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1896 Street Directory

Benevolent Institution
Board Schools
Clubs, Societies etc.
Description of Mitcham
Land area and population statistics
Parochial Officers and Public Institutions
Places of Worship
Railway Stations

Description of Mitcham

… (in Domesday Book called “ Michelham ”) is a parish and extensive village on the river Wandle and the Reigate road, with a station called Mitcham junction on the London, Brighton and South Coast railway; the Wimbledon and West Croydon line forms a junction here with the above line, and has a station at Lower Mitcham;

Distances to London and Croydon

it is 9 miles south-west from Westminster bridge and 3 north-west from Croydon ;

Divisions and Districts

the parish is in the North Eastern division of the county, Wallington hundred, Croydon union, petty sessional division and county court district, rural deanery of Beddington, archdeaconry of Kingston and diocese of Rochester, and is under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan police. The village is lighted with gas by a company, and supplied with water from works at Ditton, the property of the Lambeth Water Co.


The church of SS. Peter and Paul, rebuilt in 1821, is a building of flint, covered with cement, in the Perpendicular style, and consists of chancel, nave, aisles, north and south porches and an embattled tower on the north-east, with pinnacles and containing 8 bells: there are 1,100 sittings. The register dates from the year 1558. The living is a vicarage, average yearly value from tithe rent-charge £356, net income £500, with residence, in the gift of William Simpson esq. and held since 1859 by the Rev. Daniel Frederic Wilson M.A. of Wadham College, Oxford, and surrogate.

Christ Church is an ecclesiastical parish, formed August 10, 1875, out of the parish of Mitcham: the church, in Church road, is a building of white brick with stone facings, in the Gothic style, and consists of chancel, nave of three bays, north aisle, south porch and a western tower with shingled spire, containing 6 bells. The register dates from the year 1876. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value £400, with residence, in the gift of the widow of William John Harris esq. and held since 1876 by the Rev. Francis Stewart Legg M.A. of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

The Catholic chapel, dedicated to SS. Peter and Paul, and erected in 1889, has 320 sittings. Here is also a Congregational chapel with 350 sittings, and a Free Methodist chapel,erected in 1882 and seating 250 persons, also a Baptist chapel, seating 200 persons.

A Cemetery of 23 acres was formed in 1883 at a cost of £2,800 ; it has one mortuary chapel, and is under the control of the Parish Council, acting as a Burial Board.

Miss Tate’s Almshouses, on Lower Mitcham green, built and endowed in 1829, are for twelve females above 55 years of age ; the endowment is in £5,800 Consols; other charities, producing £130 yearly, are for distribution.

The fair is held yearly, on the 12th, 13th and 14th of August.

Sir Walter Raleigh lived at Mitcham; Dr. John Donne, dean of St. Paul’s in 1620, was also a resident. Gorringe Park is the residence of the widow of William John Harris esq.


The manors are four in number, viz : — Biggin and Tamworth, Ravensbury, Mitcham and Fauxhail. The first two are held by the Conservators of Mitcham Common, Mitcham manor by W. F. J. Simpson, and Fauxhail by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners ; these last two have assigned their rights over Mitcham Common to the Conservators.


The principal landowners are Mrs. Harris, G. P. Bidder, John Watney and W. F. J. Simpson, esqrs. and the trustees of the late Rev. H. W. Sibthorp.


The soil, a rich black mould with gravel subsoil, is laid out partly in market gardens and partly for medicinal plants, such as roses, rhubarb, liquorice, lavender, mint, camomile, poppies, peppermint, wormwood and aniseed; some of these are used for the manufacture of cordials and perfumes, particularly peppermint water, oil of lavender and rose water.

There are numerous mills on the river Wandle.

Land area and population statistics

The area is 2,893 acres of land and 22 of water; rateable value, £55,392, and the population in 1871 was 6,498, in 1881 : 8,960, and in 1891 : 12,127, including 914 in the Holborn Union Workhouse and 518 in the Holborn Union Workhouse Industrial School (SS. Peter and Paul district in 1891 was 9,325; Christ Church district in 1891 was 2,802).

Parochial Officers and Public Institutions


Chairman Thomas Allen, Grove road
William Catt, London road, Lower Mitcham
John R. Chart, Upper Mitcham
Charles Dungate, Colliers wood, Mitcham
Stephen Gregory, Merton lane
Charles M. Hallward, Lower green
Harbour William, 6 Park villas, Park road
F. Jones, Brenley, Tamworth park
John M. Leather, Eastfields
Alfred Mizen, Eastfields
Ernest E. Mizen, Eastfields
Rev. Robert Richman, Douglas house, High st
John Stickings, Railway cottages, Lower Mitcham
The Rev. Daniel Frederic Wilson M.A. The Vicarage, Mitcham
Churchwardens, H. Rutter & T. P. Harvey
Overseers, William Catt, E. E. Mizen, Thomas Francis, William Harbour & S. Gregory
Vestry Clerk & Clerk to the Parish Council, Robert M.Chart F.S.I. Vestry hall, Mitcham

Vestry hall, Lower green, Mitcham.


Mizen Edward Johnson, jun. Oakleigh, Eastfields, Mitcham
Pitt Mrs. Priscilla, Berkeley house, Mitcham
Simpson W F. J. Park place, Mitcham
Tomlin Francis, Upper green, Mitcham
Clerk to Rural District Council, James Wilson, 49 London road, Croydon
Consulting Surveyor to the Council, R. M. Chart F.S.I
Surveyor, Charles Law Green C.E
Surveyor’s Assistant, James Heath
Collector of Poor Rates, Samuel Love, 13 Glebe villas, Mitcham
Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, No. 6 District, Croydon Union, Edward Marshall
Medical Officer of Health, Croydon Union & Rural District Council, L. W. Darra Mair M.D., D.P.H. 49 London road, Croydon & Fieleside, Beddington lane, Beddington
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages & Relieving & Vaccination Officer, Frederick Garniss Ebbutt, Lower green
Metropolitan Police Station (W Division), Causeway, Lower Mitcham, Station-Sergeant George Pomeroy, in charge & 4 section sergeants & 19 constables
Merton Fire Brigade, High street, Colliers wood, Merton; Charles E. S. Bill, capt. ; Frederick James Chadwick, supt
Mitcham Fire Brigade Station, Lower green, George Haselden, superintendent
Collector of Taxes,Daniel Sewell, Upper green
Sanitary Inspector for the Rural District Council of Croydon, Levi White, 10 King’s road, Upper Mitcham Holborn Union Workhouse, for 1,052 in¬mates, Western road; T. W. Norman, master ; Mrs. G. Norman, matron ; Rev. Sydney Jackson, chaplain ; Oscar Berridge Shelsweli L.R.C.P.Lond.,M.R.C.S.Eng. medical officer
Croydon Rural District Council Sewage Works Pumping Station, Byegrove road, Henry James Snook, manager
Turncock, H.J.Schneider, 2 Finboro’ rd.Tooting

Places of Worship

with times of Services.

SS. Peter & Paul’s Church, Church rd. Rev. Daniel Frederic Wilson M.A. vicar; 8.30 & 11 a.m. & 3.30 & 7p.m.; thurs. 7.30p.m.; saints’ days, 4 p.m

Christ Church, Church road, Merton, Rev. Fras. Stewart Legg M.A. vicar ; 11 a.m. & 7 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m.; saints’ days, 4p.m

School Church (St. Mark’s Mission District), Rev. W.M.C. McAllister B.A. Radstock house, Cedars avenue, mission clergyman; 8 & 11 a.m. & 7 p.m

SS. Peter & Paul, Catholic, Causeway, Lower Mitcham, Rev. John Warner ; 7.30 & 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 8 a.m

Baptist Chapel, Clarendon grove, Upper Mitcham, Rev. J. Thorold Figg, 3 Sandown villas, Grove road, pastor ; services, sun. 11 а.m. & 6.30 p.m

Baptist Church, Longley road, Tooting Graveney, G. H. Rumsey, 1 Havelock villas, Park road, Merton, pastor; services, sun. 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; monday, prayer meeting, 7.30 p.m. ; thurs. service, 7.30 p.m. & Saturday 7.30 p.m

Congregational, Zion, Upper green, Rev. Robert Richman, Douglas house, High street, pastor; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m

United Methodist Free Church, High street, Colliers wood, Merton, Rev. W. H. Proudlove, minister; services, sun. 11 a.m. & б.30 p.m. ; wed. 7.45 p.m

United Methodist Free Church, Lower green, Rev. Henry Codling, minister; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; thurs. 7 p.m

Gospel Hall, Longley road, Tooting Graveney

Woodite Chapel, Mitcham Common


Baptist Mission Room, Crown rd. Morden rd

Mission Room, Bath road

Christ Church Mission Room, Church road, Merton

Parish Church Mission Room, Rock terrace, Mitcham

Parish Church Mission Room, Half-Acre

Salvation Army Barracks, Gladstone road

Board Schools

A School Board of 7 members was formed in 1871, increased to 9 in 1886; W. J. Dickisson, Causeway, Lower Mitcham, clerk to the school board ; Thomas Tomkins, 4 King’s road, Grove road, attendance officer

Lower green, Mitcham, formerly National school & transferred to school board in 1871, for 260 boys, 100 girls & 160 infants; average attendance, 230 boys, 90 girls & 90 infants ; Thomas A. Compton, master ; Miss E. Rutherford, mistress ; Miss Caroline Brooks, infants’ mistress

Lower Green Boys’ School (temporary); George R. Waters, master

Killick’s lane, Upper Mitcham, built in 1884, for 400 girls & infants ; average attendance, 148 girls & 158 infants ; Miss Annie Fawcett, mistress; Miss Alice Sears, infants’ mistress

Singlegate, Church road, Merton, erected in 1874, boys, girls & infants; average attendance, 200 boys, 133 girls & 209 infants & enlarged in 1884; William Harbour master ; Miss A. Campbell, mistress ; Miss Mary Edwards, infants’ mistress


British, Upper green (girls & infants), erected in 1842, for 250 children ; average attend-ance, 240 ; Miss E. Kenyon, mistress

Christ Church Sunday Schools, Church road, Merton

Lower Mitcham, Catholic (mixed), erected about 1867, for 120 children; average at-tendance, 90; Miss Sarah M. Dawson, mist

Holborn Union Industrial, High street, Upper Mitcham, William George Benton, superintendent; Mrs. Annie Benton, matron ; Thomas R. Knight, schoolmaster; Miss Elizabeth Boto, schoolmistress

Benevolent Institution

Almshouses, Causeway, Lower Mitcham

Clubs, Societies etc.

Convalescent Home, 92 Longley road, Tooting Graveney; Miss Caroline Goldsmid, proprietress ; Miss Julia Salinger, matron

Liberty Hall, The Broadway, Mitcham

Mitcham Conservative & Unionist Club, Upper green, H. W. White, sec

Mitcham District Mutual Building Society, Vestry hall, Mitcham ; G. T. Hodges, sec

Prince’s Golf Club, Mitcham common; Robt. H. Cox, managing director

Village Club & Working Men’s Institute, High street, Colliers wood, Merton

Railway Stations

L. B. & S. C. Railway.

Mitcham Junction, Horace William B. East- land, station master

Lower Mitcham, Walter Thomas Martin, station master

1891 Private Residents

Adams Mrs., Church street, Lower Mitcham
Addington Paul, Boston villa, Cavendish road
Anwood Thomas George, Riversdale, Devonshire road
Asprey Mrs., Park road
Atherton Charles Samuel, Lyveden road

Bagley Mrs., Lower green
Baker Robert Benjamin, 5 Arnold road
Baker William, The Ferns, Cavendish road
Baker William, 11 Graham road
Bamford Henry William, Homeleigh, Graham road
Baptiste Joseph, 1 Miller’s mead, Singlegate, Merton road
Barnham Walter Marten, Carlingford house, Park road
Barringer James, Blagdon, Merton road
Barrington Mrs., 4 Park villas, Park road
Bartley Miss, Lower green, Mitcham
Barwick William Sampson, Arundel villa, High street, Upper Mitcham
Batt John, Woodside villa, Devonshire road
Beckett John, 3 Arnold road
Bedford Allison Okey, 2 Cavendish villas, Cavendish road
Beeman Miss, Whitford lane
Berry Other Windsor, 7 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Bidder George Parker, Ravensbury park
Biggs Miss, 13 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Billinghurst William, Woodlnds, Common side
Birch Richard, 5 Park villas, Park road
Blackstone Henry, High street, Lower Mitcham
Blake John, 2 Havelock villas, Park road
Boobbyer Joseph H., Baron house, Lower Mitcham
Bourne John, Railway cottage, Lower Mitcham
Bousfield Frederick, Arnold road
Boxall William, Llawnt ho., Devonshire road
Boyd William, The Ferns, Cavendish road
Brown William Peter, Woodside Park road
Bullock Mrs., St. Margaret’s, Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Bullock William, The Chestnuts, Upper Mitcham
Bumpas Edward, Tooting hall
Burnham Percy, 10 Lyveden road
Burridge William Charles, Millbrook villa, Marlboro’ road
Bush Richard, Holmdale, Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Butler Charles, Lowmoor, Lyveden road
Butler Henry William, Phipps bridge

Caldicot Henry S., The Cottage,Graham road
Campbell William Innes, Cavendish house, Bond’s lane, Upper Mitcham
Cary Samuel John, 1 Arnold road
Catchside Charles Ernest, Grimsby villa, Cavendish road
Chandler Walter Henry, Graham avenue
Charlton Mrs., Cranmers, Lower Mitcham
Chart Mrs., Clarendon villa, Upper Mitcham
Chart Robert Masters, The Limes, Lower Mitcham
Clarke James Ferrier, Baron lodge, Lower Mitcham
Clarke Peter Harrison, Ravensbury villas, Morden lane
Claxton George, Heatherhurst
Cobb Hewett, Manor house, Park road
Cobbett Alfred, Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Coles John Saanich, Mitcham common
Collbran Francis Albert, 6 Sandown villas, Grove road
Collingwood James, Arnold road
Conquest William, Lower green
Cooper William, Berkeley cottage, Lower Mitcham
Cope Mrs., 3 Lyveden road
Copland William, Abbotsford, Devonshire road
Coton Thomas Henry, The Laurels, Harewood road
Cove Arthur James, 2 Carisbrook villas
Cove Charles Ernest, 1 Devonshire villas, Devonshire road
Cox Gordon, Brookfield
Croft John James, High Clere villa, Marlborough road
Cuckow Mrs., Blankenburg, Graham road

da Costa Louis A., 1 Cranmer villas, Lower green
Daily James, Lime villa, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Darby Frederick James, Sherwood lodge, Common side
Dempsey Mrs., Lower green
Drake Geo., Eager villa, Robinson road
Drewett James D., Vine cottage
Drowler Mrs., Merton road
Duncan Matthew, Ryde cottage, Church street
Dungate Charles, Rosebank, Park road
Dutriez Louis, The Willows, Mitcham com

East Mrs., 2 Sandown villas, Grove road
Ellis Charles, The Myrtles, Devonshire road
Ellis Mrs., Inglemere, Upper Mitcham
Elmer John, Douglas cottage, Upper Mitcham
Ewer The Misses, Grove cottage, Common side

Field Ambledon, Cedars
Field Hamilton Kearns, Jesmond, Common side
Flintoff Miss, Lower Mitcham
Forshell Edwin, 1 Castalia villas, Cavendish road
Foucard Emile, Lavell house, Devonshire road
Fowles Francis John, 2 Castalia villas, Cavendish road
Fry Mrs., Lower green

