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1962 Slum Clearance Scheme

from the Mitcham News & Mercury, 25th May, 1962, page 1:

Mitcham’s ambitious slum clearance scheme


It may start next year, say council

Hundreds of Mitcham people are likely to have to leave their homes soon when Mitcham Council go ahead with a large scale slum clearance scheme.

About 140 dwellings, scattered in many parts of the town, are included in the scheme, which will possibly get under way early next year.

Split into five groups the dwellings included in the scheme are in Phipps Bridge Road, Blue House Cottages, Fountain Place, Prussia Place, Nursery Road, Gladstone Road, Sibthorp Road, Fountain Road and Western Road.


Compulsory purchase of many of the properties is inevitable. Thousands of pounds will be involved in the acquisition.

Some of the dwellings, however, are at present vacant.

The Borough Engineer, Mr J.W. Turner, has advised the council’s housing committee to split the slum clearance scheme into two phases.

He thinks that the Gladstone Road, Sibthorp Road, Fountain Road and Western Road areas – forming part of an area which should, he feels, be considered with the council’s redevelopment of the Town Centre – should be deferred until further progress has been made on the the town centre proposals.

If the housing committee do leave these areas it would mean that only 54 dwellings would be immediately affected.


It is not possible to say yet the date the scheme will start. Various legal channels have to be gone through and there is also a possibility that many local residents, affected by the scheme, will object to the Minister of Housing and Local Government. This may mean a series of local inquiries.

The sites in Fountain Place, Prussia Place and Nursery Road are the only ones included in the scheme which will be re-developed for residential use.

The other sites will be used for roads, redevelopment of the town centre and one for a school site.

1952 : A Park in his Care

From the Mitcham Advertiser, 2nd October, 1952, page 5.

A familiar figure in Mitcham is Mr George Finch, for 26 years in the employ of the the council and now gardener and charge-hand at Tamworth Farm recreation ground.

His first job with the council – there was no separate parks department in those days – was “mowing Figges Marsh.” After that he became a driver and remained at that job until about three years ago.

He joined the council in 1926, a week after his discharge from the Army.

Mr Finch, who comes from an old Mitcham family, was born in Phipps Bridge Road. As a youth of 17, he ran away from home to join the Army, but at the recruiting centre he was told he was under age. A few days later he went back to the recruiting officer and told him he was 18.

“Haven’t you been here before?” he was asked. “Never,” replied Mr Finch. He was accepted and served until 1926.

Mr Finch, who is 50, joined the council’s service a week after his discharge from the Army. He lives in Sibthorp Road.

Fountain Road

Road that was demolished in mid 1970s to make way for the ‘Quadrant’ housing estate, Sadlers Close. It was off the Western Road and connected to the end of Sibthorp Road. At the corner of Fountain Road and Western Road was the Fountain pub.

Houses were numbered odd on the left side of the road, as seen from the Western Road end, and even on the right.

1953 OS map

clip from 1962 photo on Merton Memories, copyright London Borough of Merton. On the left is the Fountain pub on the corner with Western Road.

The road included Trotts Yard.

1910 OS Map

1910 OS Map

Occupants from street directories


From Merton Lane to Sibthorpe Road


Walter Lancaster, contractor
Mrs. C. Howe, wood dealer


Chas. Stevens, wardrobe dealer
Mrs. E. Ballard, shopkeeper


From Western Road to Sibthorp Road


23, Mrs. Mary Prestridge, shopkeeper


14, Mrs. A. Ellis, shopkeeper
36, James Elliott, marine store keeper
52, Mrs. Eliza Ballard, shopkeeper


from Western Road to Sibthorpe Road


9, Walter SMITH
11, John HOLMES
13, Walter HILLS
15, Harry COLE
17, Alfred LAVENDER
23, John BAXALL
25, William ELMER
27, James S BATES
29, Arthur WILDE
31, Mrs MOORE
33, William BAXALL
35, George Thomas YEATES
37, Mrs Anna SMITH
39, Alfred LAY
41, Frank CHAMBERS
43, George RUSSELL
45, William SALLIS
47, Mrs LAY
53, Henry BLAKE
55, William BUTCHER


52, E. BALLARD, grocer
50, Mrs RONALD
48, Bert BALLARD
46, Robert William BALL
44, Harry GARDNER
42, Joseph GARDNER
38, Edward GROOM
36, James ELLIOTT, marine store dealer
30, George Frederick SHEPHERD
28, William George SALLIS
26, Charles F. HUTTON
24, Henry FISHER
22, Mrs HILLS
20, William WILKES
18, George ELLIOTT
14, Frederick MILES
12, Frank BROWN
12, James ELLIOTT
10, Josiah SMITH
8, Alfred FLETCHER
2, Mrs KING

