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Hengelo Gardens

Hengelo Gardens plaque clip from Merton Memories photo reference Mit_Streets_D_LEW_35-1

This plaque was unveiled when the road was opened.


30th August 1952

This plaque was unveiled by the Burgomaster of Hengelo as a token of the friendship between the people of Mitcham and Hengelo in The Netherlands

The road was named after the town of Hengelo, in the Netherlands. In 1945 an Anglo-Netherlands Sports Scheme was started between Mitcham and Hengelo, see news article below.

2019 Open Street Map of Hengelo Gardens

In 1955, a square in Hengelo had been renamed Mitchamplein. It is now a car park.

It is not known when the plaque was removed.

News Articles about Hengelo and Mitcham

Norwood News – Friday 29 June 1945

Mitcham Adopts Hengelo

Anglo-Netherlands Sports Scheme

A representative body of Mitcham sportsmen held an inaugural meeting last week in the staff canteen of Messrs. Stewart and Gray, Paisley Works, Mitcham, in connection with the Anglo – Netherlands Sports Scheme. The Mayor of Mitcham (Ald. A H. Bailey), who presided, spoke of his great friendship for the Dutch people, and how pleased he felt with the idea of the Anglo-Netherlands Sports Scheme, and it gave him much pleasure to accept the presidency of the Mitcham section.

After an address by Mr. Yapp, who convened the meeting, it was unanimously agreed that Mitcham should adopt the scheme and link up with Hengelo, in Holland, Hengelo being on a par with Mitcham in size, population and industries. Everyone at the meeting felt that Mitcham was about to enter into an era of great sporting events, and that the happy associations made between the people and their brave Dutch Allies during the war would be continued and improved through the activities of this sports scheme.

The following officers and committee were unanimously elected: President, the Mayor of Mitcham ; chairman, Mr. A. R. Hillen; general hon. secretary, Mr. J. W. Yapp ; treasurer, Mr. J. Beverige ; Finance Committee, the chairman. general hon. secretary and treasurer, with Messrs. J. Forsyth and J. Simper ; General Purposes Committee, Messrs. S. Mackinnon, R. Murphy, W. Wilder, P. W. Collard, Thos. Sibley. A. Lacey, E. Willard. C. Smith, Thos. Bicknell, E. Chambers, C. Runcieman, W. Wilson, Flying Officer Judd, and the hon. secretary. The committee agreed to co-opt other local sportsmen. Anyone interested should write to the general secretary, Mr. J. W. Yapp, 60 Streatham-road, Mitcham, Surrey. Sportswomen are particularly invited.

West Sussex Gazette – Thursday 23 August 1945

The link-up of Mitcham with Hengelo, Holland, for sport and social purposes has been completed by the Netherlanders’ hearty acceptance and reciprocation of the scheme. For the present, transport is the difficulty, but it is hoped to send two Mitcham football teams over before the end of the year. At Hengelo there are plenty of football-minded enthusiasts, and two teams awaiting International contests between the goal-posts The local papers there are co-operating in forewarding this happy way of fraternisation

West Sussex Gazette – Thursday 30 September 1948


Glorious week-end weather greatly enhanced the cheerfulness of the Mayor of Mitcham’s informal welcome to the Burgomaster of Hengelo, Holland, and his party of 60 sports players to spend a week in Mitcham.

It is the return visit of the Mitcham pilgrimage to Hengelo in 1946. On Saturday morning the sights of London were toured. including the Houses of Parliament. In the afternoon the visitors saw the first of Mitcham’s football and the last cricket match of the season on the elm-bordered Green now tinged wIth russet tints of autumn. The evening was filled with a gala at Mitcham Baths attended by several ex-Olympic competitors. Sunday brought another London tour and korfball.

The formal civic welcome to the guests (put up in Mitcham homes) was at the Town Hall on Monday evening. Thereafter a full programme till the young Netherlanders return next Saturday.

West Sussex Gazette – Thursday 09 December 1948

As others see us. A journalist who came to Mitcham with the friendship pilgrims from Hengelo, Holland, afterwards wrote in his home paper that Mitcham was “a simple factory town without many attractions”! The other Dutch reporter visitor discovered that our ” pubs ” close early, and that cafes, known in the Netherlands, do not exist here. Moreover, at our public-houses, “strangely enough,” he wrote, you have to stand, and the beer is bad; and, what is more, very expensive”!