Gage George Henry, Ivy lodge, Morden lane
Gasworthy John, Brentnor villa, Marlborough road
Gedge Mrs., Cedars
Gibbs Mrs., 1 Phoenix villas, Devonshire road
Glaisher William, La Villette, Devonshire road
Golding William, 12 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Gooden Charles, Park road, Merton road
Goodman George, 2 Gladstone cottages, Church street
Goodwin George, 2 Park villas, Park road
Goodwin William, Tamworth park, Upper Mitcham
Gosling George, 3 Harewood road
Green Frederick Valentine, Harewood road

Hall Mrs., 2 Cranmer villas, Lower green
Hallward Charles Amelia cottage, Lower green
Harbour William, 6 Park villas, Park road
Harding Capt. William Francis, Golab Ghur, Wilton road
Harland Robert, Homefield, Phipps bridge
Harmer Horace, Holly cottage, Common side
Harris William John, Gorringe park
Harrison George John, 2 Queen’s road, Upper Mitcham
Harvey George, 5 Lyveden road
Harvey William, Branksome, Wilton road
Harvey Mrs., 2 Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Harwood Athol, Primrose cottage, Whitford lane
Harwood William Russell, Glebe lands
Hatfield G., Morden hall, Morden road
Herbert Jas., Rose cottage, Common side east
Hobbs Richard. Wooton cottage, Lower green
Hodges Henry, Garthmeilio, Whitford lane
Hooker Frederick, Church street
Hurrell Henry Edward, Cavendish road
Hutchings Elisha, Shamrock, Graham road

Ibbotson Harold, The Laurels, Park road
Iles Charles, Glengarry, Lyveden road
Inwood Thomas George, Ravensdale, Devonshire road
Irvin William Charles, Choonarah, Wilton road

Jackson Rev. Sidney, [chaplain to Holborn union workhouse, Mitcham], Upper Mitcham
Jarrett John, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Jeckells Augustus, 7 Lyveden road
Johnson William, The Birches, Lower green, Mitcham
Johnson Wm., 5 Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Jones Miss, 10 Arnold road
Josling Zaceheus, 2 Devonshire villas, Devonshire road

Keath William Hyde villa, Upper Mitcham
Kemshead William Bath, Avondale, Graham road
Kimber Henry, Levarda, Park road
Kincaid William, 2 Harewood villas, Harewood road
Knight Edmund, Manor house, Upper Mitcham
Knight Jasper, Glebe lands
Kohler Mrs., 9 Lyveden road

Lambert Stephen Elliott, Beaconsfield house, Devonshire road
Lambert Sydney, Devonshire road
Lancefield William, The Chestnuts, Upper Mitcham
Langford Mrs., 7 Harewood road
Latham Ernest, The Plateau, Upper Mitcham
Latham Joseph, Hawthorndene, Devonshire road
Lea Henry, 1 Park villas, Park road
Leftwich Alfred, The Hut, Common side
Legg Rev. Francis Stewart M.A., Christ Church vicarage, Merton lane
Leonard Samuel, Harewood road
Lewis John Owen, Manor house, Low.Mitcham
Little Edward Armstrong, 2 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Love Henry B.A. M.B., 3 Glebe villas, Whitford lane, Lower Mitcham
Lowe Rev. Charles M.A. [curate], 3 Cranmer villas

Maclachlan Archibald, Lower green
Mann Robert, New close, Phipps bridge
Marshall Edward, Church house, Church st
Martin William Verandah, cottage, Upper, Mitcham
Meagher William, Maisonette, Devonshire road
Merrell Henry John, 1 Cavendish villas, Cavendish road
Miles Lieut. A. Stafford, R.N., 2 Cawthorne villas, Wilton road
Mills Edward, The Lodge, Morden lane
Mitchell William Stair, Wandle grove, Lower Mitcham
Morgan David, The Laurels, Park road
Morgan George, Chelsea villa
Morgan Mrs, The Laurels, Park road
Morgan William, Homewood house, Church road
Morris Edward, Florence villas, Cavendish road
Morris Edward, 2 Springfield villas, Cavendish road
Mountier George, Cromer lodge, Devonshire road

Nichols William James, The Poplars, Merton lane
Nickalls William Arthur, The Cottage, Phipps bridge
Nobes Jerman, Wandle house, Phipps bridge
Nolan George, 2 Lyveden road

Owen Robert Joseph, Hinton villa, Harewood road

Packer Edward Arthur, Wilton villas, Wilton road
Page Octavius, Sunny side, Cavendish road
Pain Dennis, 4 Cranmer villas, Lower Mitcham
Palmer George, Church street
Palmer Mrs., 5 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Parker Angus Thomas, Beechwood, Marlborough road
Parker Charles William, 2 Tyrrells pass villas, Devonshire road
Parsons Thomas, 6 Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Pearce John, 2 Harewood villas, Harewood road
Pellatt Sidney, LaViletta, Devonshire road
Pellinger Thomas, Church street
Penney Alfred Hall, Lyncote, Park road
Pickett Albert, Morden lodge
Pitt George, Berkeley house, Lower Mitcham
Poulton John, 1 Havelock villas, Park road
Powell Edward, Benedict villa, Benedict road
Powys Arthur Edward, Swiss cottage, Devonshire road
Pratt Mrs., 2 Phoenix villas, Devonshire road
Prior Miss, 3 Harewood villas, Harewood road
Priver Tom, 3 Sandown villas, Grove road
Pugh Isaac, The Ferns, Devonshire road

Read George, 7 Sandown villas, Grove road
Reading Samuel William, 6 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Revill Rev. Thomas [Catholic], Maori cottage, Upper green
Rhoades Miss, Church street
Richards John, 6 Baron row, Lower Mitcham
Richardson Henry, Ivy cottage, Lower green
Richens John, Newton ho. Common side
Richman Rev. Robert [Congregational], Douglas house, Upper Mitcham
Ridgeway Mrs., Elm court, Lower green
Roberts Charles, Merton lane
Robinson Christopher, The Lawn, Mitcham common
Rockbeare Samuel John, Robinson road
Rowbury William, 10 Queen’s road
Russell George Norman house, Lower Mitcham

Sandell Frdk. D., Thelvies, Devonshire road
Satchell Edwd. Cedar villa, Mitcham common
Sayers Charles, Morden lane
Sehomburg Theodore Geo. 3 Arnold road
Seaton Arthur William, Lyveden road
Seaton Rev. Octavius Herbert B.A., Devonshire road
Seily George, High street
Shackell Rd. W. Elmhurst, Tamworth park
Shelswell Oscar Berridge, 8 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Shepherd Frederick Griffin, 1 Sandown villas, Grove road
Shepherd William, 7 York place
Smith John, 4 Grove road
Smith Mrs., Levarda, Park road
Smith William Ph.D., Mitcham college, Upper Mitcham
Sperling Frdk., Springfield, Cavendish road
Sutter John, 5 Sandown villas, Grove road
Syms Mrs., Upper green

Talbot Sl. Jeffrey, Ingledene, Wilton road
Talbot Walter Henry, Brackenhurst, Wilton road
Taylor David, 1 Clare villas, Singlegate, Merton road
Taylor Henry Claremont house, Cavendish road
Taylor Henry Helensburgh, Devonshire road
Taylor Henry Uppingham village, Merton road
Thomas Angus, Beechwood, Park road
Thomas Walter, Meadow Croft, Whitford lane
Thomson William Wright, Tamworth house, Common side
Thunder Fras., The Beeches, Lower Mitcham
Tocock James, Church road
Trowell Mrs., 1 Devonshire villas, Devonshire road
Tudhope Mrs., Hall villa, Lower Mitcham
Turner Mrs., 4 Arnold road
Tutty John, 4 Church road

Upton Mrs., The Canons

Varley John James, Haslemere, Cavendish road
Varnham George, Floral cottage, Merton la
Vickers James Muschamp, Mitcham grove
Vine William Thomas, Church street
Vuran John William Harold, Tamworth lodge

Wade Mrs., Lower green
Walker Alfred, Collierswood house, Merton road
Walsh John, Cedar cottage, Upper Mitcham
Ward Edward, Rosenheim, Devonshire road
Ware William Charles, Woodlands, Devonshire road
Watney John, South lodge, Mitcham common
Watson Joseph, Mill house Common side
Watts John Henry, Holicot, Harewood road
Webber Joseph, Highclere villa, Marlbro’ road
Wells Samuel, Claremont,Church street
Westacott Sydney, Woodbine cottage, Singlegate, Merton road
Wheeler Robert Percy, 4 Hare wood villas, Harewood road
White Henry, Deane’s cottage, Mitcham com
White Levi, 9 Queen’s road road
White Miss, 8 Lyveden road
White Mrs., Bramber villa, Cavendish road
Whitfield Mrs. Hazledene,Devonshire road
Whiting George, 2 Ravensbury villas, Morden lane
Wiggins John, 2 Morden lane
Wilkinson Robert, 3 Denton villas
Williams Mrs. Jackson, The Limes, Whitford lane

1911 Commercial Directory

Ackerman Henry, grocer, 17 Ashbourne road
Adams Arthur William, mechanical engineer, 96 Robinson road & 1 Walpole road, Collier’s Wood
Adams, George, grocer, 1 Bruce road
Adams Henry H. J., greengrocer, 22 High street, Collier’s Wood
Addington Paul, japan & varnish manufacturer, Phipp’s bridge
Aldrich Francis Charles, secondhand furniture dealer, 9 Grove cottages, London road, Upper Mitcham
Alexander Robert, corn & flour dealer, 99 High street, Collier’s Wood
Allen Rebecca (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Grove road
Armstrong Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.), cowkeeper, Lower Green east
Arnald & Arnald, veterinary & canine surgeons, Gorringe Park farm
Ashdown Alfred William, Ravensbury tavern P.H., Morden road
Askey Frank, dining rooms, Upper green
Aspland William, shopkeeper, 4 Elizabeth terrace, Church rd
Associated Potteries Co. (The), pottery manufrs., Morden road
Austin Jas. Benj., grocer,& post office,4 Grand parade Streatham rd
Ayling Fredk, greengrocer, 2 Grove ter. London road, Upper Mitcham

Babister John, grocer & wine & spirit dealer, 30 High street, Collier’s Wood
Bailey Edward, butcher, 113 High street, Collier’s Wood
Bailey Owen Henry, insurance agent, 56 Bruce road
Baker Francis & Sons, florists & gardeners, High street, Collier’s Wood & nurserymen, Robinson road
Baker Emma (Mrs.), grocer, 1 King’s road
Baker John, grower, 34 Belgrave road
Ballard Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 52 Fountain road, Upper Mitcham
Bance Charles Allen, beer retailer, Lower Green east
Baptiste Edith (Miss), laundry, 218 High st. Collier’s Wood
Baptiste Mathew, house breaker, 218 High st. Collier’s Wood
Barbican Mission to the Jews (Rev. Christlieb Traugott Lipshytz, sec.), Gorringe Park house
Barker John Joseph, market gardener, Norfolk villas. Common side east
Barnes Henry, fruiterer, 5 Station parade, London road
Barnes William, gas fitter, Common side west
Barnes William Howard, hard confectioner, Common side west
Barnett F. & Co. dairy, 32 High street, Collier’s Wood
Barrington & Co. coal merchants, 196 High street, Collier’s Wood
Barry & Co., coal merchants, London road
Barter William, grocer, 8 London road, Upper Mitcham
Bartlett Elizabeth (Mrs.), carman, Common side east
Bass James, builder, 3 Miller’s mead, High street, Collier’s Wood
Bates T. & J. rat catchers, Sandy lane, Earlsfield
Beard Percy, wine & spirit merchant, 1 Grand parade, Streatham road
Benger Clemance William, nurseryman, Grove road
Bennett William Herny, builder, Lower Green east
Bentley Frederick, beer retailer, Croydon road, Mitcham common
Bentley George, shopkeeper, Church street
Bentley Harold M.R.C.S.Eng. B.A.Cantab. L.R.C.P.Lond., physician & surgeon, Haworth, London road, Upper Mitcham
Berryman Frederick L., tobacconist, Western road
Bethell James, butcher, 98 High street, Collier’s Wood
Betts Jane (Mrs.), tobacconist, 7 Rupert terrace, London road
Bigsby W. T. & Sons, varnish manufacturers, Morden road
Bilham William & Richard, builders, 8 Robinson road
Bindon Mary (Mrs.), fancy repository,141 High street, Collier’s Wd
Birch Edwin & Sons, butchers, 3 Church street, Lower Mitcham
Blackman Ernest Samuel, linoleum warehouse, see Page & Blackman
Blume Charles H., japan & varnish manufr., Western road
Bourne Henry, keeper of common, Sutton road, Lower Mitcham
Boxall James, beer retailer, Nursery road, Lower Mitcham
Boyles Albert, confectioner, 76 High street, Collier’s Wood
Brand Percy, confectioner, 7 Church street
Breese Charles, chemist, 9 The Parade,London road, Upper Mitcham
Brehsler Adolf, tobacconist, London road
Brenton Thomas, shopkeeper, 78A, College road, Collier’s Wood
Brewer John, boot maker, 3 Grand parade, Streatham road
Bridport Henry William, commercial traveller, 33 Robinson road
Bromwich A. (Miss), parish nurse, 9 Church street, Lower Mitcham
Brown William Ernest, shopkpr. 4 Colwin cottages, Fernlea road
Browning Charles Samuel, house decorator, 21 Park road
Bryan Benjamin, builder, 2 Phoenix villas, Devonshire road
Buckland Harry, fried fish dealer, 7 Belgrave road
Buckland Kate (Mrs.), Gorringe Park hotel, 4 Gorringe Park terrace, London road
Buckmaster John Thomas, ironmonger, 111 High street, Collier’s Wood
Bull Robert John, laundry, 2 Lock’s lane
Bullock Burnett, building inspector to the Croydon Rural District Council, Vestry hall, London road, Lower Mitcham
Bultitude Ada (Miss), grocer, 2 Church street
Burge Samuel, decorator, 59 Lyvedon road
Bush W. J. & Co. Lim., lavender & peppermint distillery, Batsworth road
Butland Joseph, boot & shoe maker, Upper green
Butler Albert E., beer retailer, Morden road
Butler Henry W., sack manufacturer, Palestine grove

