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Bordergate Dairy

Dairy that was in Wilson Avenue.

Referred to in this 5th January 1962 article from the Mitcham News & Mercury on the death of local dairyman.

RETIRED dairyman Mr. Arthur Court (aged 69), Victoria Road, Mitcham, who died suddenly last week, was a well-known local personality.

He went into the dairy business after leaving school at Killick’s Lane — now St. Mark’s Road — and could remember driving cows to graze on Figges Marsh when he was only 10. He celebrated his golden wedding with his 70-year-old wife in February.

During the First World War he served in the Royal Flying Corps as a cook. After, he took over Bordergate Dairy at Wilson Avenue, Mitcham.

Among his eight grandchildren were Tommy Court, a Kingstonian footballer, David Court, who is with Arsenal, and Elizabeth West of Mitcham Athletic Club.

Probate record on Ancestry shows his death was on 27th December 1961, and he lived at 141 Victoria Road. He left £2,702 7s. to his widow.

St. Mark’s Church building

St Marks Church and church room

1910 OS map

According to Eric Montague, in his Mitcham Histories: 7 The Upper or Fair Green, page 111:

the church was designed by Robert Masters Chart in a style of approximately 13th century … built by Stewart and Sons of Croydon

Dates (also from Montague)
February 1898 – foundation stone laid
1899 – nave and aisles finished
January 1901 – consecrated
1910 – chancel, north transept and south chapel added

The district of St Mark, which covered most of the electoral east ward, was previously part of the parish of SS Peter & Paul, Church Road. It became its own parish in 1905.

It is part of the diocese of Southwark, whose website says:

The church is built of soft red brick with Bath stone dressings and red/orange machine-made, plain clay tiles. There is a copper covered fleche with bell.

The copper at the base of the pointed spire (or ‘fleche’) has become green due to weathering.

J.K. Harvey, chemists

Early 1900s view of the chemist shop of J.K. Harvey in York Place, Fair Green. This clip is from Merton Memories photo 30338 (c) London Borough of Merton

Early 1900s view of the chemist shop of J.K. Harvey in York Place, Fair Green. This clip is from Merton Memories photo 30338 (c) London Borough of Merton

Chemist closes after 88 years

An old-established chemist’s shop at Fair Green, Mitcham, closed at the end of June.

Founded in 1878, the business was taken over in 1943 by the late John Kentish Harvey, a well known local man who was for many years church warden at St Mark’s, Mitcham.

After his death in 1955 the business was run by his two sons, Mr John Kentish Harvey and Mr Lawrence Reginald Harvey, Langdale Road, Mitcham.

But in recent years there has been a shortage of qualified pharmacists and the firm unable to obtain a permanent one had to close down.

Mr J.K. Harvey and Mr L.R. Harvey, who both work in the City, will still be living in Mitcham.

Source: Mitcham News & Mercury, 22nd July 1966.

In the 1928 electoral register, at number 1 St Mark’s Road, John Kentish Harvey was listed as an occupation voter whose address was 36 Langdale Avenue.

ad from 1938

United Filters and Engineering Co., Ltd.

Listed in the 1963 List of Factories at 49 St Marks Road, making Carbon Filters
Presumably the ‘engineering works’ shown on this 1952 OS map:

1952 OS map

In December 1948 the company wrote to complain to Mitcham Borough Council about damage done to their premises after the adjacent nursery was abandoned by Mizen Brothers. The company wanted to know when the housing estate on Elm Nursery was to be started. The council said they were not liable for any damage and were waiting on the Ministry of Health who were still examining the plans. It was that ministry that would provide the loan to the council to build the estate. The council said that the MP, Mr T. Braddock would be asked to give assistance with ‘a view to expediting the approval’.


Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

Page 134, volume 15, Mitcham Borough Council minutes.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Coloquid Paints Ltd.

Harlequin Works

Willow Lane


News Articles
Mitcham News & Mercury, 4th August, 1961

WHEN 49-year-old Elza Cocklin arrived for her first morning’s work at
Coloquid Paints Ltd,. she thought to herself : “I’m not staying
here long.”