Air Raid shelters in 1948

Mitcham Borough Council minutes, volume 15, 1948-49, page 95 :-

The Borough Engineer submitted the following report: –

December 3, 1948.

To the Chairman and Members of the General Purposes Committee.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Air Raid Shelters.

In accordance with the instructions of the Committee I give below a list of shelters which have not yet been demolished :—

  • Morden Road (Deer Park Gardens).
  • Commonside West.
  • Commonside East.
  • Manor Road.
  • Rowan Road.
  • Figges Marsh S.
  • Figges Marsh N.
  • Manship Road.
  • Moffatt Gardens.
  • Cranmer Road.
  • Fair Green.
  • Carshalton Road.

Home Office sanction to the making safe of the shelters has just been received and negotiations are proceeding with the contractors, Messrs. J. Sullivan, Ltd., whose tender (in the sum of £603 15s.) was forwarded, in July, to the Home Office for approval.

Personal note: I remember in the mid 1960s the air raid shelters at the southern end of Figges Marsh and on the north side of Cranmer Road near the junction with Carshalton Road.

United Filters and Engineering Co., Ltd.

Listed in the 1963 List of Factories at 49 St Marks Road, making Carbon Filters
Presumably the ‘engineering works’ shown on this 1952 OS map:

1952 OS map

In December 1948 the company wrote to complain to Mitcham Borough Council about damage done to their premises after the adjacent nursery was abandoned by Mizen Brothers. The company wanted to know when the housing estate on Elm Nursery was to be started. The council said they were not liable for any damage and were waiting on the Ministry of Health who were still examining the plans. It was that ministry that would provide the loan to the council to build the estate. The council said that the MP, Mr T. Braddock would be asked to give assistance with ‘a view to expediting the approval’.


Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

Page 134, volume 15, Mitcham Borough Council minutes.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Marco Refrigerators, Ltd.

Manor Works
216/8 Rowan Road

Refrigerator manufacturer.

1948 aerial photo from Britain From Above

1951 OS map

Listed in the 1930 commercial directory as Marco Refrigerators (1929) Ltd. refrigerator mfrs. Rowan rd. Trading As ” Fridgettys, Phone, London; ” T N Pollards 1141

News Articles
Mitcham News & Mercury 13th January 1961, page 1


THE 350 employees of Marco Refrigerators Ltd., in Rowan Road, Mitcham, were shocked to learn at the week-end that their company made a net loss of £51,795 last year.

This is in marked contrast to the previous year when a profit of £32,539 was made.

Many of the workers have been asking among themselves: “Will this mean some of us will lose our jobs?”

The management refused to comment this week. but it seems reasonably certain that wholesale sackings will not take place. Shortly before Christmas 29 were laid off because of the drop in orders, but none has been dismissed since.


it is understood that trade is once again improving and according to sales representatives, will continue to go up.

The firm, which makes refrigerators mainly for industrial
and commercial use – a large part of their output goes overseas – gives two reasons for the 1960 loss.

Firstly, the Governments credit squeeze, including the hire purchase restrictions.

Secondly. the need to sell many of their goods at little or no profit to meet “cut-throat competition” in spite of increased material and labour costs.


An official statement by Marcos adds: Every possible step has been put into operation by the directors to rectify the position.”

No one at the company would enlarge on this statement. “We can say nothing at this stage,” a spokesman said. Marco Refrigerators are not alone in their poor financial result.

Many other refrigerator firms have been similarly hit.

From the Norwood News, 29th January, 1960, page 4.

Big year for the fridge firm

The firm of Marco Refrigerators Ltd. Rowan Road, Long Thornton, are full of new ideas aimed at keeping the company in a good position in a highly competitive industry, says the chairman, Mr Edwin G. Batt.

In his annual statement he refers to the past year as a ”phase unprecedented in extent.”

“Never before has the company in such a short space of time completed preparations for launching so many new models.”