Cain Thomas, tinplate worker, 20 Bath rood
Campbell Jane (Mrs), confectioner, Upper green
Camwal Ltd, mineral water manufacturers, Western road
Cann Charles, shopkeeper, Lonesome
Carlo Harry, bamboo furniture manufacturer, 35 Briscoe road
Carlton Clement, greengrocer, 11 The Parade, London road, Up. Mitcham
Carlton William, market gardener, Lower green east
Carnaby William, auctioneer, see Marton & Carnaby
Garrett Herbert, laundry, 1 Waterloo place, London road, Up Mitcham
Catton George Hy., butcher, 2 Gorringe Park parade London road
Cave Sophia (Mrs), grocer, 1 Fernlea road
Cavender Harry Isaac, picture frame maker, 1 Bridge road
Cemetery (Robert Masters Chart, clerk to the Burial Board), Church road, Lower Mitcham
Chaffey Harry & Charles, butchers, 35 Grenfell road
Chamberlain Thomas, haberdasher, 33 High street, Collier’s Wood
Chance William, laundry, 2 Smith’s terrace, London road, Upper Mitcham
Chart, Sons & Reading, architects & surveyors & insurance agents, Vestry hall, London road
Chart John Robert, corn merchant & undertaker, Upper green
Chart Mary Jane (Miss), school, Simla cottage, Lower Green ea
Chart Robert Masters F.S.I. (firm, Chart, Sons & Reading), architect, surveyor & insurance agent, clerk to burial board & vestry clerk & sanitary surveyor to Croydon Rural District Council, Vestry hall, London road, Lower Mitcham
Chasemore Henry, laundryman, 6 High street, Collier’s Wood
Child Frank, general shop, 1 Boyd road
Claridge Brothers, builders, 73 Robinson road
Clark Abram, bailiff to G. E. Hatfeild esq., Ravensbury mills, Morden road
Clark Michael James, greengrocer, 6 Lewis road
Clarkson Henry & Sons, cartage contractors, New Close house, Phipp’s Bridge road
Clarkson Charles, horse slaughterer, New Close house, Phipp’s Bridge road
Classey Hampden Edward, chemist & druggist, 28 High street, Collier’s Wood
Clifford Charles, boot maker, 4 Waterfall road
Clisby Henry Edward, beer retailer, Common side west
Coates George grocer, 1 Melton house, Christ Church road
Coates John Albert, tailor, 49 High street, Collier’s Wood
Conks Rebecca (Mrs), dress maker, 9 Walpole road
Cole George, hard confectioner, London road, Lower Mitcham
Coleman Sidney Harry, baker, 1 Belgrave road
Compton Thomas, printer, Lower Green west, Lower Mitcham
Cook H. & Sons, butchers, The Broadway, London road. Lower Mitcham
Cook Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 5 Grove terrace, London road, Upper Mitcham
Cooper Arthur E., glove cleaner, Lyndhurst, Graham road
Cooper William, corn merchant, London road, Lower Mitcham
Cornaby Emily (Miss), confectnr. 33a, High street, Collier’s Wood
Cornish William & Son, rose growers, London road, Up. Mitcham
Cornwell John, carman & hotel contractor, Westfield farm, Western road
Cove Charles Ernest, insurance agent, 48 Devonshire road
Cox Richard Mably, nurseryman, Eastfields, Upper Mitcham
Cox Sidney James, boot maker, Common side east
Craig B. H. & Co photographers, 6 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Craig John George, tobacconist, Upper green
Cranham Edward, Cricketers inn, London road, Lower Mitcham
Crawford Reuben, fruiterer, 3 Abbey terrace, Christ Church road & fishmonger, 9 Upper Green
Crease William Henry, butcher, 86 High street, Collier’s Wood
Cresswell Hugh, golf goods dealer, 2 Buck’s Head parade, London rd
Crewes Edward Snell, grocer & postmaster, Upper green
Cricks & Martin Limited, cinematograph film manufacturers, London road, Lower Mitcham
Cross Richard, beer retailer, Western road
Croydon Rural District Council Sewage Works Pumping Station (Henry James Snook, manager; John Alfred Sutton, resident engineer), Byegrove road
Cubison Arthur Edward, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 2 Cranmer villas. Lower Green west
Cuming Brothers, dairy, 35 Devonshire road
Cuming Anthony, grocer, 4 Upper green
Cummings John greengrocer, 5 London road, Upper Mitcham

Dale Brothers, beer retailers, London road, Upper Mitcham
Dale Alfred E, news agent, 9 London road
Dale Arthur Edward, tobacconist, Upper green
Dale Bertram James, beer retailer, Western road
Dale Charles Peter, shopkeeper, 103 Fortescue road
Dale Stanley Peter, builder, London road, Upper Mitcham
Dant Charles Harry, journalist, 4 Wilton road, Collier’s Wood
Davey Leonard Thomas, auctioneer, 5 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Davies D. & Sons, dairymen, 11 Gorringe Park parade, London rd
Davis George W. & Son, greengrocers, Upper green
Davis Arthur, cycle maker, 1 Gorringe Park terrace, London rd
Davis Thomas, decorator, Locks lane
Dawe Henry & Son, oilmen, 44 High street, Colliers Wood
Dean Elsie (Miss), teacher of music, 6 Devonshire road
Dean John, drainage contractor, 6 Devonshire road
Deane George, tobacconist, The Cabin, London road
Deed John S. & Sons Limited, leather manufacturers, Eagle Leather works, Mitcham Common
Dell James Frank, Bee Hive P.H., Common side east
Dendy Adolphus, carriage, motor & van builder & wheelwright, London road, Upper Mitcham
Dent Frederick & Son florists, Love lane
Dickeson Richard & Co. Limited, margarine manufacturers, Tower’s works, Mitcham Common
Dickisson William Jas., clerk to council schools, 87 Melrose avenue
Dine Stephen, shopkeeper, 176 High street, Collier’s Wood
Dodd Henry, carpenter, 1 Poplar cottages, London road, Upper Mitcham
Dodwell Wilfred, varnish manufr. see Norman, Smee & Dodwell
Domney Joseph, boot maker, 6 Robinson road
Donovan Alice (Miss), wardrobe dir., 179 High street, Collier’s Wood
Dooley John, stationer, 8 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Dore Frank, hard confectioner & news agent, Devonshire rd
Dowding H. & Son, jobmasters, Lower Green east
Downing H. P. Burke, F.R.I.B.A. F.S.I. architect, 8 Wilton road
Drewett James & Sons, builders, London road, Upper Mitcham
Drewett James Douglas, builder, Ravensbury, Upper green
Drewett Sarah Ann (Mrs.), beer ret., 1&2 Vine cottages, Church rd
Drumming Alice (Mrs.), laundress, 157 High street, Collier’s Wood
Dutriez Gaston, watercress grower, The Willows, Mitcham Junction
Dyck Guillaume Vauden, teacher of singing, 16 Crusoe road
Dyer Constance (Mrs.), confectioner, 20 High st. Collier’s Wood

Eacott Arthur John, grocer, 1 Gorringe Park parade, London road
Eastman Brothers, estate agents, Links road
Edwards Alfred, tobacconist, 2 Gorringe Park terrace, London road
Edwards William George, builder, Woodfield, Lower Green west
Egbers Albert Edward, confectioner, 101 Lyveden road
Eggington Edwin, marine store dealer, 172 & 174 High street, Collier’s Wood
Elkington Geoffrey, boot maker, 35 High street Collier’s Wood
Elliott James, marine store dealer, 36 Fountain road
Ellis Albert H. printer, London road, Upper Mitcham
Ellis Alice (Mrs.), shopkeeper. 14 Fountain road
Ellis William Alfred, draper, 5 Gorringe Park parade, London rd
Elmer Jn. Butcher, cartage contractor, Figg’s marsh, Upper Mitcham
Ely Harold, florist, Grove road
Emery Chas. Arthur, teacher of music, 12 Sibthorpe terrace, London rd
Ernst George William, laundry, Mortimer house, Bond road
Erwood Walter, tobacconist, 167 High street, Collier’s Wood
Evans Edwin Rd., professor of music, Trebarwith, Streatham road
Evans John, egg & poultry agency, 22 Marlborough road
Evans Thomas Robert, dairy, 97 High street, Collier’s Wood
Evans Wm. Geo., customs & excise officer, 2 The Parade, London road
Everest Frederick William, butcher, 4 Kent terrace, Church road

Far Famed Cake Co. Ltd. (depot), 38 High street, Collier’s Wood
Farmer Henry, artist, 40 Ashbourne road
Farmiloe Thomas & William Limited, varnish manufacturers; works, Batsworth road
Farrell Oliver John, hair dresser, 24 High street, Collier’s Wood
Fellowes George, oilman, London road, Lower Mitcham
Fenton Reuben James, shopkeeper, 1 Fountain place
Fire Stations. (No. 1) Lower Mitcham (Alfred Jenner, engineer & supt.); (No. 2) High, street, Collier’s Wood (Frederick Hollands, chief officer)
Fitt Arthur, sanitary inspector & inspector under Petroleum, Acts for Mitbham (part of) & Morden, 5 Edmund road
Fleming Richard gasfitter 26 High street, Collier’s Wood
Flint Joseph, house agent, 33 Norfolk road
Ford George William, fishmonger, 6 Station parade, London road
Forster & Gregory Limited, chemical manufacturers, Lonesome
Foss Thomas, bricklayer, Wandle villa, Phipps Bridge road
Foster Henry, ladder maker, London road, Upper Mitcham
Fox James Richard, butcher, 7 Grand parade, Streatham road
Francis Thos., draper & ironmonger, London road, Upper Mitcham
Francis Tom, Horse & Groom P.H. Manor road
Franklin Richard, chair caner, 68 High street, Collier’s Wood
French Florence (Mrs.), grocer, 9 Belgrave road
Frith Richard, boot maker, 106 High street, Collier’s Wood
Frost Abert Edward & Son, dairy, 1 Abbey terrace, Church road
Frost Arthur Edwin, grocer, 16 High street, Collier’s Wood
Fruin George Frederick, plumber, 42 Park road
Fuller Edward, florist, The Poplars, London road
Furlonger Charles, painter & glazier, 12 Thorn terrace, Phipp’s Bridge road

Gage Stephen, greengrocer, 8 Grand parade, Streatham road
Gale Harry, tobacconist, 2 Station parade, London road
Gardner Alfred Ernest, furniture dealer, Common side west
Gay Matilda (Mrs.), laundry, 37 High street, Collier’s Wood
George John Frederick, fried fish shop, Devonshire road
George Robert, oilman, 4 Gorringe Park parade
George Thomas, oil & color man, 5 Grand parade, Streatham road
Gibbs Henry & Son, parchment manufacturers, Mitcham Junction
Gilliam Edward James, baker, 20 Devonshire road
Ginns William, organ builder, 40 High street, Collier’s Wood
Ginns William Robert, pianoforte tuner, 30 Devonshire road
Glover Arthur, general dealer, 11 Queen’s road
Godfrey Herbert J., estate agts. 2 Gorringe Park terrace, London road
Goebel Edward Wm., furn. dir. 103 High st. Collier’s Wood
Goodman E. J. (Mrs.), matron of workhouse, Holborn union, Western road
Goodman Harry G., master of workhouse, Holborn union, Western road
Gowen Ernest J., clerk to the Croydon Rural District Council, Vestry Hall, London road, Lower Mitcham
Grange John, corn merchant, Western road
Gray Brothers, florists, Marlborough road
Gray Robert W., monumental mason, Lilian road, Lonesome
Gray William, wardrobe dealer, 190 High street, Collier’s Wood
Great Southern Cemetery, Crematorium & Land Co. Ltd. (E.J.D. Field, sec.), Streatham Park cemetery, Lonesome
Green Alexander Edwin, Bath tavern, 3 Belgrave road
Green Benjamin, secretary to Gas Co., Western road
Green George, shirt & collar dresser, 5 Swain’s road
Griffiths Brothers & Co., varnish mfrs., Priory works, Church road
Gubbins William Fear, draper, 108 High street, Collier’s Wood
Gunn Bros, grocers & provision dealers, 2 Western road
Gunn Robert, florist, Mile’s lane, Church road
Guyat James, carting contractor, Church street

Hadfield George, japan & varnish manufr., Phipp’s bridge
Hall & Co. Croydon Lim., coal & builders’ material merchants, Morden road, Lower Mitcham & (sand pits) Phipps Bridge rd;
Hall & Co. mineral water manufacturers, 67 Lyveden road
Hall Ellen (Mrs.), certified midwife, 8 Kyle’s cottages, Western road
Hambrook Frederick, boot maker, 34 High street, Collier’s Wood
Hamilton William Geo. greengrocer, 145 High street, Collier’s Wood
Hamlin William Fredk. grocer, 137 High street, Collier’s Wood
Hancock & Corfield Limited, color printers, Morden road
Hann Herbert, builder, 13 High street, Collier’s Wood
Hann John Jenkins, builder, Holnest, Devonshire road
Hargood David James, tobacconist 5, & hair dresser 6, Abbey terrace, Christ Church road
Harland Wm. & Son, japan & varnish mkrs., Phipps Bridge road
Harris Alfred, general dealer, Western road
Harris Bertha (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 9 Western road
Harris Thomas Andrew, dairyman & watercress grower, 137 High street, Collier’s Wood & carting contractor, 3 Cressville, Christ Church road
Harrison Arthur William M.D. physician & surgeon, 32 Park road, Collier’s Wood Hart George & Son, cycle makers, Cranmer road
Harvey Brothers, house decorators, 1 Heaton road
Harvey Frederick, cowkeeper, Tamworth lane
Harvey John K., chemist, 1 St. Mark’s road, Upper Mitcham
Harwood Emma (Miss), general shop, Lower Green east
Hatcher John, undertaker, 66 High street, Collier’s Wood
Haydon Louisa Sarah (Mrs.), baker, London road, Lower Mitcham
Hayes & Sons, furniture dlrs. 2 Railway approach, London rd
Hayes Charles William, news agent, & post office, 34 High street, Collier’s Wood
Hayes Edward James, grocer, 92 High street, Collier’s Wood
Haymes Jane (Mrs.), confectioner, London road, Lower Mitcham
Hayward Charles, grocer & baker, Western road
Henden Harriett (Mrs.) draper. Abbey terrace, Christ Church road
Hepburn, Gale & Ross Ltd., belting manufacturers, Church road
Hewett Muriel (Miss) L.A.M., professor of music, Ashtead, Cavendish road
Hewitt Amelia E. (Miss), draper, Upper green
Hicks Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, 14 London road, Upper Mitcham
Higgs Andrew John, Bull inn, Church street
Hilliard Thos. George & Sons, greengrocers, 13 Belgrave road
Hills Jesse, grocer, 52 High street, Collier’s Wood
Hipper Frederick, cycle maker, 149 High street, Collier’s Wood
Hobbs & Moore, grocers, 3 Station parade, London road
Hodges Geo. Thos, estate agt. & collector of taxes, London road
Holden Nora (Miss), private school, 4 Glebe villas, London road.
Holgate Herbert, baker, 36 High street, Collier’s Wood
Holland Frederick William, hair dresser, London road
Hollingdale Harold John, station master, Mitcham Junction
Hollis & Son, varnish manufacturers, Batsworth road
Hone Walter James, cycle dealer, Western road
Houghton George, greengrocer, 48 High street, Colliers Wood
Hoyle George Wm., japan & varnish manufr., Western road
Hubble Marcus R., beer retailer, 6 Kent terrace, Church road
Huddy John, boot repairer, 4 Heaton road
Hudson R. & Sons, watch makers, London road, Upper Mitcham
Hudson Robert, watch maker, London road, Lower Mitcham
Hunt Thomas Havill, superintendent to the Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. 5 Eveline villas, London road, Upper Mitcham
Huntley Edward & Sons, house & estate agents, 9 Grand parade, Streatham road
Hussey Albert, baker, 1 Grenfell road
Hutton Frederick, fried fish shop, 2 Upper green
Hyde Arthur, carman, 11 Palestine grove, Phipp’s Bridge road
Hyde Esther (Mrs.) grocer, 16 Phipps Bridge road
Hyde Wm. John, outfitter, 10 London road, Upper Mitcham

Iles E. & E. contractors, Common side east
Ingham Mary Elizh. (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, Lower Green east
Ireland Milton, grocer, 1 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Ivermee William, confectioner, 101 High street, Collier’s Wood

