1902 Commercial Directory

This table is from the Commercial section of the 1902 Kelly’s Directory for Mitcham.

Surname Title Forenames Trade Address
Agutter Samuel grocer 34 Belgrave Road
Allen Bros. nurseryman Tamworth land & Grove road
Allen Mrs Rebecca gen. shop Eastfields
Allum Henry general shop 4 Abbey terrace Church Road
Anderton William vestry hall keeper London Road
Angliss Mrs Mary Ann shopkeeper Church road
Annett Louis confectioner 6 Upper Green
Arnold Mrs Jane laundress Westfield lodge Western Road
Arnold Thomas Herbert oven setter Westfield lodge Western Road
Arthur Richard Crown PH London Road
Attwood Harry coachbuilder Western Road
Ashby Joshua & Sons millers (water) Wandle mills London Road
Ballard Mrs Eliza shopkeeper 52 Fountain Road
Bamford Mrs Elizabeth laundress Figg’s Marsh
Bance Chas. Allen beer retailer Lower Green
Barnes Wm. mechanical engineer Common side west
Barter William grocer 8 London Road
Batt Henry Jas. shopkeeper Church Road
Benger Clemance Wm. nurseryman Grove Road
Bennett George shopkeeper 5 St. Mark’s Road
Bennett Harry insurance agent Common side east
Bennett Matthew watchmaker
Bentley Frederick beer retailer Nursery Road
Bigsby W.F. & Sons varnish & japan works
Birch Edwin butcher Church street
Blume Charles H. japan & varnish manufacturer Western Road
Bourn Henry water bailiff to Wandle fishery Sutton Road
Boys James plumber Nursery Road
Bradshaw Hy. shopkeeper 2 Belgrave Road
Brooks Anthony greengrocer 1 Grove terrace London Road
Budds Thomas inland revenue officer Common side east
Bullock The Misses private school Chesnut college Figg’s Marsh
Burgess Thomas carpenter Lower Green
Bush W.J. & Co. Ltd. lavendar & peppermint distillery Church Road
Cain Thomas cutler Bath Road
Catt William grocer & wine & spirit merchant London Road
Champion William plumber & house decorator Nursery Road
Chart Miss Elizabeth Whitford school 3 Mitcham Park Road
Chart John Robert corn & seed merchant & undertaker Upper Green
Chart Robert Masters architect, surveyor & insurance agent, clerk to burial board & vestry clerk & surveyor to Croydon Rural District Council Vestry Hall London Road
Clamp Charles brush maker Church Road
Clark Alexander surveyor’s clerk 3 Eveline villas London Road
Clarke James Ferrier L.R.C.P.I. physician & surgeon Baron grove London Road
Clarke William farm bailiff to Capt. T. Goodson J.P. Hill house Sutton Road
Clements Fredk. Owen householder 9 Eveline villas London Road
Coldicott Hy. Starkey solicitor London Road
Collbran Edwin butcher Western Road
Compton Thomas bookbinder & printer The Green
Cook & Sons butchers London Road
Cook Mrs. Harriett shopkeeper 5 Grove terrace London Road
Cooper William corn & coal merchant London Road
Cornish Wm. nurseryman London Road
Cornwall James carman & contractor Westfield farm Western Road
Cotton Hamilton hatter & hosier 3 Upper Green
Court William 14 London Road
Cox Richard Mably florist Eastfields
Cox Sidney James bootmaker 29 Smith’s buildings Common side east
Crawford Reuben greengrocer 3 Abbey terrace Church Road
Crosswell Albert Henry shopkeeper 16 Church street
Cubison Arthur Edward solicitor Oriel cottage Common side east
Cummings John greengrocer 5 London Road
Dale Stanley plumber London Road
Dale George Joseph newsagent & stationer London Road
Davis Geo. W. fruiterer Upper Green
Deed John S. & Sons leather manufacturers & importers Leather works Beddington corner
Dell Charles plumber Church Road
Dendy Adolphus carriage builder & wheelwright London Road
Dickisson William James clerk to school board Lower Green
Dixon John boot repairer 2 St. Mark’s Road
Docker Brothers varnish & colour manufacturers Western Road
Doddrell John householder 2 Eveline villas London Road
