Phipps Terrace

A terrace of 28 houses that was south of Palestine Grove and north of the Merton Abbey Iron Works, to the west off of Church Road. The terrace didn’t have its own road.

1921 aerial view looking north

1921 aerial view looking north

Occupants in 1925:

  1. Henry Greening
  2. William Wadmore
  3. Clarence Weston
  4. Frederick Harrington
  5. Frederick Hamilton
  6. William Richard Blake
  7. William Rowland
  8. Alfred Kent
  9. Hugh Thomas Church
  10. Horace Furlonger
  11. William Henry Taylor
  12. Henry James Sedgwick
  13. Alfred Harwood
  14. William John Dewar
  15. Charles Marshall
  16. William Edgington
  17. Frederick Willmott
  18. Sidney Poulton
  19. George Catlin
  20. Henry Sharp
  21. Frederick Eaton
  22. William Faulkner
  23. Albert Ernest Hockley
  24. James Varnham
  25. Mrs Sparkes
  26. Thomas Brown
  27. Frederick Edwards
  28. Henry Poulton

World War 1 Connections

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

W ROWLAND of 7 Phipps Terrace, Church Road, aged 31 Years 11 Months, Carpenter. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 9 December 1915 to the Royal Engineers.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

1 thought on “Phipps Terrace

  1. Michael Enright

    William Rowland, of 7 Phipps Terrace, was my grandfather. He was married to Mary (née Wilkinson) from Ferns, Co.Wexford, Ireland. They had 6 children, Winifred, Olive, Rose (my mother), Violet, her twin who died in infancy, Eileen and William.



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