Jahrns Charles George, grocer, 4 Homewood road
James Alfred, greengrocer, 33 Queen’s road
James William R. hair dresser, 64 High street, Collier’s Wood
Jeeves Ellis, carman, 2 Thanet cots. London road, Upper Mitcham
Jenkins Alfred Thomas, confectioner, 4 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Jenner Alfred & Charles, mechanical engineers, Common side east
Jenner William Henry, cycle maker, 5 Buck’s Head parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Jennings John Martin, brush maker, 12 High street, Collier’s Wood
Jessep Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Western road
Jesson Arthur Edwd, newsagent, 10 Grand parade, Streatham road
Johnson & Co., varnish manufacturers, Batsworth road
Johnson William, confectioner, 4 Devonshire road
Johnston Thomas, cycle maker, 14 High street, Collier’s Wood
Jones Alfred, lath render, Christ Church road
Jones Edwin James, beer retailer, 1 Chilton place, Church road
Jones George Farewell M.A, solicitor, Brenley, Cedars avenue
Jones John, chimney sweeper, Lower Green east
Jones William, greengrocer, 27 Dension road
Jones William, greengrocer, 94 High street, Collier’s Wood
Jordan Charles Thomas, pianoforte tuner, 67a, Tynemouth road
Jordan George, nurseryman, 16 Spencer road
Joyce T. & Bros, house decorators, 7 Pitcairn road, Upper Mitcham
Juster James, undertaker, 127 High st. Collier’s Wood

Keim Henry, greengrocer, London road, Lower Mitcham
Keirle Albert, baker, 12 Grand parade, Streatham road
Kemp & Sons, monumental masons, Streatham Park cemetery, Lonesome
Kempsell William George, grocer, 27 Bruce road
Kensett Percy Frank, builder, see Taylor & Kensett
Kent William blacksmith, Sibthorp road, Upper Mitcham
Kenyon John James, stationer, The Broadway, London road, Lower Mitcham
Kerwood Daniel John, haberdasher, 2 Grenfell road
Killick John Spencer, highway surveyor to the Croydon Rural District Council, Vestry hall, London road, Lower Mitcham
King Frank, undertaker, Upper green, Upper Mitcham
King Thomas, carting contractor, 37 Briscoe road
Kingham H. G, & Co. grocers, & post office, Church road
Kirby Florence Mary (Mrs.), wheelwright, Lower Green east
Kirby John, boot repairer, 183 High street, Collier’s Wood
Klotz Frederick, baker, S3 High street, Collier’s Wood
Knapton & Sons, oil & color men, 8 Station parade, London road
Knight Ada Phyllis (Mrs.), ladies’ outfitter, The Broadway, London road, Lower Mitcham

Lack Hannah (Mrs.), linen draper. 2 & 4 London road, Upper Mitcham
Lambert Stephen Elliott, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 17 Arnold road
Lancaster & Co. (Mitcham) Limited, coal merchants, Benedict wharf, Church road
Land William John, butcher, 4 Station parade, London road
Lane Abner, saddler, Upper green
Lane Thomas, White Hart p.h, London road, Lower Mitcham
Lanham Edgar, draper, The Broadway, London road, Lower Mitcham
Lasenby Louisa (Miss), shopkeeper, 1 Oakwood avenue
Latham Joseph, varnish & japan maker, Western road
Lawrence Ore Reduction Syndicate (The), Church road
Lawrence Thomas Bodle, house decorator, Common side west
Lawrence William George, carting contractor, 6 Abbey terrace, Christ Church road
Lawson Thomas, shopkeeper, Common side west
Leach Alice Josephine (Miss), dress maker, London road, Lower Mitcham
Leach Joseph, saddler, London road, Lower Mitcham
Leather John Miles & Sons, nurserymen, Eastfields, Upper Mitcham
Lee Harry, hair dresser, London road
Lonthall Charles R. art photographer, 2 Robinson road
Lewis William & Co, oil & color men, 6 Grove terrace, London road, Upper Mitcham
London County & Westminster Bank Sports Ground (Charles Boto, caretaker), Stanford road, Norbury
London & Provincial Bank Limited (branch) (Walter Thew, manager), London road, Lower Mitcham; Head office, 3 Bank buildings, Lothbury; Agents, Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. London E.C.
Long & Matthews, house agents, 7 Park avenue, Streatham road
Love Henry B.A. & M.B.Dub. L.R.C.S.I., surgeon, Elm lodge, Lower Green east
Luker Richard, builder, Church road
Lunt William & Son, market gardeners, 6 Romeo villas, London road, Lower Mitcham
Lyxhayr Manufacturers Limited (W. A. Dickinson, manager), horse hair substitute manufacturers (patent), Grove mills, London road, Lower Mitcham

Macdonald James Stewart, furniture dealer, 31 High street, Collier’s Wood
McDouall Percy John, tobacconist, 17 High street, Collier’s Wood
McIntyre Ernest L.R.C.P.Lond.Eng., physician & surgeon, Kimberley, Streatham road & 1 Eveline villas, London road, Upper Mitcham
Macklin M. A. (Miss), teacher of music, 16 Devonshire road
McLeod William Rutherford, registrar of births, deaths & marriages & vaccination officer Mitcham district, Croydon union, Holly cottage, Common side west
McNaughton Edgar Ayling, beer retailer, 6 Smith’s terrace London road, Upper Mitcham
McRae Oliver, shopkeeper, Beddington Corner
Macro Charles, hair dresser, 12 London road, Upper Mitcham
Manning David John, grocer, 33 Devonshire road
Manning Mary (Mrs.), haberdasher, 32 Lyveden road
Mapes Frederick, baker, 8 Upper green
Marriott Cyril, printer, 17 The Parade, London road
Marshall Edward Williams L.R.C.P.Lond. M.R.C.S.Eng., physician & surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator No. 6 district, Croydon union, Baron lodge, London road
Marshall George Henry, laundry, Phipps Bridge road
Marten & Carnaby, auctioneers, London road
Martin Annie Brooking (Mrs.), ladies’ tailor, 2 The Parade, London road
Martin James, shopkeeper, 2 & 3 Chilton place, Church road
Martin Walter A. butcher. 6 London road & 1 Upper green Upper Mitcham & 6 St. Mark’s road
Martin Walt, Hy. station master, London rd, Lower Mitcham
Mason Thomas Warren, physician & surgeon, Rothsay Cavendish road & 73 High street, Collier’s Wood
Mason William, shopkeeper, 3a, Byegrove road
Massie William Thomas, monumental mason, Church road
Matthews Charles, hair dresser, London road, Lower Mitcham
Matthews Henry, house agent, see Long & Matthews
Mayersbach Lewis, grocer, 3 Grenfell road
Maynard Thomas, farmer, Stud farm, Wandle paddocks
Mays Walter, Abbey cork mills, 160 High street, Collier’s Wood
Mears Anne (Mrs.), Prince of Wales P.H., Western road
Mee Mathew William Frederick, tobacconist, 4 Buck’s Head parade, London road
Meller & Robinson, grocers, The Broadway, London road, Lower Mitcham
Morsh William, boot maker, London road, Lower Mitcham
Merton Abbey Laundry Co. Limited (Mrs. Maud Richard, manageress), 169 High street, Collier’s Wood
Metropolitan Police Station (W division) (John Eastland, station sergeant), Lower Green east, Lower Mitcham Metropolitan Water Board (Southern district) (B. Barnicoat, collector for Tooting & Mitcham; attends tuesdays, 10 a.m to 3 p.m.), London road
Miles Emily (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 3 Buck’s Head parade London road, Upper Mitcham
Miller Charles, greengrocer, 1 Thorn terrace, Phipps Bridge road
Miller Frederick Charles, grocer, see Simmons & Miller
Miller Jessie (Mrs.), hard confectioner, 6 London road
Miller John, farrier, 151 High street & Christ Church road Collier’s Wood
Mills Thomas James, laundry, 2 Grand parade, Streatham road
Minter John Henry, oilman, 74 High street, Collier’s Wood
Mitcham & Cheam Brewery Co. Lim. (E. Boniface, managing director), London road, Lower Mitcham
Mitcham Chess Club (R. F. C. Strube, sec.), Vestry hall
Mitcham Conservative & Unionist Association (A. B, Harwood, sec.), Thrushcross, London road
Mitcham Conservative & Unionist Club (A J. Craig, sec.) Durham house, Upper green
Mitcham Cricket Club (Robert Chart, jun, hon, sec.), Lower Green east
Mitcham & District Small Holders’ Cooperative Society Ltd., Western road
Mitcham Liberal Association (G. H. Barson, sec.), 3 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Mitcham Men’s Club (Frederick W. Cogswell, horn sec.), Lower Green east
Mitcham Park Lawn Tennis Club (Col.Edward H. Fitzherbert, hon. sec.), Mitcham Park, Lower Mitcham
Mitcham Steam Laundry Co. Limited (Wallace J. Cullimore, sec.), Lock’s lane
Mitcham & Wimbledon District Gas Light Co. (Benjamin Green, sec.; Benjamin R. Green, engineer & manager) Western road
Mitchell Edward, butcher, 2 Devonshire road west
Mizen Bros, market gardeners & nurserymen, Elm nursery London road, Upper Mitcham
Mizen Fred Lewis & George, market gardeners, St. Mark’s road & Figg’s marsh, London rood, Upper Mitcham
Mizen Edward, sen. market gardener & farmer, Eastfields, Grove road
Money Frank, saddler, 202 High street, Collier’s Wood
Monk Sarah Ann (Mrs.), laundress, 10 High street, Collier’s Wood
Moody Jesse, sign writer, 12 Tramway terrace
Moody Nathaniel, watercress grower, Beddington corner
Moore Henry & Emma Frances (Mrs.), King’s Arms P.H., London road, Upper Mitcham
Moore Edward Cecil, Crown P.H. London road, Lower Mitcham
Moore Henry Ernest, grocer, see Hobbs & Moore
Morgan William & Sons, varnish & japan makers, Western road
Mortimer James, Red Lion P.H., 60, & wine & spirit merchant 62, High street, Collier’s Wood
Moss Reginald, hair dresser & news agent, 26 Denison road
Mott Sarah Rebecca (Mrs.), dress maker, 10 Devonshire road
Munday S. L. & Son, laundry, The Cottage laundry, Streatham road, Upper Mitcham
Monday Robert, hosier, Upper green
Munt Caroline Elizabeth (Mrs.), greengrocer, 6 Queen’s road

Nash Alfred & Son, wheelwrights, 1 Ravensbury cottages, St. Mark’s road
Nash George, estate office, 60 Briscoe road
Nation Horace, laundry, 61 High street, Collier’s Wood
National Deposit Friendly Society (Mitcham district) (Francis Thomas Swann, sec.), 58 Bruce road & (Collier’s Wood branch) (George Thomas Heard, sec.) 50 Devonshire road
National Telephone Co. Limited, Vestry hall; 7 The Parade; 4 Grove terrace & The Cabin, London road, Upper Mitcham & 196 High street, Collier’s Wood
Neal George, cartage contractor, Phipps Bridge road
Nelson Jas. & Sons Ltd. butchers, 15 The Parade, London road
Newby Henry, shopkeeper, Church road
Newman Edwin, Three Kings P.H., Common side east
Nicholls Frederick, market gardener, see Palmer & Nick oils
Nock Isabella Ann (Miss), laundry, London road, Upper Mitcham
Norman Smee & Dodwell, varnish & japan manufrs., Miles lane
Norton F. & Sons, boot makers, Church road

Oakes Samuel A. grocer, 18 Seaton road
Osborne Charles Philip, coal dealer, 29 Courtenay road
O’Sullivan Michael J. boot maker, London road
Overall William, corn & flour dealer, Upper green
Owen Alfred James, beer retlr. 180 High street, Collier’s Wood

Page & Blackman, linoleum warehouse, 60 High street, Collier’s Wood
Page Hannah (Mrs.), school, Glenfield, Graham avenue
Pain James & Sons, fireworks, ships’ rockets &c., London road
Palmer & Nicholls, market gardeners, Swain’s farm, Swain’s road
Palmer T. W. & Co., iron fence manufacturers; works, Church road, Merton Abbey
Palmer Thomas George Humphrey, ironmonger, 13 Grand parade, Streatham road
Palmer William, hair dresser, Western road
Pannell William Charles, solicitor,& estate office, 1 Robinson road
Parker Chas., fruiterer & greengrocer, 188 High street, Collier’s Wood
Parkhouse Alfred Thomas, boot maker, 5 Upper green
Parslow Walter Henry, builder, 9 Park road & 1S6 High street, Collier’s Wood
Parsons Thomas & Sons, varnish makers, Church road
Pascall James Ltd., chocolate manufacturers, Streatham road
Payne William, dairy, 28 Denison road
Peak William, hard confectioner, & post office, 7 Gorringe Park parade, London road
Pearce Charles, school attendance officer, 13 Ascot road
Pearce Frederick George, baker, 12 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Pegler Errington & Co. solicitors, 85 High street, Collier’s Wood
Pepper James Thomas, shopkeeper, 1 Century road
Percy George, coffee rooms, 3 Grove terrace, London road
Perry Brothers, dairymen, 102 High street, Collier’s Wood
Phillips Henry, dining rooms, 9 Station parade, London road
Philpott George, florist, London road, Lower Mitcham
Pigg James, dairy, 6 Grand parade, Streatham road
Pinnock Thomas, florist, Cedar cottage, Common side east
Policy Frank James, coal dealer, 29 Bruce road
Portsmouth Frank, confectioner, 1 Denison road
Poulson Henry, estate agent, 98 High street, Collier’s Wood
Powell William, Swan inn P.H., London road
Pratt Geo. Thos., carman, Grove road
Pratt Richard Camden, china & glass dealer, Upper green
Prestridge Mary (Mrs.), general shop, 23 Fountain road
Prince’s Golf Club (H. Mallaby-Deeley esq. M.A., M.P., LL.M., J.P. chairman)
Prince’s Ladies’ Golf Club (Miss Grace Langley, hon. sec.), The Common
Prior George Henry, hard confr. 56 High street. Collier’s Wood
Pugh William, tailor, Lower Green east
Pulman (Frank) & Bamford Limited, leather mers., Western road
Holman Adolphus William, hard confectioner, 27 Grenfell road
Purdom George & Co. varnish makers, Church road

Quinby Charles, boot maker, 1 Grove terrace, London road
Quinby Henry, boot maker, Rothsay, Fernlea road
Quy Henry, coffee rooms, 7 Upper green

Rabbetts Charles George, sanitary inspector for Mitcham district, Croydon Rural District Council, 33 Harewood road
Randall William, boot maker, 2a, Seeley road
Ranger George, boot & shoe maker, 1 Buck’s Head parade, London road
Reading Charles Harold, architect, see Chart, Sons & Reading
Reading Henry, butcher, 39 High street, Collier’s Wood
Reeves Victor, hair dresser, 3 Upper green
Reiss Babette (Miss), confectioner, 14 Grand parade, Streatham rd
Renecle Henry Archibald, grocer, 52 Briscoe road
Richardson William, boot & shoe maker, 5 Kent terrace, Church rd
Riches James, florist, Fountain cottage, Western road
Rickett, Smith & Co. coal merchants, Lower Mitcham station
Rigden John Hunter, timber merchant, Common side east
Riley Alex, Hughes, commercial traveller, 19 Park road
Rimell Sarah (Mrs.), grocer, 7 St. Mark’s road, Upper Mitcham
Rivers Arthur Ernest, dining rms. 182 High street, Collier’s Wood
Robin Joseph Theodore, gas mantle maker, Lilian road
Robinson Florence (Mrs.), shopkeeper. Common side east
Robinson Fredk. Geo., cycle maker, 90 High street, Coliier’s Wood
Robinson Henry, shopkeeper, 4 Robinson road
Robinson John Bisset, grocer, see Meller & Robinson
Robinson Wm. Thos., shopkeeper, 109 High street, Collier’s Wood
Rock Walter, baker, 6 Gorringe Park parade, London road
Rompel John Baptiste, watch maker, 10 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Rooke John, assist, highway surveyor to the Croydon Rural District Council, Vestry Hall, London road, Lower Mitcham
Rose Thomas, laundry, Cranmer road
Rosier Robert & William, hay & straw dealers, 7 Walpole road, Collier’s Wood
Rosier George, carman, Common side east
Rowcliffe Thomas, greengrocer, 3 Gorringe Park parade, London road
Rowland Edwin, hosier, 58 High street, Collier’s Wood
Rowland Richard, shopkeeper, Common side east
Rowland William, confectioner, 178 High street, Collier’s Wood
Ruff Albert, bootmaker, Upper green
Russell George, insurance agent, Norman house, London road, Lower Mitcham
Russell William Henry, Goat inn, Beddington corner
Rutter Isaac & Co., tobacco manufacturers, Ravensbury mills, Morden road, Lower Mitcham
Rymer Alexander, grocer, 2 Barbara villas, Church road

