Nurses in 1935

15th March, 1935
Mitcham Herald

In these days of sudden illness, with the risks of ordinary daily life growing greater every year, it behoves all to make provision for the proverbial “rainy day” and to ensure that they have the proper treatment, should they be unfortunate enough to be taken ill.

A great work is being done in Mitcham by the South and East Wards Nursing Association, which on Monday held as annual meeting and had presented the 13th yearly report of the committee. A sound financial position was reported, and much deserved praise was accorded to the nurses (Nurse Wrench and Nurse Jones) for their valuable work.

During the year they had made visits totalling many thousands, the figures being:—

Month Visits
January 539
February 518
March 624
April 577
May 541
June 424
July 455
August 499
September 515
October 599
November 630
December 536

Many of these, of course, were new cases.

The district had been inspected twice during the year, and reports had been received that the cases visited were given kind and skilled attention, and the patients expressed appreciation for the services rendered. The nurses were very careful and sympathetic in the care of their patients, and the work throughout was of a high order.

A subscription of not less than 4s. 4d. a year, payable weekly or otherwise, entitles the subscriber to membership of the Association and to the services of a nurse for himself, wife and children.

Non-members can have the services of a nurse for a minimum of one shilling a day for one or more visits, and a recommendation from an almoner or hospital doctor will ensure the services of a nurse. New subscribers would be welcomed, to enable the Association to continue and extend their valuable work.

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