These included frozen food display cabinets and an entirely new range of ice cream conservators. Considerable cost has been involved in their development.

Mr Batt adds: ”I would like to extend to all employees, whatever their duties or degrees of responsibility during this momentous time, our warmest appreciation of their efforts.
“In the face of great problems, trials and temporary setbacks they have come through smiling.”

Listed in the Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

The Canons Minutes – 1948 Reinstatement of Recreation Grounds

From the minutes of the
Allotments Committee
June 10, 1948


The Committee are asked to give consideration to a scheme for the reinstatement of recreation grounds and open spaces at present used as wartime allotments, a total area of approximately 48 acres. As a basis for discussion I set forth below a statement showing a reinstatement programme based on a commencement in the financial year 1949/50. If such a scheme is adopted holders of wartime allotments will know the date when such allotments have to be given up. For the first year it is suggested that three recreation grounds and open spaces be dealt with namely, Colliers Wood Playing Fields, approximately half Figges Marsh, and Sherwood Park Recreation Ground. This would improve the playing facilities in western, central and eastern areas of the Borough.

Recreation Ground Area in Acres Date of Suggested Reinstatement
Colliers Wood Playing Fields 3.0 1949-50
Figges Marsh – North 7.0 1949-50
Sherwood Park 2.6 1949-50
Figges Marsh – South 7.0 1950-51
Cricket Green 2.3 1950-51
Rowan Road 1.2 1950-51
Long Bolstead 0.6 1950-51
Manship Road 1.0 1950-51
Lewis Road 1.2 1951-52
Deer Park Gardens 1.2 1951-52
Mount Road 1.3 1951-52
Vectis Road 0.4 1951-52
Cranmer Green 2.4 1951-52
Mitcham Court 0.4 1951-52
The Canons 5.3 1951-52
Pollards Hill 12.0 1952-53

Approximate costs of reinstatement are:-

1949-50 £5,200.00
1950-51 £5,000.00
1951-52 £4,100.00
1952-53 £4,000.00
Total £18,300.00

Yours obediently,
Riley Schofield,
Borough Engineer and Surveyor.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 14 1946-48, pages 635-6

See aerial photos from 1945.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

The Canons Minutes – 1948 Survey by Borough Engineer

From the minutes of the
Allotments Committee
July 8, 1948

The Canons

I have made a survey of The Canons with respect to its present condition, and have to report that the house is, generally, in a dilapidated state owing to:-

(a) the property not being fully occupied;
(b) the defective state of the roof;
(c) windows and doors not being fully weatherproof.

Essential external repairs would cost approximately £300, and internal repairs and decorations about £700. In my opinion the total amount recoverable from the War Damage Commission in respect of war damage repair would be between £100 and £150.

The following is a summary of the accommodation, references being to the plans which I lay before you.

Room No. Remarks
1 Caretaker’s living room
2 Unused. Suitable only for storage.
3 Unused. Suitable only for storage.
4 Coal storage
5 Coal storage
6 Larder. Suitable for storage.
7 Caretaker’s scullery
8 Ladies’ lavatory
9 Suitable only for storage.
10 Suitable only for storage.
Ground Floor
Room No. Remarks
11 Entrance hall
12 Used by Scouts
13 Suitable for use when repaired
14 Suitable for use when repaired
15 Used for dressing accommodation, etc.
16 Used by Scouts
16A Used by Scouts
17 Storage
17A Caretaker’s W.C.
First Floor
Room No. Remarks
18 Caretaker’s bedroom
19 Caretaker’s bedroom
20 Caretaker’s living room
21 Suitable for use when repaired
22 Used by Athletic Clubs
23 Used by Athletic Clubs
24 Used by Athletic Clubs
Attic Floor
Room No. Remarks
25 Suitable for use when repaired
26 Suitable for use when repaired
27 Suitable for storage.
28 Suitable for use when repaired
29 Suitable for use when repaired
30 Suitable for use when repaired
31 Suitable for use when repaired

Yours obediently,
Riley Schofield,
Borough Engineer and Surveyor.

Resolved – That the Borough Engineer be instructed to carry out the repairs suggested.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 14 1947-48, pages 723-4

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.