Saker Walter Thomas, dyer, 169 High street, Collier’s Wood
Samson Fredk. Geo. M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, Upper green
Sanford James, greengrocer, Devonshire road
Sartin William James, carpenter, London road, Lower Mitcham
Saunders Charles & Co., spring blind makers, 210 High street, Collier’s Wood
Sayers Charles, builder, London road, Lower Mitcham
Scarlett Hy. Jas., hair dresser, Abbey terrace, Christ Church road
Schenck George, art. pottery manufacturer, Nursery road
Schneider Hermann John, turncock to the Metropolitan Water Board, 2 Clarendon grove, Upper Mitcham
Seager Henry, grocer, Upper green
Searle Henry & Sons, furniture dealers, Upper green
Seculer Robert, greengrocer, 18 Devonshire road
Selected Estates Co. Limited, Links road
Senior John H. draper, 26 High street, Collier’s Wood
Sewell Thomas Henry, Old Nag’s Head P.H., Upper green
Sheen George William, news agent, 1 Barbara villas, Church road
Shelswell Oscar Berridge M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. surgeon & medical officer to the Holborn Union, Mitcham work-house, Sibford, Lower Green west
Shepherd George & Son, wheelwrights, Common side east
Shepherd George Frederick, dining rooms, 1 London road
Shepherd Joseph, corn merchant, Lower green east
Sherrington Henry, oilman, 6 Western road
Shields Eleanor Jane (Miss), kindergarten school, 36 Lyveden road
Shiers Percy, hair dresser, 192 High street, Collier’s Wood
Sidders William, antique dealer, Herapath cottage, Church street
Simmonds Joseph, greengrocer, 1 Allen terrace, Church road
Simmonds Wm. Hammond, dining rooms, 43 High street, Collier’s Wood
Simmons Arthur George & Ephraim, florists, Tramway path, Lower Mitcham
Simmons & Miller, grocers, London road, Lower Mitcham & 13 London road, Upper Mitcham
Simmons George, fishmonger, 6 Church street, Lower Mitcham
Simpson Albert Frederick, shopkeeper, 3 Morden road
Singlegate Working Men’s Club (Arthur Hyde, sec.), Church road
Skilton Arthur, greengrocer, Common side east
Smee William, varnish manfr, see Norman, Smee & DodwelL
Smith Thomas & Son, varnish manufrs., Phipps Bridge road
Smith W. H. & Son, news agents, Railway station, Mitcham Junction
Smith Henry, chimney sweeper, Keen’s terrace, Church road
Smith John, chimney sweep, Bond road
Smith Thomas W., teacher of music, 52 Park road
Snelling & Gathercole Limited, fireproof partition manufacturers, Grenfell road
Snook Henry James,farm manager for Croydon Rural District Council Sewage works, Byegrove road
Snow Charles, dairy, 33 Grenfell road
Snowsill Ernest Edward, printer, 95 High street, Collier’s wood
Sones Robert, news agent, 200 High street, Colliers wood
Sparks Henry, painter, 1 Finborough road
Spencer Alfred, pianoforte tuner, 97 Lyveden road
Spokes Wilfred G. grocer, 2 Belgrave road
Spry Archibald, beer retailer, Lilian road, Lonesome
Stacey Charles, baker, 54 High street, Collier’s Wood
Staines Edward, beer retailer, Church road
Staines Laurence, coal dealer, 21 Fortescue road
Staimott Frederick, baker, 7 Station parade & grocer, Smith’s terrace, London road
Stansfold & Co. Limited, wine & spirit dealers, 7 London rood,
Upper Mitcham
Stanton Jolm & Co., estate agents, 53 High street, Collier’s Wood
Steele Alfred, tailor, 57a, Heaton road
Stephens Ambrose, watch maker, 2 London road
Stephenson Joseph, tobacconist, 147 High st. Colliers Wood
Stevens Arthur Wm., florist, Tramway path, Lower Mitcham
Stow Arthur, boot & shoe maker, 1a, Grenfell road
Stewart Frank Algernon, cab propr., Ashdene, Lower Green east
Stinton Harry Howick, Royal Six Bells P.H., High street, Collier’s Wood
Stoffell George Alexander, hair dresser, 4 Grove terrace, London road, Upper Mitcham
Stoffell Minnie (Miss), dress maker, 4 Grove terrace, London road, Upper Mitcham
Stopher David, butcher, 2 Abbey terrace, Church road
Stopher William, butcher, 11 Belgrave road
Stratton Percy Montague A.R.I.B.A., architect, The Chestnuts, Figg’s marsh, Streatham road
Street John, fishmonger, 41 High street, Collier’s Wood
Stringer Albert, sexton, Mitcham parish church, Fern cottage, Church road
Stringer John Albert, relieving officer Mitcham district, Croydon union, Relief office, Cranmer road
Strudwick Allen, cattle dealer, Grove road, Lonesome
Sudds Mary (Mrs.), coffee rooms, Cranmer road
Sweet Walter, oil & color man, 37 Grenfell road

Tandem Smelting Syndicate Ltd, smelters, Christ Church road
Tapping Harry Frank, hair dresser, 13 Gorringe Park parade, London road
Tate’s (Miss) Almshouses, Lower Green east
Taylor & Kensett, builders & contractors, London road
Taylor George, poultry dealer, 1 Manor view, London road, Upper Mitcham
Taylor Harry, hair dresser, 51 High street, Collier’s Wood
Taylor Henry, fried fish shop, 70 Denison road
Tedder Henry, hair dresser, 4 St. Mark’s road
Thew Walter, manager of the London & Provincial Bank Limited, The Broadway, London road, Lower Mitcham
Thomas Harold, confectioner, 2 Oakwood avenue
Thomas William Charles, grocer, 2 Devonshire road
Thompson & Son, dairy, 5 Smith’s ter. London road, Upper Mitcham
Thompson George, florist, Tramway path, Lower Mitcham
Thompson John, milk seller, Common side west
Thorns Jane (Mrs.), market gardener, Aberdeen road, Church road
Threadgold F. G. baker, 51 Denison road
Tickner Biohard & Son, furniture dealers, 6 Romeo villas, London road, Lower Mitcham
Tickner William, fried fish dealer, 20 Grenfell road
Timpson Samuel, coffee rooms, 8 Rupert terrace, London road, Upper Mitcham
Titcombe Frances Louisa (Mrs.), tobacconist, London road, Lower Mitcham
Todman & Co. ironmongers, 3 Gorringe Park terrace,London road
Tongue John Douglas, confr., 177 High st. Collier’s Wood
Toogood Richard, shopkeeper, Lock’s lane
Tooting Bec Golf Co, Limited (J. Wilford Taylor, sec.), golf club, South lodge. Common side east
Townsend Richard, confectioner, Common side east
Towsey Emmie (Miss), shopkeeper, 21 Seeley road
Trigg John, shopkeeper, 6 Alexandra terrace, Church road
Trott George, butcher, 1 Western road
Turner Alan William, baker, Upper green
Turner Frank Alfred, boot maker, Lower Green east
Turner James, florist, Madeira road, Mitcham common
Turner Thomas, hard confectioner, 2 Manor view, London road. Upper Mitcham
Tyler William, greengrocer, Common side east
Tylor John Burnett, varnish manufacturer, Batsworth road
Typke & King Limited, chemical manufactory, Tamworth lane, Mitcham common
Tyrell John, poultry farm, Lonesome
Tyrell William, poultry farm, Gorringe Park avenue

Uridge George Herbert, dining, rooms, 14 Gorringe Park parade, London road
Urry Arth. Trestrail, shopkeeper, 4 Abbey terrace, Christ Church road

Varnham Annie (Mrs.), confectioner,4 Church road, Lower Mitcham
Vening John Gordon, Buck’s Head P.H., London road, Upper Mitcham
Venn Michael, florist, London road
Verrall Arthur Hider, wheelwright, 119 High street, Collier’s Wood

Waite Ellen Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 7 Homewood road
Walters George, hair dresser, 2 Church road
Walton George John, shopkeeper, Beddington Corner
Ward Brothers, dairymen, 143 High street, Collier’s Wood
Ware Richard, tobacconist, 7 Manor view, London road, Upper Mitcham
Warman John Benjamin, station master, Tooting Junction
Warren Arthur, confectioner, 6 Upper green
Warwick Charles, dairy, 16 Trafalgar terrace, Devonshire road
Watkins George James, beer retailer & shopkeeper, 1 Byegrove rd
Watson Walter George, shopkeeper, 5 Belgrave road
Watts Arthur, King’s Head P.H., London rd. Lower Mitcham
Webb Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 2 Waterfall road
Weight Charles E. plumber, London road, Lower Mitcham
Wells Frederick, watch maker, 73 High street, Collier’s Wood
Westland Robert, chemist, 3 London road
Wheeler William, shopkeeper, 1 Holly cotts. Western road
Whicher Ernest Vaughan, grocer, Leonard road, Lonesome
White Herbert Wildman, collector of rates, Vestry hall, London road, Lower Mitcham
White Jas., oil & color dealer, 7 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
White Joseph Thomas, grocer, Devonshire road
White Lawrence, butcher, 46 High street. Collier’s Wood
White Wm. Jas. tobacconist, 194 High street, Collier’s Wood
Whitehorse Sanitary Laundry Limited, London road
Whittington William, news agent, 5 St. Mark’s road
Whitwell George, confectioner, The Broadway, London road, Lower Mitcham
Wilks Reuben, greengrocer, Western road
Williams Gordon, artificial teeth maker, 6 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Williams William A. physician & surgeon, 16 Sibthorpe villas, London road, Upper Mitcham
Willis Frederick, tobacconist, 2 Melton house, Christ Church road
Willis Walter, market gardener, Brookfield, London road, Lower Mitcham
Wilsher H. & Co., coal merchants, 1 Railway approach, London road
Wilson Isaac, builder, 2 Gorringe Park avenue, London road
Wilson Joseph, estate agent & contractor, 26 Grenfell road
Wilson William, dairyman, Crusoe farm, Arnold road
Wimble Frederick, chemist, Upper green
Wingfield Bros., The Victory P.H., 193 High street, Collier’s Wood
Wisbey Arthur William, shopkeeper, Church street
Witherden John Waiter, baker, 7 Lewis road
Witts Thomas, hard confectioner, 104 High street, Collier’s Wood
Wood William & Son, pig dealers, Grove road
Wood William Howard, drugstores, 80 High street, Collier’s Wood
Woodite Co. (The), India rubber & steam packing manufacturers, Mitcham common
World’s Stores Limited (The), provision dealers, 3 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Wraight, Dumbrill & Co. Limited, dairymen, 13 The Parade, London road, Upper Mitcham
Wright John Samuel, dining rooms, 2 St. Mark’s road
Wyatt David, carting contractor, Lilian road
Wymark Thomas, shopkeeper, 74 Denison road York George, undertaker, 3 St. Mark’s road