But last week after 20 years service, Mrs. Cocklin, the company secretary, was presented with a gold watch by managing director, Mr. W. Jacobs.

Mrs. Cocklin has seen Coloquids grow from a ramshackle building at St. Mark’s Road, Mitcham, to a large modern paint factory at Willow Lane.

“I could write a book about it.” she said. “I have enjoyed working for them. They have always been most kind and very generous.”

A director Mr. M. Jacobs, said: “Long may Mrs Cocklin continue to work for us. She is our first long service employee – we hope there will be many

Listed in the 1963 Borough of Mitcham List of Factories. Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

1962 Bank Raid at Fair Green

Daily Express 6th September, 1962

High-street Incident

A fight starts and one by one a whole street joins in …

“IT WAS wonderful the way the public piled in to help,” said a detective at Mitcham, Surrey, last night.

And there are indeed a lot of ordinary people who can be very proud of the way in which they piled in to aid two security guards carrying payroll to their armoured van yesterday.

It was just after 10 am. The two guards were carrying a tin box containing several thousand pounds from Lloyds Bank in Upper Green East.

Suddenly there was a struggle with a group of men.

Guard Derek Clarke, 32, of Halley-road, Manor Park, fell back, his arm injured; his colleague Norman Negus, 54, who had the box chained to his waist, was seen, his head injured, being lifted into a van.

Mitcham then blew up.

Greengrocer Tom Norris hit a man on the head with his window-blind pole. Passers-by hurled fruit boxes at the van.

Police Constables George Nazer and Stanley Black joined in the struggle. Private Investigator Mark Scott jumped from his car and hurled a crate at the van. Lorry driver John Taylor, 34, from Cambridgeshire, stopped his lorry.

“I saw there was trouble and leaped out,” he said. “I managed to hit two men before they got to the van.”

The third member of the armoured van team, 50-year-old Mr. Edward Yaxley, of Lancaster Court, Fulham, waiting locked In the armoured van, radioed his headquarters and Scotland Yard.

There was a puff of white vapour and dye as guard Clarke fired a dye-gun. Then the smaller van began to move off.

At the corner of St. Mark’s-road and Lansdell-road, near by, Mr. Douglas Gardner, at the wheel of his London Electricity Board van, pulled in and halted a van with a number of men inside. Police arrived and another struggle developed.

Kenneth Hall, 21, of Norbury-crescent, Norbury, saw a Ford Zephyr drive away. “I drove my cab straight into it but my car was forced on to the pavement,” he said.

Last night three men were charged with the robbery of a tin box containing £10,981 in cash. They will appear at Wallington court today.

Daily Express, 6th November 1962


A PRIVATE posse who chased a gang of armed bank bandits were praised by a judge at the Old Bailey yesterday.

Three members of the gang were jailed for a total of 34 years, and Judge Rogers said:

“It is often said after these cases that the public have stood by and watched and done nothing about it.

It is certainly not so in this case. I hope you will pass on to these people our appreciation of the public-spirited assistance they gave which required considerable courage.”

Only a few of the people who took part in the chase were mentioned in court.


Judge Rogers added: “It may be that there were other members of the public not mentioned: and I hope you will make it quite clear that I would like to thank all who took part.”

He jailed Harry Gowen, 40, dealer of West Green Way, Wandsworth, for fourteen years; Leslie Hornet, 40, builder, of Franciscan-road, Tooting, for twelve years; and Harvey James Mason, dealer, of no fixed abode, for eight years.

All pleaded guilty to taking part in the robbery of £10,671 from a security guard outside Lloyds Bank, Upper Green East, Mitcham, last September.

After the raid a civilian posse of cars and vans chased the gang as they drove away with one of the security men in the back of their stolen van.


The van was trapped a few streets away and three of the gang were held after a struggle.

Four escaped in another car. All the money was recovered.

Last night it was announced that the owners of the security van had given £100 to the Mayor of Mitcham in recognition of the civilians’ actions.

The money is to be divided between two local charities.