Drewett James D. builder Upper Green
Drewett Mrs Sarah Ann beer retailer Church Road
Elliott Jas. marine str dlr 36 Fountain Road
Elliott Thomas dairyman Common side east
Ellis Thomas shopkeeper 14 Fountain Road
Elmer John contractor London Road
Euinton Geo. florist
Farmiloe Thomas & William Limited varnish manufacturers Church road
Fellowes George oilman London road
Ferridge James general shop Fountain place Western road
Field John Thomas general shop 6 The Terrace Grove Road
Ford Charles M builder & undertaker Beddington corner
Francis Thomas outfitter etc London road
Freeborn Mary & Fanny (misses) confectioners 17 London road
Gardner Alfred Ernest furniture dealer & shopkeeper Common side west
Gilbert William butcher Church street
Glover Arthur marine str dlr Queen’s Road
Glewitzki Max refreshment rooms London road
Glyde Richard James householder Glenmore Graham Road
Grange John corn merchant Western Road
Greenaway John timber merchant Blue houses Mitcham common
Gunn Bros. grocers & provision dealers 2 Western Road
Hall & Co., Croydon Ltd. coal & gravel merchants Morden Road
Hall Henry furniture dealer Upper Green
Hamilton Potter & Co. varnish, japan & color manufacturers Church Road
Hancock Robert market gardener Mile’s lane Church Road
Hargood David J. tobacconist 5 Abbey terrace Church Road
Harris George shopkeeper Western Road
Harvey & Knight floor cloth & linoleum & trunk cover manufacturers Morden Road
Harwood Miss Emma general shop Lower Green
Haydon George baker London Road & Church Road
Haydon Henry William builder Vine house Lower Green west
Haymes Mrs Jane confectioner London Road
Hayward Chas. grocer & baker Western Road
Hayward Miss R.L. postmistress London Road
Heartfield John butcher 6 St. Mark’s Road
Higgs Herbert boot maker 3 Western Road
High & Beadle grocers 4 Homewood Road
Hilliard Thomas G. greengrocer 13 Belgrave Road
Hoaren David J. fried fish shop 7 Belgrave Road
Hollis & Son varnish manufacturers Chapel Road
Hornby George coffee house London Road
Horncastle Henry Thomas commercial traveller 7 Eveline villas London Road
Howse William florist 38 Belgrave Road
Hubble Marcus beer retailer Church Road
Hudson Robert watchmaker London Road
Huggett Mrs Emma chimney sweeper Common side east
Hughes & Kimber Ltd. ink & varnish makers Church Road
Hughes William Frederick cowkeeper Cranmer Road
Hyde William John pawnbroker & outfitter 10 London Road
Ireland Milton grocer London Road
Ives Charles general shop 23 Fountain Road
Jenner Alfred surgeon Common side east
Jenner William Henry cycle maker 11 London Road
Jessup William Robert grocer Church Road
Jones George Farewell M.A. solicitor Brenley Cedars Avenue
Jones Henry watchmaker & jeweller Upper Green
Jordan George nurseryman Spencer Road
Kent William wheelwright & blacksmith Sibthorp Road
Kenyon John James stationer & bookseller London Road
King Frank undertaker Upper Green
King Isaac china dealer & oilman Upper Green
King Walter chemical manufacturer
Kirby William smith Lower Green
Kite Robert jobbing bricklayer Figg’s Marsh
Lack Mrs Hannah linen draper 4 London Road
Ladyman Thos. Hy. fishmonger 2 Upper Green
Lane Abner saddler Upper Green
Lanham Edgar draper London Road
Leach Joseph saddler London Road
Leather John M. nurseryman & pig feeder East fields
London & Provincial Bank Ltd. London Road
Love Hy. B.A., M.B. surgeon Elm Lodge Lower Green east
Love Samuel collector of taxes 13 Glebe Villas London Road
Lunt William market gardener 5 Romeo Villas London Road
Lynch Mrs Ellen laundress London Road
McLeod William Rutherford vaccination officer & registrar of births, deaths & marriages Lower Green west
Marshall E. Williams L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. Physician & surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator No. 6 Ddistrict Ryde Cottage Church street