Young William, builders mer., 29 High st. Collier’s Wood

Zietz Pauline (Mrs.), teacher of music, 48 Bruce road

1867 Trade Directory

Abrehart Edward, market gardener, Church street
Allen John, Crown, Lower Mitcham
Allen Thomas, market gardener, Mitcham, common
Arthur George, hair dresser, High street
Arthur James, beer retailer & herb grower, Mitcham com
Arthur Richard, Bee Hive, &herb grower, Mitcham com
Ashby Joshua, miller, Lower Mitcham
Asprey William, beer retailer, Lower Mitcham
Austin Giles, Nag’s Head, Upper Green
Bailey Edwin, relieving officer & registrar of births, deaths & marriages, Lower Mitcham
Ball Henry, jun. beer retailer, Morden lane
Barnes John, farrier, Lower Mitcham
Barr Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, London road
Barter Joseph Charles, grocer, High street, Upper Mitcham
Bartlett James, baker, Whitford lane
Bass James, builder & shopkeeper, Merton road
Beard James, dyer, Upper Mitcham
Bennett Eliza (Miss), straw bonnet maker, Upper Mitcham
Bennett George, Buck’s Head, Upper Mitcham
Bennett Thomas, Ravensbury Arms, Common
Biggs John, coal dealer, Merton road
Bowdery William, gardener, Upper Mitcham
Bowler Ann (Mrs.), coal & wood dealer. Lower Mitcham
Bowyer John, block cutter, Whitford lane
Boxall William, tailor, Upper Mitcham
Boys James, plumber, Lower Mitcham
Breach &Co. patent silk & cotton manufacturers, Phipps brdg
Bridger James, medical herb grower, Figg’s marsh
Briggs James, farmer, Pound farm
Brooks Charles, scripture reader
Brown John, ironmonger & general smith, Lower Mitcham
Bryant William, shoe maker, Phipps bridge
Butler Henry Wm. floor Cloth manufacturer, Phipps bridge
Carr Caroline (Mrs,), straw bonnet maker, Lower Mitcham
Cartwright George, beer retailer, Church road
Chandler Maria (Mrs.), Red Lion, Merton road
Chandler Thomas, fishmonger, Upper Mitcham
Chart Edwin, house & land surveyor, estate agent, merchant & undertaker, & vestry clerk, Upper Mitcham
Chart John, undertaker, Upper Mitcham
Chippendale James, photographer, Lower Mitcham
Church Samuel, bookseller & stationer, Lower Mitcham
Collbran Henry, butcher, Upper Mitcham
Comber John, butcher, Merton bridge
Comber William, linen draper, Lower Mitcham
Comber William, stationer, & post office, High street
Coppin Edward, Cricketers, Green
Cox William, shopkeeper, London road
Dally Robert, boot maker, Lower Mitcham
Dalton John William, seedsman & florist
Davis Henry, saddler, Upper Mitcham
Dempsey John, beer retailer, Lower Mitcham
Dodd Alfred, carpenter, Lower Mitcham
Dodd Arthur, builder, Upper Mitcham
Dolan Daniel, baker, Lower Mitcham
Dolby Thomas, farmer, Figg’s marsh.
Doust Catherine (Mrs.), baker, London road
Downes Joseph, chemist, Lower Mitcham
Drewett William, builder
Evans Timothy, dairy, Mitcham common
Farmer John, corn chandler, Upper Mitcham green
Faulkner George, inland revenue officer, Love lane
Fenn William, grocer
Fibre, Hair & Bristle Company (limited) (Maurice Benish, manager), Ravensbury
Field Thomas Frederick, Prince of Wales, Merton lane
Flint Thomas, surveyor of roads, Church street
Foster Francis, Swan, London road
Foster William, shopkeeper, Church street
Gardener Thomas, grocer, Mitcham common
Goldham Henry, florist, London road
Green Benjamin, secretary to Mitcham & Wimbledon District Gas Company, Upper Mitcham
Green John, shoe maker, Church street
Grover Albert, boarding school, The Poplars, Figg’s marsh
Gulland William, plumber, Lower Mitcham
Hall John, King’s Arms, Upper Mitcham
Hamilton Thomas William, M.d. surgeon, Lower Mitcham
Harland William & Son, japan & varnish manufacturers, Phipps bridge
Harris Henry, marine store dealer, Upper Mitcham
Harvey & Knight, floor cloth manufacturers, Low. Mitcham
Harvey George, dairyman, Tamworth lane
Harwood Charlotte (Mrs.), baker, Upper Mitcham
Hawkes George, White Hart, Lower Mitcham
Haydon Mary (Mrs.), plumber. Upper Mitcham
Henden William, dairyman, Merton road
Hersee & Smyth, floor cloth manufacturers, Church road
Hex William, shoe maker, Merton road
Hickman Edward, Nell Gwynne, Church road
Hill Robert, tailor, Upper Mitcham green
Hills Charles, bricklayer, Upper Mitcham
Hills William, bricklayer, Church street
Hoath Henry, shopkeeper, Merton road.
Home for Convalescent Children, Rumbolds farm
Hone James, wheelwright & smith, Upper Mitcham
Hookins James, shopkeeper, Mitcham common
Hooper William, india rubber manufacturer, Mitcham com
Hudson Alfred/tailor, Merton road
Hunt John, Goat, & farmer Mitcham common
Jenner William H. gas fitter, Upper Mitcham
Jennings Thomas, veterinary surgeon, Upper Mitcham
Johnson Alfred, grocer, Merton road
Jones John, Britannia, Lower Mitcham green
Juster James, builder, Merton road
Kenward William, wheelwright, Upper Mitcham
Killick Samuel, builder, Lower Mitcham
Lack Mary (Mrs.), linen draper, Upper Mitcham
Latham William (exors. of), varnish & japan maker
Lawrence Thomas, carpenter, Merton lane
Leach Albert, hair dresser
Le Bass James, beer retailer, Mitcham common
Leggett John, grocer, Church road
Lewis Frederick, beer retailer, London road
Lewis William, market gardener, Merton lane
Lowe Frederick, coal merchant, Lower Mitcham
Lunt William, market gardener, Upper Mitcham
Makepeace Samuel, herbalist, Merton lane
Merchant Benjamin, Horse & Groom, Mitcham common
Marshall Edward, surgeon, Church street
Mears William, brick maker, Merton lane
Meggeson & Co. manufacturing confectioners, Church street
Mersh William, boot maker, Church street
Mickle Joseph, chemist, Upper Mitcham
Mighell Jacob, butcher, Lower Mitcham
Mitcham Literary & Scientific Institute (W. Russell, honorary secretary)
Mitcham & Wimbledon District Gas Light & Coke Company (Benjamin Green, secretary), Upper Mitcham
Mouland James, watch maker, Upper road
Mould Mary (Mrs.), shoe maker. Upper Mitcham green
Newman Ann (Mrs,), stay maker, High street
Newman Francis, farmer, Figg’s marsh
Newton Sophia (Mrs.), baker, Church street
Nichols Arthur, beer retailer, Phipps bridge
Nicholls John, market gardener, Swain’s lane
Nicholls Joseph, varnish manufacturer, Lower Mitcham
Nightingale William, brick maker & beer retailer, Merton lane, Upper Mitcham
Noble John, varnish manufacturer, Lower Mitcham
Over James, market gardener, Common
Pitt George, linen draper, Whitford lane
Plank John, coal denier, Lower Mitcham
Poyner William, King’s Head, Lower Mitcham
Quinby John, tailor, Upper Mitcham
Rhoades & Hartfield, drug grinders, Mitcham common
Rhoades Joseph; grocer, Upper Mitcham green
Rice Robert, linen draper. Upper Mitcham green
Rosehone John, grocer, Church road
Rumens Henry William, builder
Russell James, beer retailer, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Rutter John & Isaac, snuff & tobacco manufacturers, Ravensbury
Sams William, boot maker, Upper Mitcham
Samson Philip, omnibus proprietor, Lower Mitcham
Saunders John, shoe maker, Mitcham common
Saunders Mary (Mrs.), baker, Field gate
Saunders William, shopkeeper, Merton lane
Sawyer Alfred, blacksmith, Upper Mitcham
Schweizer, Spong & Co. varnish manufacturers, Church st
Searle William, miller, Mitcham mill
Shepherd Frederick, shopkeeper, Common
Siviour Henry, toy dealer, Upper Mitcham
Sinnock John, shopkeeper, Merton road
Slater Daniel, medical herb grower, Mitcham common
Smith Thomas, grocer, Lower Mitcham
Smith William, boarding school, High street
Southerton James, hair dresser, Upper Mitcham
Spong Eliza (Miss), ladies’ school, Upper Mitcham
Sprules William, butcher
Squibbs William, laundry, Upper Mitcham
Stone George, dairyman, Mitcham common
Summerfield John, tailor, Lower Mitcham
Surrey Brewery Company (limited) (James Ward, managing director). Lower Mitcham
Thomas George, saddler, Lower Mitcham
Thompson Ebenezer, dairyman. Causeway, Lower Mitcham
Townsend John William, floor cloth manufacturer, Church rd
Tracey Charles, beer retailer, Lower Mitcham
Tribe Edwin, Bull, Church street
Turner Charles & Son, varnish manufacturers, Merton lane
Turner John Moseley, print cutter, Church street
Turner William, baker, Upper Mitcham
Vidler Major, plumber, Lower Mitcham
Wade John, printer, & house & estate agent, Lower Mitcham
Wakelin William, master of St. George’s Industrial Schools, Upper Mitcham
Ward James, managing director of Surrey Brewery Company (Limited), Lower Mitcham
Welch James & George, bakers, Upper Mitcham green
Westall Joseph (exors. of), grocers, Lower Mitcham
Westall Thomas, grocer, Lower Mitcham
Westcott Lemuel, academy, The Elms, Upper Mitcham
Whitehead & Co. felt manufacturers, Lower Mitcham
Wicks William, shopkeeper, Upper Mitcham green
Wild James, Three Kings, Mitcham common
Winders John, butcher, Lower Mitcham
Winterton Charles, clothier, Lower Mitcham
Wise Mary (Mrs), stationer, Upper Mitcham
Wright Benjamin, grocer, Church street
Young Richard, baker, Merton road

1839 Trade Directory

From Pigot’s Directory

Ashby Henry (drawing master), Upper Mitcham
Marshall John (animal and portrait painter), Merton

Bennet William, Upper Mitcham
Chart William John, Upper Mitcham
Eades Edward, Wimbledon

Ayres James, Merton
Bartlett Henry, Merton
Brinkworth Charles Wimbledon
Carpenter Samuel, Morden
Cumberbatch John, Morden
Harwood John, Upper Mitcham
Haydon John, Lower Mitcham
Hogg David, Wimbledon
Loader William, Merton
Longhurst Christpr.Lower Mitcham
Mason William, Wimbledon
Newton James, Lower Mitcham
Pratt Thomas, Lower Mitcham
Saunders William, Upper Mitcham
Skelton William, Lower Mitcham
Weller William, Lower Mitcham
Whitfield Catherine, Upp. Mitcham

(See also Ironmongers.)
Bourn Henry, Upper Mitcham
Hale Matthew, Lower Mitcham
Hayter John, Wimbledon
Huddinott Henry, Wimbledon
Kenward William, Upper Mitcham
Marchant & Sawyers, Morden
Smith Frederick, Wimbledon
Smith William, Morden
Tackle Richard, Upper Mitcham
Walkley Jacob, Merton

Beck Charles, Upper Mitcham
Blackford William (and stamp distributer), Wimbledon
Fisher Mary, Upper Mitcham
Hillman Thomas, Wimbledon
Louis Charles (& fancy repository),
Upper Mitcham
Wade John, Lower Mitcham

Blackford William, Wimbledon
Boys John, Morden
Clark John, Upper Mitcham
Dally Robert, Lower Mitcham
Daniels Susan, Lower Mitcham
Fisher Joseph, Upper Mitcham
Gai n John, Upper Mitcham
Hex William, Merton
Legg Moses, Merton
Moody Wiliam, Merton
Mould Thomas, Upper Mitcham
Muckle William, Merton
Pitman Mark, Upper Mitcham
Pope James, Upper Mitcham
Pope John, Merton
Potter James, Wimbledon
Price George, Merton
Rand Thomas, Upper Mitcham
Robinson Henry, Upper Mitcham
Rogers Charles, Wimbledon
Sherman Susannah (and clothes dealer), Upper Mitcham
Steel Samuel, Lower Mitcham
Thompson John, Lower Mitcham

Ashby Charles, Lower Mitcham
Cook William, Wimbledon
Searle John, jun. (and maltster), Lower Mitcham

Bass James, Merton
Burt Benjamin, Wimbledon
Clowser George, Merton
Drewett William, Upper Mitcham
Guile James, Merton
Hill William, Upper Mitcham
Killick Samuel, Lower Mitcham
Parsons William, Wimbledon

Ashby John, Wimbledon
Combers John, Merton
Haydon Thos. Tilbury, Up. Mitcham
Johnson Abigail, Merton
Latham Stephen, Upper Mitcham
Ogden Michael, Wimbledon
Selmes James, Lower Mitcham
Selmes William, Upper Mitcham
Way Richard, Merton
Williams William, Lower Mitcham
Winders George, Upper Mitcham
Winders Samuel, Lower Mitcham

Anderson George (woollen and embosser), Merton
Collins & Whiteman (silk and woollen), Royal factory, Phipps’ bridge
Littler Edm. (silk,&c.),Merton abbey
Makepeace Saml. Mitcham common
Reynolds Edw. (silk &dress), Merton
Walmsley & Co. Ravensbury factory, Mitcham

Marked thus * are also Builders.
*Acres William, Merton
Agate William, Merton
Ayton John, Merton
Bennett William, Upper Mitcham
*Bishop John, Wimbledon
Bowyer James, Merton
*Chart John, Upper Mitcham
Croft George, Wimbledon
Dalton George (& hurdle maker), Upper Mitcham
Edwards Wm. Mitcham common
Finch & Easton, Lower Mitcham
*Finch William, Wimbledon
Goswell John, Wimbledon
Hornier John, Wimbledon
Juster Joseph, Merton
*Killick Jamuel (builder), Lower Mitcham
*Mason Daniel, Wimbledon
*Oliver Jacob, Wimbledon
Winkfield James, Wimbledon

Dunnett Robert, Wimbledon
Huntingdon James, Upper Mitcham
Smith Richard, Lower Mitcham
Williams Sarah, Upper Mitcham

Kenward William, Upper Mitcham
Moore William, Morden

Beadle William, Upper Mitcham
Bowler William, Lower Mitcham
Plant John, Lower Mitcham

Megary Hamilton & Thomas, Lower Mitcham
Tayler James, Lower Mitcham

Brinkworth Charles, Wimbledon
Buckland William, Upper Mitcham
Lunt William, Upper Mitcham
Mason Charles, Upper Mitcham

English Copper Company, Wimbledon—James Cook, manager
Shears & Son, Merton

Anderson George, Merton
Brinkworth Charles, Wimbledon
Burt Benjamin, Wimbledon
Fanner William, Upper Mitcham
Mason William, Wimbledon
Miller George, Merton
Tayler James, Lower Mitcham
Willans John, Upper Mitcham

Barter Joseph, Lower Mitcham
Bennett Stephen, Lower Mitcham
Chapman Robert, Upper Mitcham
Chapman Thos. Jas. & Philip, Merton
Davis Henry, Railway
Foster William, Merton
Greenfield Edward, Love lane
Hudson Samuel, Lower Mitcham
Huntingdon James, Upper Mitcham
Powell William, Lower Mitcliam
Pratt Thomas, Lower Mitcham
Rolf James, Merton

Globe, Thos. Pratt, Lower Mitcham
Mutual Benefit Institution, George Revill, Upper Mitcham
Norwich Union, Edward Eades, Wimbledon
Royal Exchange,Thomas Mason, Wimbledon
Sun, Jas. Lockett, Lower Mitcham

Baker William, Merton
Gould Thomas, Upper Mitcham
Gunner George, Wimbledon
Lumsden Robert, Lower Mitcham
Lunt William, Upper Mitcham
Partridge Wm. Joshua, Wimbledon

Arthur James, Upper Mitcham
Arthur John, Upper Mitcham
Downing John, Merton
Moore James, Upper Mitcham
Newman William, Upper Mitcham
Weston James, Upper Mitcham

Alien Martha, Upper Mitcham
Barrett Mary, Lower Mitcham
Barter Joseph, Upper Mitcham
Bateman Samuel, Lower Mitcliam
Bishop John, Wimbledon
Bowyer James, Merton
Carpenter James, Morden
Coad Isaac, Upper Mitcham
Cobley John, Upper Mitcham
Cram Marianne, Upper Mitcham
Eades Edward, Wimbledon
Enefer Charles, Merton
Friday Thomas, Upper Mitcham
Goodman Edmund, Lower Mitcham
Gray James, Upper Mitcham
Harding Thomas, Phipps’ bridge
Holland James, Wimbledon
Holt Henry, Merton
Howard Jane, Morden
Hudson Sarah, Merton
Mason Thomas, Merton
Mason Thomas, Wimbledon
Moore William, Morden
Newman John, Upper Mitcham
Newton James, Lower Mitcham
Nightingale Win. Upper Mitcham
Norwood Joseph, Lower Mitcham
Parkes Samuel (and oilman), Upper Mitcham
Pitts Thomas Wm. Lower Mitcham
Pratt Thomas, Lower Mitcham
Raper Thos. Upper Mitcham
Rhoades Jos. f & oilman,Upper Mitcham
Robinson Richard, Merton
Sandey Richard, Lower Mitcham
Silver George, Upper Mitcham
Simmons Joseph, Upper Mitcham
Smith Samuel, Lower Mitcham
Warrimer William, Merton
West William, Upper Mitcham
Westall Joseph, Lower Mitcham
Whitfield Catherine,Upper Mitcham
Young Elizabeth Upper Mitcham

Barber John, Wimbledon
Hillier Joseph, Merton
Hillier William, Upper Mitcham
Hillier Wm. James, Lower Mitcliam
Hillman Thomas, Wimbledon

Buck’s Head,Wm.Smith,Up.Mitcham
Cricketers, Anthony Newland, Lower Mitcham
King’s Head, Henry Hart, Lower Mitcham
White Hart, William Sutton, Lower Mitcham

Asprey Charles & Sons (furnishing and general), Upper Mitcham
Bourn Henry, Lower Mitcham
Bowyer James, Merton

Fisher & Co. (japanned), Merton
Pharaoh Peter (oil leather), Mitcham common

Hill George, Upper Mitcham
Pope James, Upper Mitcham

Birt Elizabeth, Merton
Lack Joseph, Upper Mitcham
Napier George (and furniture dealer), Upper Mitcham
Oakes William Henry, Merton
Pitt Thomas Win. Lower Mitcham
Pratt Thomas, Phipps’ bridge
Revill George (and clothier). Upper Mitcham
Reynolds Wm. (& silk mercer),Upper Mitcham
Warrimer William, Merton

Charrington Robt. L. Lower Mitcham
Chasemore Geo. Mitcham common
Child John, Merton
Clover John, Lower Mitcham
Searle John, Lower Mitcham
Vickers John, Mitcham
Watney Thomas, Wimbledon

Buckland Sarah, Upper Mitcham
Carr Caroline, Upper Mitcham
Comber Catherine (and straw hat maker), Upper Mitcham
Drewett Hannah, Lower Mitcham
Fletcher Jane, Upper Mitcham
Harris Sarah, Merton
James Mary, Wimbledon
Martin Sarah, Lower Mitcham
Mason Ann, Lower Mitcham
Robinson Mary, Lower Mitcham
Townsend Rachael, Upper Mitcham
Walker Martha, Upper Mitcham

