Ashbourne Road

Road built around 1903/4 1898 on the Gorringe Park estate, south, and parallel to, the railway line connecting Tooting and Streatham stations. The 1904 street directory shows Joseph Wilson in the ‘estate office’ at number 4.

1949 OS map

1949 OS map

The 1915 street directory describes the road from Bruce Road:

(even numbers)

Pillar Letter Box
Numbers 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2 to 112

(odd numbers)

no.s 1 to 15
… here is Tynemouth Road
no.s 17 to 33
… here is Thirsk Road
no.s 36 to 77

Occupants in the 1904 street directory:


4, Joseph WILSON (estate office)
6, Miss WOOD
10, George William BAKER
12, Henry Alfred WOOD
14, Charles BELBEN
16, William Thomas CHATFIELD
18, Robert MOBBS
20, Henry HURFORD
24, Edward TRIMBLE
26, Thomas W WILKINSON
30, Edward SPRAKE
34, Carl KRILL
36, Thomas I PENN
38, John COMBER
40, Henry Arthur FARMER
42, Henry S KEIGHLEY
44, Francis John WEBSTER
46, William John HAMLET
48, Richard Henry JUTSUM
50, Mrs RITTER
52, Harry F WINBOW
56, George Elphinstone NORTH (hot water engineer)
58, Harry VINCENT
60, Joseph HAMBY
62, Henry E JACKSON
64, Walter R JACKSON
70, George CRANHAM
72, Clifford MILTON
74, Mrs HANNAH
76, James GRANT
78, William TARRANT
80, James George LOVEDAY


1, Joseph PRIOR
3, Joseph JONES
5, Arthur DOWNS
7, Edward SPANTON
9, Joseph PARKER
11, James Edward Thomas FOOT
13, Michael ENRIGHT
15, Frederick PAIN
17, William STONE (grocer)
21, James William GILLESPIE
29, Robert ANDERSON
31, John BLYTH
33, Frederick SHEPPARD

World War 1 Connections
Lt. Col. William Sandilands Harrison
Rifleman P.V. Jenkins
Private Charles James Kennedy
Lance Corporal Rifleman Herbert John Albert Little
Lance Corporal Frank Matthie
Sapper Thomas Albert Ricketts

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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