Marshall Edward M.R.C.S.,L.S.A. surgeon Church House Church street
Matthews Chas. hairdresser London Road
Maynard Thos. Stud farm Wandle Paddock
Mead Mrs Margaret shopkeeper & beer retailer Western Road
Meggeson & Co. jujube makers Willow Walk Nursery Road
Mellor Albert commercial traveller Upper Green
Mersh William boot maker London Road
Miller John & Son farriers Church Road
Miller & Nock laundry London Road
Miller Frederick Charles grocer
Mills John greengrocer Upper Green
Mitcham & Cheam Brewery Co. Ltd. London Road
Mitcham Conservative & Unionist Association & Club Durham House
Mitcham Fire Brigade London Road
Mitcham Japan & Varnish Co. Ltd. Merton Works Church Road
Mitcham School Board Lower Green
Mitcham Steam Laundry Co. Ltd. Figg’s Marsh
Mitcham & Wimbledon District Gas Light Co. Western Road
Mizen Bros. nurserymen Elm Nursery London Road
Mizen Edward, Ernest & Alfred market gardeners Eastfields
Mizen Frederick & George market gardeners St. Mark’s Road
Mizen Edward market gardener & farmer Eastfields
Mizen Mrs Henrietta fruiterer London Road
Mold Phil draper Upper Green
Morgan William & Sons varnish & japan makers Western Road
Morgan Thomas manager 10 Eveline villas London Road
Mouland & Bennett watchmakers 15 London Road
Mount William confectioner 4 Western road
Munday Mrs Louisa laundress Figg’s Marsh
Munday Robert hosier Upper Green
Munt John greengrocer Queen’s Road
Nash Alfred & Sons wheelwrights St. Mark’s Road
Newell Mrs corn & flour merchant Upper Green
National Telephone Co. Ltd. Vestry Hall
Norman, Smee & Dodwell varnish & japan makers Miles Lane
Nock Miss Isabella laundress London Road
Norman Mrs G. matron of workhouse, Holborn Union Western Road
North Albert Edward butcher & grocer 7 St. Mark’s Road
Owen Henry common keeper Wolseley Road
Pain James & Sons fireworks, ships’ rockets etc. Eastfields
Palmer T.W. & Co. iron fencing manufacturers Church Road
Parsons Thomas & Sons varnish makers Church Road
Pawson Arthur butcher 2 Grove terrace London Road
Pearce Charles school attendance officer 6 Church Road
Pellerin Georges & Cie margarine manufacturers Tower Works Mitcham Common
Pepper James Thomas carpenter & shopkeeper Central Road
Pettit Henry James refreshment rooms Upper Green
Phillips Mrs Charlotte china & glass dealer London Road
Philpott George florist London Road
Pickard Charles Sidney china & glass dealer Upper Green
Pickering Henry beer retailer Morden Road
Pillinger John printer Western Road
Pollard Arthur Stewart grocer Upper Green
Poulton William grocer Upper Green
Powell James marine str dlr Bath Road
Price James hairdresser 1 Upper Green
Princes Golf Club Mitcham Common
Pugh William tailor London Road
Purdom George & Co. varnish makers Church Road
Rabbetts Charles George sanitary inspector 5 Harewood Road
Raven William B. builder Parklands Park Road
Reading Samuel William coal merchant 6 Glebe Villas
Richardson William boot maker Church Road
Rickett, Smith & Co. coal merchants Baron Grove
Riddle William shopkeeper 56 Queen’s Road
Rosier George carman Common Side East
Rowland Richard beer retailer London Road
Rowles Mrs Frances confectioner Common Side East
Rubber Chemical Co. Ltd. Seringa mills Mitcham Common
Ruff Albert boot maker Upper Green
Ruff Walter Bruce boot maker London Road
Rutter Isaac & Co. tobacco manufacturers Ravensbury Mills Morden Road
Sales Thomas William grocer London Road
Samson Frederick George veterinary surgeon Upper Green
Saunders Atree shopkeeper Church Road
Sayers Charles builder Lower Green
Sayers James beer retailer Common side west
Schmidt & Honey laundry Lock’s Lane
Schweizer John Jacob & Co. varnish makers Church Road
