The Canons Minutes – 1948 Reinstatement of Recreation Grounds

From the minutes of the
Allotments Committee
June 10, 1948


The Committee are asked to give consideration to a scheme for the reinstatement of recreation grounds and open spaces at present used as wartime allotments, a total area of approximately 48 acres. As a basis for discussion I set forth below a statement showing a reinstatement programme based on a commencement in the financial year 1949/50. If such a scheme is adopted holders of wartime allotments will know the date when such allotments have to be given up. For the first year it is suggested that three recreation grounds and open spaces be dealt with namely, Colliers Wood Playing Fields, approximately half Figges Marsh, and Sherwood Park Recreation Ground. This would improve the playing facilities in western, central and eastern areas of the Borough.

Recreation Ground Area in Acres Date of Suggested Reinstatement
Colliers Wood Playing Fields 3.0 1949-50
Figges Marsh – North 7.0 1949-50
Sherwood Park 2.6 1949-50
Figges Marsh – South 7.0 1950-51
Cricket Green 2.3 1950-51
Rowan Road 1.2 1950-51
Long Bolstead 0.6 1950-51
Manship Road 1.0 1950-51
Lewis Road 1.2 1951-52
Deer Park Gardens 1.2 1951-52
Mount Road 1.3 1951-52
Vectis Road 0.4 1951-52
Cranmer Green 2.4 1951-52
Mitcham Court 0.4 1951-52
The Canons 5.3 1951-52
Pollards Hill 12.0 1952-53

Approximate costs of reinstatement are:-

1949-50 £5,200.00
1950-51 £5,000.00
1951-52 £4,100.00
1952-53 £4,000.00
Total £18,300.00

Yours obediently,
Riley Schofield,
Borough Engineer and Surveyor.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 14 1946-48, pages 635-6

See aerial photos from 1945.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

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