World War 1 Connections

Private Charles BONE
Driver William Thomas CHALLIS
Private David James ELLIOTT
Private John GARDNER
Lance Corporal Isaiah LEMON

Street party in Fountain Road for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953. Photo kindly provided by Jason via the Mitcham History Facebook Group

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Sibthorp Road

Called Sibthorp (without the ‘e’) in earlier street directories, Sibthorpe Road is currently a short road, almost an alleyway, off of the west side of London Road, north of the Kings Arms pub and opposite the White Lion of Mortimer pub (formerly the Bucks Head). It leads to the public car park, which has entrances in Holborn Way.

It was possibly named after Waldo Sibthorp of The Elms.

On the 1866 OS map there is a strip of land with trees, with two houses on the south side.

1866 OS map

An auction notice of 1879 includes a block of 12 brick and slate houses, one unfinished, with the rest let at 5 shillings per week, which could imply that they had recently been built. The auction also refers to two cottages and a plot of building land opposite.

14th June 1879 Morning Post auction notice (from the British Newspaper Archive)

The 1893 electoral register includes named terraces, listed below. It is not known which terrace was built first.

Garfield Terrace
1, William WHITFIELD
2, George BETTS
3, George BUTLER
5, Henry GREEN
8, Arthur BASSON
9, Robert DIXON
10, Henry SEARLE
12, Robinson AMBROSE

Garibaldi Terrace
1, William WILKES
3, William LUKER
5, Edward BALL
6, John SALLIS
7, John GODDEN
10, John PARSONS
11, George STANLEY

Mayfield Cottages
1, ALfred Wilks
2, George BURTON
3, Thomas GOULD
6, Amy HIGGS
7, William KENT

Occupants listed in Sibthorp Road in 1893:

1, Walter WATSON
2, Aaron WARE
3, Charles HARVEY
4, William SUGDEN
5, William TOWNSEND
7, Caroline BATCHELOR
8, Noah BLAKE
9, John RAPER
13, Henry CHANDLER
14, Thomas RUSSELL
15, Henry FORSTER
16, Thomas ISAAC
17, William VARNHAM
19, Arthur HOOKINS
25A, George SALES
26, Albert WARD
27, George CORNISH
27A, Albert BOWMAN
28, Joseph WOOLMER
28A, Josiah SMITH
31, Thomas NEWSOM
32, Edward BRYANT
34, Thomas CLARKE

1921 aerial view of Sibthorp Road

2015. View from public car park. White Lion of Mortimer pub can be seen at far end.

2015. View from public car park. White Lion of Mortimer pub can be seen at far end.

1910 OS map

1910 OS map

1952 OS map

1952 OS map


MITCHAM ROBT. N. FULLER, MOON & FULLER Will Sell by Auction, at the Greyhound Hotel, Croydon, on THURSDAY, JANUARY 26th, at Six o’clock, NOS. 2 to 24 (even Nos.), SIBTHORP ROAD, consisting of twelve desirable leasehold COTTAGES, producing together £202 16s. per annum. Printed particulars with conditions of Sale may be had of the Vendor’s Solicitors, Messrs. Woodcock, Ryland and Parker, 15, Bloomsbury-square, W.C. ; of Messrs. Chart, Son and Reading, Architects and Surveyors, Vestry Hall, Mitcham, and at the Auctioneers’ Offices, 83, High-street, Croydon, and at Purley, Coulsdon, Reigate, and Epsom

Source: Croydon Chronicle and East Surrey Advertiser – Saturday 24 December 1910 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

Occupants in 1911 included William Kent, blacksmith.

1911 Census for the family of Private George James Howe.

Private Charles Henry Hussey lived here in the 1930s.

Matilda Baker and Emma Gregory lived here and both worked as Firework Artists, according to the 1881 list of workers at James Pain’s firework factory.

Gardener at the Tamworth Farm recreation ground, George Finch, lived here in 1952.

World War 1 Connections

Corporal T G Bates

Private George James Howe

Private Edward Henry Roles

Private George James Schofield

Private Walter John Wells

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

R BARRON of 36 Sibthorpe Road, aged 17 Years 9 Months, Firework Maker. Conscripted on 13 September 1916 to the 22nd Training Reserve Batn.

E H BOLES of 68 Sibthorpe Road, aged 18 Years, Factory Hand. Conscripted on 2 September 1916 to the 26th Training Reserve Batn.