Sewell Daniel boot maker & collector of taxes Upper Green
Shead Alfred Arthur insurance agent 3 Homewood Terrace Church Road
Shelswell Oscar Berridge surgeon & mdeical officer to Holborn union Mitcham Workhouse
Shepherd George wheelwright London Road
Shepherd James florist London Road
Shepherd James J cycle maker London Road
Shepherd Joseph corn merchant 4 St. Mark’s Road
Shepherd Robert grocer 4 Upper Green
Sheppard Thomas Pinniger grocer & wine & spirit merchant 7 London Road
Short Arthur baker 1 Belgrave Road
Simmons A & E market gardeners Railway Path
Simmons & Miller grocers Railway stores London Road
Slade Mrs Caroline tobacconist & confectioner London Road
Slater Robert market gardener Western Road
Smith & Smith bookmakers 5 Upper Green
Smith Thomas & Sons varnish manufacturers Phipp’s Bridge
Smith Mrs Florence general shop Western Road
Smith Mrs Jane grocer Morden Road
South of England Varnish Co. Bath Road
Southern Henry John clerk Lower Green
Stallard Sidney surveyor to Croydon Rural District Council Vestry Hall London Road
Stevens George butcher Church Road
Stickings John nurseryman 4 Railway cottages Railway Path
Stiles Edward shopkeeper 4 Abbey terrace Church Road
Stoffell George hairdresser 4 Grove terrace London Road
Stopher William butcher 2 Abbey terrace Church Road
Stopher William butcher 11 Belgrave Road
Strephosa Bread Co. Upper Green
Strott John butcher Western Road
Stringer John Albert relieving officer for Mitcham district of Croydon union Lower Green
Sudds Charles confectioner London Road
Surrey Varnish Co. Church Road
Swindell Mrs Ellen laundress 1 Abbey terrace Church Road
Tegg Richard greengrocer Common Side East
Thew Walter manager London & Provincial Bank London Road
Thompson James Manor dairy London Road
Thompson Mrs Matilda cowkeeper Lower Green
Thompson William Mapp architect & surveyor Baron Grove London Road
Thorns Arthur greengrocer 2 Bridge Road Church Road
Thorns G. market gardener Aberdeen Road Church Road
Timpson Samuel coffee house London Road
Titcombe Nelson tobacconist & confectioner London Road
Tomkins Thomas school attendance officer Assandune Lower Green
Tracey George jobbing gardener Lower Green
Turner & Euinton florists Madeira Road
Turner Samuel William boot & shoe maker London Road
Turner William baker Upper Green
Tylor John Burnett varnish manufacturer Batsworth Road
Typke & King chemical manufacturer Tamworth Lane
Varnham Mrs Annie confectioner Church Road
Vateman Arthur shopkeeper Church Road
Verney Mrs Harriett beer retailer Croydon Road
von Hafen Oscar householder 8 Eveline villas London Road
Waite Frederick shopkeeper 7 Homewood Road
Wakeham Mrs Mary Ann coffee house Lower Green
Wales Mrs Sarah confectioners London Road
Walker George householder Rosenheath Graham Road
Walpole Brothers grocers & provision dealers Western Road
Ward James grocer Common Side East
Weight Charles E. plumber 7 Homewood Terrace Church Road
Weller John tailor 5 London Road
Wheeler William shopkeeper Western Road
White Frederick E. chemist 1 St. Mark’s Road
White Oscar J dairy London Road
Whitehead R. R. & Bros. Wandle Felt Works Sutton Road
Whittwell George confectioner London Road
Wiggs Walter dairy 20 Belgrave Road
Wilkes Ernest fishmonger & greengrocer Western Road
Willett John undertaker Park Road
Willmott William beer retailer Church Road
Wimble’s Drug Store 18 London Road
Wisbey Arthur W shopkeeper Church street
Wood William & Son pig dealers Grove Road
Woodite Company woodite & india rubber manufacturers Mitcham Common
Woodman Horatio E. beer retailer St. Mark’s Road
Woods Mrs Frederick confectioner Upper Green
Wright Harry tobacconist & confectioner 19 London Road
Yates & Co timber merchants Common Side East

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