Nunn Robert, Merton

Haydon Henry (and paper hanger), Upper Mitcham
Hillier James, Upper Mitcham
Moleneux Henry, Lower Mitcham
Witham John, Wimbledon

Wade Joint (& copper-plate), Lower Mitcham

Fowler Charles, Upper Mitcham
Housego William, Wimbledon
Thomas William, Lower Mitcham

See Calico, Silk, &c. Printers

Glover Richard, Lower Mitcham
Hatfield & Co. Morden
Rutter Isaac & Co. Ravensbury mill, Mitcham

Bartley Alfd. Collett, Upper Mitcham
Blight James, Wimbledon
Chapman C. Merton
Gooday Horatio, Mitcham
Roberts John, Upper Mitcham
Taplcy Thomas Ellis, Wimbledon
Tipple Edwin, Lower Mitcham

Bayley Francis, Lower Mitcham
Cogger Thomas, Merton
Garn John, Lower Mitcham
Hills Robert, Upper Mitcham
Philps Henry, Upper Mitcham
Pratt Thomas, Phipps’ bridge
Preedy Robt. (& slopseller),Wimbledon
Raper Thomas, Upper Mitcham
Roffey Richard, Wimbledon
Storey Thomas, Wimbledon
Summerfield &Son, Lower Mitcham
Thomas John, Wimbledon
Waymark Charles, Upper Mitcham
Woodroffe Jame, Upper Mitcham

Britannia, Wm. Turpin, Lower Mitcham
Bull, John Boreham, Lower Mitcham
Dog and Fox, William Packer, Wimbledon
George & Dragon,Solomon Rowe,Morden
Goat, George Jeffries,Mitcham common
King’s Arms, Eliz. Wortley, Up. Mitcham
King’s Head, Isabella Gregory, Merton
Nelson’s Arms, Noah Watts, Merton
Old Nag’s Head,Thos.Weaver,Up.Mitchm
Queen’s Head, Edw. Attridge, Mitcham com
Rose and Crown, Ann Willis, Wimbledon
Six Bells, George Miller, Merton
Swan, George Smith, Upper Mitcham
Three Kings, Josh. Hancock,Lwr Mitcham
Victory, Henry Leach, Mitcham
White Hart, Daniel Parson, Merton

Dallan Daniel, Upper Mitcham
Kenward William, Upper Mitcham
Moore William, Morden
Pigden Thomas, Morden

Ashby Jno. Robt. maltster,Lower Mitcham
Beard Jas. dyer & scourer,Upper Mitcham
Bennett Stephen, furniture broker, Upper Mitcham
Carrot Richard, stone and marble mason, lower Mitcham
Chandler Thos. fishmonger, Upper Mitcham
Comber Wm. tobacconist, Upper Mitcham
Dawney Eliz. coach proprietor, Wimbledon
Gurle Chas. rag & bottle dealer, Lwr Mitcham
Hate Jno. copper-plate maker, Lwr Mitcham
Holden Thomas and Samuel, coach proprietors, Lower Mitcham
Johnston Peter,watch maker,Up.Mitcham
Keirnan Jas. pawnbroker,Lower Mitcham
Kelly John, registrar, Wimbledon
Lomin Mary, poulterer, &c. Wimbledon
Louis Charles, jeweller and fancy repository, Upper Mitcham
Pennycard Thus. sawyer, Lower Mitcham
Putley Henry, cooper, Upper Mitcham
Searle George, registrar, Merton
Sim Mary, stay maker, Upper Mitcham
Thornton Thos. sailmaker,Upper Mitcham
Vernon Henry, piano forte tuner, Upper Mitcham
Warrimer William, picture frame maker, Merton
Went James,chymist, Lower Mitcham
York Wm. drug grinder, Mitcham common

1855 Trade Directory

Addington Paul, varnish manufacturer, Phip’s Bridge
Adkins David, shopkeeper, Merton lane
Allen John, beer retailer, Lower Mitcham
Allen Thomas, market gardener, Mitcham common
Allwork Charles, butcher, Upper Mitcham green
Amey & Co. patent gelatine maker, Mitcham common
Arthur James, farmer & herb grower, Upper Mitcham
Arthur Richard, farmer,herb grower & beer rtlr. Mitcham com
Ashby Brothers, millers, Lower Mitcham, & at Brixton
Attwood Alfred, wholesale druggist, Lower Mitcham
Bailey William, saddler, High street, Upper Mitcham
Baker John, carrier & shopkeeper, London rd. Upp.Mitcham
Banks Robert, chemist, Lower Mitcham
Barber Isaac, farmer, Upper Mitcham
Barr Lucas, beer retailer, London road, Upper Mitcham
Barter Joseph, grocer, High street, Upper Mitcham
Bass James, builder & shopkeeper, Merton road
Bateman Mary (Mrs.), grocer,Church street, Lower Mitcham
Bateman Samuel, grocer & carrier, Field gate, Upper Mitcham
Bayley Benjamin, tailor, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Beard James, dyer, London road, Upper Mitcham
Bennett Elizabeth (Miss), straw bonnet maker, High street, Upper Mitcham
Biggs John, coaldealer, Merton road
Bowdery William, gardener, Upper Mitcham
Bowler William, coal & wood dealer, Lower Mitcham green
Bowyer John, block cutter, Widford lane
Bridger James, farmer & medical herb grower, Up.Mitcham
Byrne Elizth. (Mrs.), beer retailer, Causeway, L. Mitcham
Carr Caroline (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Lower Mitcham
Chandler Thomas, fishmonger, Upper Mitcham
Chart Edwin, architect, surveyor, house & estate agent, vestry & parish clerk, Upper Mitcham
Chart John, undertaker. Upper Mitcham
Church Samuel, bookseller, Lower Mitcham
Clement George, baker, Merton road
Clowser Edw. Harry, ‘Ravensbury Arms’ Mitcham common
Coleman George Fowler, saddler & harness maker, London road, Upper Mitcham
Collbran Henry, butcher, Upper Mitcham
Collins Richard, tin & zinc worker, Field gate
Cox Edward Homershaw, farmer, Upper Mitcham
Cresswell William, beer retailer, London road, Up.Mitcham
Crowcher Thomas, ‘Prince of Wales,’ Merton lane
Daliy Robert, hoot & shoe maker. Lower Mitcham
Dean Sarah (Miss), shopkeeper, Upper Mitcham
Deave William, shopkeeper, Causeway, Lower Mitcham
Dempsey & Heard, shawl printers, Ravensburv print works,Lower Mitcham
Dodd Arthur, builder & undertaker, Upper Mitcham
Dodd George, tailor & clothier, Lower Mitcham
Dodd Henry, shopkeeper, Merton road
Downing John, calico & silk printer, Mitcham common
Farmer Mary (Mrs.) & Son, corndealers, Upper Mitcham green
Farquharson Colin, engineer, smith & ironmonger, Mitcham common
Forster Francis, ‘Swan’, London Road, Upper Mitcham
Foster Thomas, india rubber works, Lonesome
Foster William, carpenter & shopkeeper, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Francombe Richard, tailor, Merton road
Gilliam Thomas, ‘White Hart’ inn, Lower Mitcham green
Glover John, miller, Lower Mitcham
Goodman Edmund, carrier, Lower Mitcham
Green John, shoemaker, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Gurl Charles, marine store dealer, Lower Mitcham
Hale Matthew, blacksmith, Causeway, Lower Mitcham
Hankins James, market gardener & herb grower, Upper Mitcham
Harland William & Son, japan & varnish manufacturers, Phipp’s bridge
Harris James, marine store dealer, Upper Mitcham green
Harrison William, baker & shopkeeper, Widford lane
Hart Henry, ‘King’s Head’ Lower Mitcham
Harwood John, baker & coal merchant, Up. Mitcham green
Haydon Henry, plumber & c. High street, Upper Mitcham
Hellier James, plumber &c. High street, Upper Mitcham
Hex William, shoemaker, Merton road
Hillier William, hairdresser, Lower Mitcham
Hills Robert, tailor, Upper Mitcham green
Hills William, bricklayer, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Hoath William, cowkeeper, Mitcham common
Holden & Co., brewers & maltsters, Lower Mitcham
Holden Samuel, coal merchants corn dealer, Low. Mitcham
Holl Joseph & Co. coal merchants (William Beaton, agent), Lower Mitcham
Holt Henry, ‘Victory’ Merton road
Hone James, wheelwright, High street, Upper Mitcham
Hookins James, farmer, herb grower & shopkeeper, Mitcham common
Hooper & Fry, india rubber manufacturers, Mitcham common, & 16 Walbrook, City
Hudson Alfred, tailor, Merton road
Hunt Frederick, fanner, Mitcham common
Hunt John, ‘Goat,’ Mitcham common
Inkpen Samuel, fruiterer & fishmonger, Merton road
Jennings Thomas, veterinary surgeon, Upper Mitcham
Johnson Abigail (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Merton road
Jones Richard, felt manufacturer, Lower Mitcham
Kenward William, coach maker & wheelwright, High street,Upper Mitcham
Killick Samuel, builder, Lower Mitcham
Lack Joseph, linendraper, High street, Upper Mitcham
Lardner James, ‘Britannia,’ Lower Mitcham green
Latham William, varnish manufacturer, Merton lane
Lawrence Thomas, carpenter, Merton lane
Lloyd Emanuel, baker, Merton road
Lockett Elizabeth (Mrs.), house & estate agent, & agent to the Sun fire & life office, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Longhurst Thomas, baker & grocer, Lower Mitcham
Lunt William, confectioner & market gardener, Upper Mitcham green
Marchant Benjamin, ‘Horse & Groom,’ Mitcham common
Marshall Edward, surgeon, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Meears Job William, farmer & herbgrower, Upper Mitcham
Meears William, brickmaker, Merton lane
Mersh John, beer retailer, Lower Mitcham
Mersh William, boot & shoe maker, Lower Mitcham
Mickle Joseph, chemist, Upper Mitcham green
Mighell Jacob, butcher, Lower Mitcham
Miller Sophia (Mrs.), ‘Six Bells’, & corn & coal dealer, Merton road
Molyneux Henry, plumber & house decorator, Lower Mitcham
Mouland James, watchmaker. Upper Mitcham green
Mould Thomas, shoemaker, Upper Mitcham green
Napier George, draper & grocer, Loudon rad
Newman Ann (Mrs,), staymaker, Upper Mitcham green
Newman Francis, buck’s Head inn, High st. Up,Mitcham
Newman William John, farmer & herb grower, Upper Mitcham green
Newton Sophia (Mrs.), baker & shopkeeper, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Nichols Henry, shopkeeper, Causeway, Lower Mitcham
Nightingale William, table cover maker, beer retailer & shopkeeper, Merton lane
Northwood John, gardener, Upper Mitcham
Pannell Thomas, baker, Lower Mitcham
Phillip Thomas, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Upper Mitcham green
Pitman Mark, boot & shoe maker, Upper Mitcham green
Pitt George, linendraper & clothier, Widford lane
Plank John, coal & coke dealer, Lower Mitcham
Plank William, corn & coal dealer, High st. Up. Mitcham
Pratt Henry, shopkeeper, Upper Mitcham green
Quinby John, tailor, Upper Mitcham green
Rhoades Joseph, grocer & cheesemonger, & agent to the
Legal & Commercial fire & life office, Up. Mitcham green
Rice Robert, clothier & draper, Upper Mitcham green
Roberts Daniel, d.c.l. boarding academy, Eagle house, Upper Mitcham
Rosehone John, grocer & cheesemonger, Up. Mitcham green
Rosier James, ‘Three Kings,’ Mitcham common
Russell Thomas, carpenter & builder, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Rust Samuel, farmer, Biggin’s farm
Rutter John Isaac Campbell & James, snuff & tobacco
manufacturers, Ravensbury, Lower Mitcham
Sampson Philip, omnibus proprietor, Lower Mitcham
Sams William, boot & shoe maker, Fieldgate
Saunders John, shoemaker, Mitcham common
Saunders William, baker, Merton road
Saward Thomas, shoemaker, Lower Mitcham green
Sayers John, marine store dealer, Fieldgate, Up. Mitcham
Searle George Charles, registrar, Lower Mitcham
Shelley William, farrier, Lower Mitcham
Sherman Susannah (Mrs.), shoe warehouse & berlin repository, High street, Upper Mitcham
Simmonds Richard, ‘Old Nag’s Head,’ Fieldgate, Upper Mitcham
Simmons William, farmer, Upper Mitcham
Sinnock John, shopkeeper, Merton road
Smith Richard, china dealer, Lower Mitcham
Smith William, boarding school, High st. Upper Mitcham
Spencer John, boarding academy, Poplars, Upper Mitcham
Sprules James, drug & wood mills, Mitcham common
Stovell James, shopkeeper, Lower Mitcham
Stringer Thomas, ironmonger, Upper Mitcham green
Sugar Henry, baker, Lower Mitcham
Summerfield Mary (Mrs.) &. Son, tailors, Lower Mitcham
Thomas George, saddler & harness maker, Lower Mitcham
Thompson Ebenezer, dairyman, Causeway, Lower Mitcham
Tipple Frederick Albert, surgeon, Lower Mitcham
Townsend James, ‘Red Lion’ Merton road
Townsend Thomas, butcher, High street, Upper Mitcham
Tribe Edwin, ‘Bull,’ Church street, Lower Mitcham
Turner John Moseley, print cutter,Church st. Lwr. Mitcham
Vidler Major, plumber &c. Lower Mitcham
Wade John, bookseller,stationer,printer, circulating library,
house & estate agent, & agent, to the British tire & life office, Lower Mitcham
Walker Ann (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, Upper Mitcham
Wallis Wm. marine store dealer, Fieldgate, Upper Mitcham
Walters Henry, leather cutter & currier, Upper Mitcham gr
Watts George, ‘Cricketers’ Lower Mitcham
Weight George, news agent, Upper Mitcham green
Welch & Margetson, silk printers, Phipps’ bridge
Welch James & George, bakers, Upper Mitcham green
Welch Thomas, calico printer, Phipps’ bridge
Weller William, baker, Causeway, Lower Mitcham
West Clarissa (Mrs.), china & glass dealer, Upper Mitcham
Westall Joseph, grocer & cheesemonger, & post office receiving house, Lower Mitcham
Westall Thomas, grocer & cheesemonger, Lower Mitcham
White John George, inland revenue officer, Upper Mitcham
Whitfield Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, London Upper Mitcham
Whyatt Henry, boot & shoe maker, Merton road
Wicks Frances (Miss), shopkeeper, Upper Mitcham gr
Wilkes Charles Henry, bricklayer, Fieldgate
Wilkes James, blacksmith, Fieldgate
Willett John, undertaker, Merton road
Williams William, butcher, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Winder John, linendraper, Lower Mitcham
Winders John, butcher & fly proprietor, Lower Mitcham
Wise John, stationer, Upper Mitcham green
Woodroffe James, tailor, Widford lane
Woolsey Mary (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, Upper Mitcham green

1902 Commercial Directory

This table is from the Commercial section of the 1902 Kelly’s Directory for Mitcham.

