1972 : The Peter Osgood Boutique

From the Mitcham News & Mercury
Friday 9th June 1972
page 1

England and Chelsea footballer Peter Osgood has opened a boutique at Cricket-green, Mitcham.

And the Peter Osgood Boutique has been opened because Peter and his partner Bryan Couchman believe that the area is poorly served for girls who want clothes.

“If they want anything they have to go to Wimbledon or Croydon – both a long way. And we have stocks here as good as anything they can buy at either shopping centres,” said Bryan Couchman.

The Chelsea team train at Bishopsford-road Sports Ground, and there are many club supporters in the area.

And there was a full complement present when the two men opened for business on Friday.

“It’s very difficult for the plump and cuddly girls to get nice clothes these days but we are planning to keep a good stock of size 20 and 22 dresses in stock in nice modern styles,” said Mr Couchman.

During the summer months and when he isn’t training in the winter, Peter Osgood will serve in the shop. “He will even be serving on Saturday mornings before matches,” said his partner.

Peter Osgood (Fashions) was listed in the phone book between 1972 and 1975, the address was 325A London Road, which is in the parade of shops south of the Job Centre, next to the Burn Bullock.

1972 phone book entry

1972 phone book entry

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