Thos BUTCHER of 90 Sibthorpe Road, aged 18 Years 11 Months, Carman. Joined on 17 May 1915 to the Royal West Surrey Regiment.

C H COOK of 21 Sibthorpe Road, aged 38 Years, Butcher. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 7 June 1916 to the Middlesex Regiment (29th Batn).

W FOSSETT of 14 Sibthorpe Road Mitcham, aged 18 Years 8 Months, Carman. Joined on 19 June 1916 to the Royal Fusiliers.

C GAUNTLET of 62 Sibthorp Road, aged 26 Years 9 Months, Labourer. Volunteered on 20 October 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment (11th Batn).

S HARPER of 50 Sibthorpe Road, aged 39 Years 4 Months, Fitter. Volunteered on 27 May 1915 to the Royal Engineers.

A D JOHNSON of 48 Sibthorpe Road, aged 37 Years 11 Months, Wheelwright. Volunteered on 1 February 1915 to the Army Service Corps.

J LAWRENCE of 7 Sibthorpe Villas Mitcham, aged 28 Years 6 Months, Cook. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 5 June 1916 to the East Kent Regiment (3rd Batn).

A G MANN of 78 Sibthorpe Road, aged 40 Years, Fitter. Volunteered on 31 May 1915 to the Army Veterinary Corps.

A A MILES of 76 Sibthorpe Road, aged 40 Years, Labourer. Volunteered on 31 May 1915 to the Army Veterinary Corps.

G MORRIS of 84 Sibthorpe Road, aged 26 Years, Plumber. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 12 December 1915 to the Royal Engineers.

C NIGHTINGALE of 42 Sibthorp Road, aged 39 Years 3 Months, Bricklayer. Conscripted on 12 December 1915 to the Royal Engineers.

William ROFFE of Fred Roffe 20 Sibthorpe Road, aged 19 Years 7 Months, Carman. Joined on 16 December 1913 to the East Surrey Regiment (4th Batn).

R T SCHOFIELD of 34 Sibthorp Road, aged 17 Years 9 Months, Porter. Conscripted on 14 April 1917 to the 27th Training Reserve Batn.

H J J SCOBELL of 20 Sibthorp Road Surrey, aged 18 Years 10 Months, Baker. Joined on 14 June 1915 to the Army Service Corps (supply).

J TAYLOR of 66 Sibthorpe Road, aged 23 Years 2 Months, Box Sorter. Volunteered on 18 January 1915 to the Army Service Corps.

H J WELLS of 19 Sibthorpe Road, aged 38 Years, Bricklayer. Volunteered on 27 January 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment.

W J WELLS of 19 Sibthorp Road, aged 17 Years 9 Months, Gardener. Conscripted on 17 March 1917 to the 27th Training Reserve Batn.

S WHEELER of 22 Sibthorpe Rd, aged 22 Years, Gardener. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 22 November 1915 to the Royal West Kent Regiment (3rd Batn).

H A WILDE of 70 Sibthorp Road, aged 17 Years 9 Months, Porter. Conscripted on 31 March 1917 to the 27th Training Reserve Batn.

News Articles
Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 12th January 1917, page 3

Compulsory Education

A Mitcham mother had to answer in dock at Croydon on Saturday for having failed to send her child to school regularly. The prisoner, who had been arrested by a warrant officer, was Edith Amelia Hinckley (31), married, of Sibthorp Road. She had been before the court six times on summonses, and had failed to obey the last one. After the last fine, on October 7th, her girl made only 12 attendances out of a possible 103.

Prisoner said the child was delicate, and having 6 youngsters to keep on a separation allowance of 29 shillings weekly, could not properly clothe her for going out in all weathers.

A fine of 10 shillings was imposed.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

1930 Aviator Wheat Flakes and 10 Bob Notes

19301031 Aviator Wheat Flakes promo

Ten Shilling notes FREE

The Aviator is still giving away 10/- notes. The lucky ones listed below showed a packet of the Wheat Flakes to him when he called on them. Each of them received a 10/- note. Have you a packet either full or partly used to show if he calls on you?

Aviator Wheat Flakes
the new ready to eat All British Breakfast Food, are sold by Grocers and Stores, in packets at 2 1/2d., and in large cartons at 6d.

Ask your grocer for full particulars.

Mrs. R. Giddings, 113, Rowan Terrace, Church Road, Mitcham.
Mrs. A. Woods, 11, Century Road, Mitcham.
Mrs. E. Howe, 6, Sibthorp Road, Mitcham.
Mrs. L. M. Taylor, 4, Bond Road, Mitcham.

Source: Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser – Friday 31 October 1930 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)