Surname Title Forenames Trade Address
Agutter Samuel grocer 34 Belgrave Road
Allen Bros. nurseryman Tamworth land & Grove road
Allen Mrs Rebecca gen. shop Eastfields
Allum Henry general shop 4 Abbey terrace Church Road
Anderton William vestry hall keeper London Road
Angliss Mrs Mary Ann shopkeeper Church road
Annett Louis confectioner 6 Upper Green
Arnold Mrs Jane laundress Westfield lodge Western Road
Arnold Thomas Herbert oven setter Westfield lodge Western Road
Arthur Richard Crown PH London Road
Attwood Harry coachbuilder Western Road
Ashby Joshua & Sons millers (water) Wandle mills London Road
Ballard Mrs Eliza shopkeeper 52 Fountain Road
Bamford Mrs Elizabeth laundress Figg’s Marsh
Bance Chas. Allen beer retailer Lower Green
Barnes Wm. mechanical engineer Common side west
Barter William grocer 8 London Road
Batt Henry Jas. shopkeeper Church Road
Benger Clemance Wm. nurseryman Grove Road
Bennett George shopkeeper 5 St. Mark’s Road
Bennett Harry insurance agent Common side east
Bennett Matthew watchmaker
Bentley Frederick beer retailer Nursery Road
Bigsby W.F. & Sons varnish & japan works
Birch Edwin butcher Church street
Blume Charles H. japan & varnish manufacturer Western Road
Bourn Henry water bailiff to Wandle fishery Sutton Road
Boys James plumber Nursery Road
Bradshaw Hy. shopkeeper 2 Belgrave Road
Brooks Anthony greengrocer 1 Grove terrace London Road
Budds Thomas inland revenue officer Common side east
Bullock The Misses private school Chesnut college Figg’s Marsh
Burgess Thomas carpenter Lower Green
Bush W.J. & Co. Ltd. lavendar & peppermint distillery Church Road
Cain Thomas cutler Bath Road
Catt William grocer & wine & spirit merchant London Road
Champion William plumber & house decorator Nursery Road
Chart Miss Elizabeth Whitford school 3 Mitcham Park Road
Chart John Robert corn & seed merchant & undertaker Upper Green
Chart Robert Masters architect, surveyor & insurance agent, clerk to burial board & vestry clerk & surveyor to Croydon Rural District Council Vestry Hall London Road
Clamp Charles brush maker Church Road
Clark Alexander surveyor’s clerk 3 Eveline villas London Road
Clarke James Ferrier L.R.C.P.I. physician & surgeon Baron grove London Road
Clarke William farm bailiff to Capt. T. Goodson J.P. Hill house Sutton Road
Clements Fredk. Owen householder 9 Eveline villas London Road
Coldicott Hy. Starkey solicitor London Road
Collbran Edwin butcher Western Road
Compton Thomas bookbinder & printer The Green
Cook & Sons butchers London Road
Cook Mrs. Harriett shopkeeper 5 Grove terrace London Road
Cooper William corn & coal merchant London Road
Cornish Wm. nurseryman London Road
Cornwall James carman & contractor Westfield farm Western Road
Cotton Hamilton hatter & hosier 3 Upper Green
Court William 14 London Road
Cox Richard Mably florist Eastfields
Cox Sidney James bootmaker 29 Smith’s buildings Common side east
Crawford Reuben greengrocer 3 Abbey terrace Church Road
Crosswell Albert Henry shopkeeper 16 Church street
Cubison Arthur Edward solicitor Oriel cottage Common side east
Cummings John greengrocer 5 London Road
Dale Stanley plumber London Road
Dale George Joseph newsagent & stationer London Road
Davis Geo. W. fruiterer Upper Green
Deed John S. & Sons leather manufacturers & importers Leather works Beddington corner
Dell Charles plumber Church Road
Dendy Adolphus carriage builder & wheelwright London Road
Dickisson William James clerk to school board Lower Green
Dixon John boot repairer 2 St. Mark’s Road
Docker Brothers varnish & colour manufacturers Western Road
Doddrell John householder 2 Eveline villas London Road
Drewett James D. builder Upper Green
Drewett Mrs Sarah Ann beer retailer Church Road
Elliott Jas. marine str dlr 36 Fountain Road
Elliott Thomas dairyman Common side east
Ellis Thomas shopkeeper 14 Fountain Road
Elmer John contractor London Road
Euinton Geo. florist
Farmiloe Thomas & William Limited varnish manufacturers Church road
Fellowes George oilman London road
Ferridge James general shop Fountain place Western road
Field John Thomas general shop 6 The Terrace Grove Road
Ford Charles M builder & undertaker Beddington corner
Francis Thomas outfitter etc London road
Freeborn Mary & Fanny (misses) confectioners 17 London road
Gardner Alfred Ernest furniture dealer & shopkeeper Common side west
Gilbert William butcher Church street
Glover Arthur marine str dlr Queen’s Road
Glewitzki Max refreshment rooms London road
Glyde Richard James householder Glenmore Graham Road
Grange John corn merchant Western Road
Greenaway John timber merchant Blue houses Mitcham common
Gunn Bros. grocers & provision dealers 2 Western Road
Hall & Co., Croydon Ltd. coal & gravel merchants Morden Road
Hall Henry furniture dealer Upper Green
Hamilton Potter & Co. varnish, japan & color manufacturers Church Road
Hancock Robert market gardener Mile’s lane Church Road
Hargood David J. tobacconist 5 Abbey terrace Church Road
Harris George shopkeeper Western Road
Harvey & Knight floor cloth & linoleum & trunk cover manufacturers Morden Road
Harwood Miss Emma general shop Lower Green
Haydon George baker London Road & Church Road
Haydon Henry William builder Vine house Lower Green west
Haymes Mrs Jane confectioner London Road
Hayward Chas. grocer & baker Western Road
Hayward Miss R.L. postmistress London Road
Heartfield John butcher 6 St. Mark’s Road
Higgs Herbert boot maker 3 Western Road
High & Beadle grocers 4 Homewood Road
Hilliard Thomas G. greengrocer 13 Belgrave Road
Hoaren David J. fried fish shop 7 Belgrave Road
Hollis & Son varnish manufacturers Chapel Road
Hornby George coffee house London Road
Horncastle Henry Thomas commercial traveller 7 Eveline villas London Road
Howse William florist 38 Belgrave Road
Hubble Marcus beer retailer Church Road
Hudson Robert watchmaker London Road
Huggett Mrs Emma chimney sweeper Common side east
Hughes & Kimber Ltd. ink & varnish makers Church Road
Hughes William Frederick cowkeeper Cranmer Road
Hyde William John pawnbroker & outfitter 10 London Road
Ireland Milton grocer London Road
Ives Charles general shop 23 Fountain Road
Jenner Alfred surgeon Common side east
Jenner William Henry cycle maker 11 London Road
Jessup William Robert grocer Church Road
Jones George Farewell M.A. solicitor Brenley Cedars Avenue
Jones Henry watchmaker & jeweller Upper Green
Jordan George nurseryman Spencer Road
Kent William wheelwright & blacksmith Sibthorp Road
Kenyon John James stationer & bookseller London Road
King Frank undertaker Upper Green
King Isaac china dealer & oilman Upper Green
King Walter chemical manufacturer
Kirby William smith Lower Green
Kite Robert jobbing bricklayer Figg’s Marsh
Lack Mrs Hannah linen draper 4 London Road
Ladyman Thos. Hy. fishmonger 2 Upper Green
Lane Abner saddler Upper Green
Lanham Edgar draper London Road
Leach Joseph saddler London Road
Leather John M. nurseryman & pig feeder East fields
London & Provincial Bank Ltd. London Road
Love Hy. B.A., M.B. surgeon Elm Lodge Lower Green east
Love Samuel collector of taxes 13 Glebe Villas London Road
Lunt William market gardener 5 Romeo Villas London Road
Lynch Mrs Ellen laundress London Road
McLeod William Rutherford vaccination officer & registrar of births, deaths & marriages Lower Green west
Marshall E. Williams L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. Physician & surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator No. 6 Ddistrict Ryde Cottage Church street
Marshall Edward M.R.C.S.,L.S.A. surgeon Church House Church street
Matthews Chas. hairdresser London Road
Maynard Thos. Stud farm Wandle Paddock
Mead Mrs Margaret shopkeeper & beer retailer Western Road
Meggeson & Co. jujube makers Willow Walk Nursery Road
Mellor Albert commercial traveller Upper Green
Mersh William boot maker London Road
Miller John & Son farriers Church Road
Miller & Nock laundry London Road
Miller Frederick Charles grocer
Mills John greengrocer Upper Green
Mitcham & Cheam Brewery Co. Ltd. London Road
Mitcham Conservative & Unionist Association & Club Durham House
Mitcham Fire Brigade London Road
Mitcham Japan & Varnish Co. Ltd. Merton Works Church Road
Mitcham School Board Lower Green
Mitcham Steam Laundry Co. Ltd. Figg’s Marsh
Mitcham & Wimbledon District Gas Light Co. Western Road
Mizen Bros. nurserymen Elm Nursery London Road
Mizen Edward, Ernest & Alfred market gardeners Eastfields
Mizen Frederick & George market gardeners St. Mark’s Road
Mizen Edward market gardener & farmer Eastfields
Mizen Mrs Henrietta fruiterer London Road
Mold Phil draper Upper Green
Morgan William & Sons varnish & japan makers Western Road
Morgan Thomas manager 10 Eveline villas London Road
Mouland & Bennett watchmakers 15 London Road
Mount William confectioner 4 Western road
Munday Mrs Louisa laundress Figg’s Marsh
Munday Robert hosier Upper Green
Munt John greengrocer Queen’s Road
Nash Alfred & Sons wheelwrights St. Mark’s Road
Newell Mrs corn & flour merchant Upper Green
National Telephone Co. Ltd. Vestry Hall
Norman, Smee & Dodwell varnish & japan makers Miles Lane
Nock Miss Isabella laundress London Road
Norman Mrs G. matron of workhouse, Holborn Union Western Road
North Albert Edward butcher & grocer 7 St. Mark’s Road
Owen Henry common keeper Wolseley Road
Pain James & Sons fireworks, ships’ rockets etc. Eastfields
Palmer T.W. & Co. iron fencing manufacturers Church Road
Parsons Thomas & Sons varnish makers Church Road
Pawson Arthur butcher 2 Grove terrace London Road
Pearce Charles school attendance officer 6 Church Road
Pellerin Georges & Cie margarine manufacturers Tower Works Mitcham Common
Pepper James Thomas carpenter & shopkeeper Central Road
Pettit Henry James refreshment rooms Upper Green
Phillips Mrs Charlotte china & glass dealer London Road
Philpott George florist London Road
Pickard Charles Sidney china & glass dealer Upper Green
Pickering Henry beer retailer Morden Road
Pillinger John printer Western Road
Pollard Arthur Stewart grocer Upper Green
Poulton William grocer Upper Green
Powell James marine str dlr Bath Road
Price James hairdresser 1 Upper Green
Princes Golf Club Mitcham Common
Pugh William tailor London Road
Purdom George & Co. varnish makers Church Road
Rabbetts Charles George sanitary inspector 5 Harewood Road
Raven William B. builder Parklands Park Road
Reading Samuel William coal merchant 6 Glebe Villas
Richardson William boot maker Church Road
Rickett, Smith & Co. coal merchants Baron Grove
Riddle William shopkeeper 56 Queen’s Road
Rosier George carman Common Side East
Rowland Richard beer retailer London Road
Rowles Mrs Frances confectioner Common Side East
Rubber Chemical Co. Ltd. Seringa mills Mitcham Common
Ruff Albert boot maker Upper Green
Ruff Walter Bruce boot maker London Road
Rutter Isaac & Co. tobacco manufacturers Ravensbury Mills Morden Road
Sales Thomas William grocer London Road
Samson Frederick George veterinary surgeon Upper Green
Saunders Atree shopkeeper Church Road
Sayers Charles builder Lower Green
Sayers James beer retailer Common side west
Schmidt & Honey laundry Lock’s Lane
Schweizer John Jacob & Co. varnish makers Church Road
Sewell Daniel boot maker & collector of taxes Upper Green
Shead Alfred Arthur insurance agent 3 Homewood Terrace Church Road
Shelswell Oscar Berridge surgeon & mdeical officer to Holborn union Mitcham Workhouse
Shepherd George wheelwright London Road
Shepherd James florist London Road
Shepherd James J cycle maker London Road
Shepherd Joseph corn merchant 4 St. Mark’s Road
Shepherd Robert grocer 4 Upper Green
Sheppard Thomas Pinniger grocer & wine & spirit merchant 7 London Road
Short Arthur baker 1 Belgrave Road
Simmons A & E market gardeners Railway Path
Simmons & Miller grocers Railway stores London Road
Slade Mrs Caroline tobacconist & confectioner London Road
Slater Robert market gardener Western Road
Smith & Smith bookmakers 5 Upper Green
Smith Thomas & Sons varnish manufacturers Phipp’s Bridge
Smith Mrs Florence general shop Western Road
Smith Mrs Jane grocer Morden Road
South of England Varnish Co. Bath Road
Southern Henry John clerk Lower Green
Stallard Sidney surveyor to Croydon Rural District Council Vestry Hall London Road
Stevens George butcher Church Road
Stickings John nurseryman 4 Railway cottages Railway Path
Stiles Edward shopkeeper 4 Abbey terrace Church Road
Stoffell George hairdresser 4 Grove terrace London Road
Stopher William butcher 2 Abbey terrace Church Road
Stopher William butcher 11 Belgrave Road
Strephosa Bread Co. Upper Green
Strott John butcher Western Road
Stringer John Albert relieving officer for Mitcham district of Croydon union Lower Green
Sudds Charles confectioner London Road
Surrey Varnish Co. Church Road
Swindell Mrs Ellen laundress 1 Abbey terrace Church Road
Tegg Richard greengrocer Common Side East
Thew Walter manager London & Provincial Bank London Road
Thompson James Manor dairy London Road
Thompson Mrs Matilda cowkeeper Lower Green
Thompson William Mapp architect & surveyor Baron Grove London Road
Thorns Arthur greengrocer 2 Bridge Road Church Road
Thorns G. market gardener Aberdeen Road Church Road
Timpson Samuel coffee house London Road
Titcombe Nelson tobacconist & confectioner London Road
Tomkins Thomas school attendance officer Assandune Lower Green
Tracey George jobbing gardener Lower Green
Turner & Euinton florists Madeira Road
Turner Samuel William boot & shoe maker London Road
Turner William baker Upper Green
Tylor John Burnett varnish manufacturer Batsworth Road
Typke & King chemical manufacturer Tamworth Lane
Varnham Mrs Annie confectioner Church Road
Vateman Arthur shopkeeper Church Road
Verney Mrs Harriett beer retailer Croydon Road
von Hafen Oscar householder 8 Eveline villas London Road
Waite Frederick shopkeeper 7 Homewood Road
Wakeham Mrs Mary Ann coffee house Lower Green
Wales Mrs Sarah confectioners London Road
Walker George householder Rosenheath Graham Road
Walpole Brothers grocers & provision dealers Western Road
Ward James grocer Common Side East
Weight Charles E. plumber 7 Homewood Terrace Church Road
Weller John tailor 5 London Road
Wheeler William shopkeeper Western Road
White Frederick E. chemist 1 St. Mark’s Road
White Oscar J dairy London Road
Whitehead R. R. & Bros. Wandle Felt Works Sutton Road
Whittwell George confectioner London Road
Wiggs Walter dairy 20 Belgrave Road
Wilkes Ernest fishmonger & greengrocer Western Road
Willett John undertaker Park Road
Willmott William beer retailer Church Road
Wimble’s Drug Store 18 London Road
Wisbey Arthur W shopkeeper Church street
Wood William & Son pig dealers Grove Road
Woodite Company woodite & india rubber manufacturers Mitcham Common
Woodman Horatio E. beer retailer St. Mark’s Road
Woods Mrs Frederick confectioner Upper Green
Wright Harry tobacconist & confectioner 19 London Road
Yates & Co timber merchants Common Side East