The Elms

Shown opposite Eagle House in this map of 1865:
1865 Map of The Elms

Montague’s ‘Mitcham Histories: 7 The Upper, or Fair Green, Mitcham’, page 110, says the The Elms was destroyed by fire in December 1896. Merton Memories website says that this house, owned by Peter Waldo, was demolished and ownership passed to the Waldo-Sibthorp part of the family.

The Waldo family name was used in naming Waldo Place and may have contributed to

  • Coningsby Court, Armfield Crescent (after Charles Coningsby Sibthorp)
  • Elm Court, Armfield Crescent (after The Elms)
  • Sibthorp Road (after Waldo Sibthorp)

This is, as at 14/11/2014 a guess.

Montague says that the land was given by the Reverend Humphrey Waldo Sibthorp for the purpose of building a Sunday school.

Charles Coningsby Sibthorp and Mary Georginia Sibthorp

Other family photos at Brookmans Park forum.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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