Farewell Place

Cul-de-sac road off north side of Mount Road. The sixteen houses are numbered anti-clockwise as viewed from Mount Road, from 1 to 16. There are three pairs of semi-detached houses on the right side, numbers 1 to 6, then a terrace of four houses, numbers 7 to 10, then three pairs of semi-detached houses on the left side, numbers 11 to 16. There is a public footpath through the terrace, between numbers 8 and 9, that leads to Western Road.

Number 1 has been converted into two flats. All have the postcode CR4 3ET.

The road may have been named after councillor G. Farewell Jones who was district chairman in 1924.

Occupants from the 1925 street directory, as viewed from Mount Road:

1, Alfred GRAHAM
2, George GOULD
3, John WARD
4, Edwin LEWRY
5, George B DILLEY
6, Alfred BLAKE
7, George William HOLLAND
8, Archibald PHILLIPS

16, Willie BLAZER
15, Charles TAMPLIN
14, John CORDREY
13, Harry WEIGHT
12, Alfred Philip GOULD
11, John Craig NICOL
10, Thomas FLECKNEY
9, Alfred GRAY

1934 OS map

OS map reproduced by permission of the National Library of Scotland., re-use CC-BY.

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