrs. Park place
Breach John. Robert, esq. Wandle villa
Bridger George, esq. Manor house
Bridger James, esq. Manor house
Clarke James, esq. Upper Mitcham
Cobbett James, esq. Baron grove
Coles Chas. esq. The Firs, Low. Mitcham
Cowie Richard Vandome, esq. Church st
Delay William esq. Merton road
Duckworth Frederick John,esq. Wandle Grove house
Ewer Misses, Grove cottage, Mitcham common
Flemwell John esq. Chesnuts
Flockton Mrs. Upper Mitcham
Fry Richard, esq. The Canons
Fry Walter John, esq. Berkeley cottage
Gale Frederick, esq. Wykeham cottage
Gedge Sidney, esq. Mitcham
Gordon Capt. Charles, Elm cottage
Gray Mr. Joseph, Merton lane
Green Mr. Thomas, Mitcham common
Grove Mrs. Mitcham house
Hall Miss, Lower Mitcham
Hamilton Thos. Wm. M.D.Low Mitcham
Herby Mies,Baron grove,Low.IVIitehara
Harland Robert, esq. Homefield
Harland Saml. Robt. seq. Phipps bridge
Harvey Geo. Thos. esq. Upper Mitcham
Harwood William Russell, esq. Mitcham common
Haynes Misses, Lower Mitcham
Hersee Mr. William, Lower Mitcham
Hodd Mr. Richard, Merton road
Hodgson James, esq. Whitford lane
Holden Mrs. Church st. Low. Mitcham
Hooper George, esq. The Cedars
Hooper William, esq. Mitcham common
Howard Edwin B. esq. Sherwood lodge, Mitcham common
Hunt Charles, esq. The Willows
Hurst Daniel, esq. Manor cottage, Figg’s marsh
Inglis Mrs. Dinton villas
Johnson Henry Marcus, esq. Durham ho
Knight Jasper, esq. Whitford lane
Kydd Samuel, esq. Love lane
Lockhart Mrs. Upper Mitcham
Loft Fredk. esq. The Cedars, Mitcham common
Mann Robert, esq. New close
Marshall Edward, esq. Church street
Martin Miss, Lower Mitcham
Mills Edward, esq. Baron house
Moseley John K. esq. Elm court
Nepean Evan Colville, esq. Newton cot
Newton William, esq. Mitcham common
Nichols William N. esq. Baron grove
Nobes James, esq. Phipps bridge
Orr Rev. Thomas [Independent], Dinton villas
Parsons Thomas, esq. Morden lane
Paxton James, esq. Dinton villas
Pearson Mrs. Cranmers, Mitcham comn
Plumer Hall, esq. New Barns farm
Railton Edward, esq. Love lane
Robinson Christopher, esq
Rust Samuel, esq, Biggin farm
Rutter Isaac, esq. Glebelands
Rutter Misses, Glebelands
Satchell Edward, esq. Cedar villa, Mitcham common
Smith Mrs. Kline cottages
Smyth Mr. George, Upper Mitcham
Stagland Henry, esq. Manor house
Stanton John, esq. The Grove
Swainson EdWard, esq. Baron grove
Thomas Charles Evan, esq. Crannmers
Trist Richard, esq. Mitcham common
Ward James, esq. Lower Mitcham
Watson Joseph, esq. Mill Cottage, The Common
Weir Mrs. Upper Mitcham
Westbrook Mr. Zachariah, Low. Mitcham
Williams Mrs. Mitcham common
Wilson Rev. Daniel Frederick, M.A. Vicarage, Lower Mitcham

Mitcham Brewery

Edgar and John Mantell operated the Mitcham Brewery, London Rood, Mitcham, Surrey, until 1877 when it was taken over by John Dalton Mantell, followed by Thunder & Little in 1884. Thunder & Little Ltd was registered in September 1895 as a limited liability company to acquire the business. The company acquired Edward Boniface, Cheam Brewery, Cheam Surrey, in 1898 and changed its name to Mitcham & Cheam Brewery Co Ltd. It was taken over by Page & Overton’s Brewery Ltd, Croydon, Surrey, in 1917. The Cheam Brewery closed in that year and the Mitcham Brewery ceased brewing in 1914.

Source: The Brewing Industry: A Guide to Historical Records edited by Lesley Richmond. Published by Manchester University Press (6 Sept. 1990). ISBN-10: 0719030323

Francis Thunder is shown in the 1900 electoral registers.

Merton Memories Photos
1882 White Hart pub showing JD Mantell name

This sketch from around 1885, when zoomed in to the White Hart pub, the brewery ‘Thunder & Little’ can be seen.
1885 cricket on the green1950s

c. 1975


News Articles

1898 Mitcham and Cheam Brewery formed to takeover Thunder and Little

18981213 Mitcham and Cheam Brewery

London Standard – Tuesday 13 December 1898

The Mitcham and Cheam Brewery Company (Limited) is formed to take over and combine the businesses of Thunder and Little and of Edward Boniface, brewers, the one at Mitcham and the other at Cheam. A Share capital of £50,000 is to be created, in £5 Shares, half of which will be Cumulative Preference Shares, and the whole of it goes to the Vendors, who also accept £40,000 in cash in payment. An issue of £50,000 in Four-and-a-Half per Cent. First Mortgage Debenture Stock is offered to the public at par in multiples of £10.

News Articles

A subscription is required to view these articles on the British Newspaper Archives website.

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 20 July 1889

Messrs. Thunder and Little’s Beanfeast.

— On Saturday last about 40 of the employees of the Mitcham Brewery assembled at 7 a.m., and after partaking of what they chose in the way of liquid refreshment, proceeded to Mitcham Junction, whence they travelled by special train to Portsmouth, arriving there about 11.45. After a hearty lunch at Maybour’s Restaurant at Portsea the dockyards were visited. A steam yacht was then chartered, and the party went for a two and a half hours’ trip skirting the Isle of Wight. Returning to Maybour’s they sat down to most excellent dinner, the expense of which, indeed was the whole of the outing, being borne by the firm. “The first-class spread” having been done ample justice to, toasts, songs, etc., followed until time for the return journey at 7p.m. Arriving at Mitcham Junction in good time, the company adjourned to the White Hart Hotel, and there brought most enjoyable day of pleasure to a harmonious finish.

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 01 November 1879

Extensive Embezzlement.

—At the Croydon Petty Sessions on Saturday last, Frederick French, of Aberdeen-terrace, Mitcham, was charged, on remand, with embezzling 18s. 6d., the moneys of his employer, Mr. J. D. Mantell, brewer, of Mitcham.

—The defendant pleaded guilty, and said he hoped the Bench would be lenient with him on account of his wife and family.

— Mr. Dennis, who represented the prosecutor, said the defendant should have thought of his wife and family before. It unfortunately happened that this was only one amount of prisoner’s defalcations out of between £30 and £40.—The Bench sent prisoner to gaol for four calendar months.