1935 Phipps Bridge Road Street Party

From Mitcham News & Mercury, 7th June 1935

The party in Phipps-bridge Road was for 150 children of that road, Palestine-grove, Phipps-terrace, and a few from Church-rd. The vicar of Christ Church (the Rev. Gilbert Johnston) opened the proceedings with a short but impressive address. After tea the children sang “God Save the King.” Miss Harwood handed to each little guest a Jubilee mug, and community singing was indulged in. Among the helpers were Mesdames MacPherson, senior and junior, Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Ward, Mesdames Buck, senior and junior, the Misses Fell and Lil Buck, Mrs. Hornigold, Miss Sopp, Mrs. Procter, Mrs. Holgate, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Catlin, Mrs. Edginton, Mrs. Chadwick, Miss Brown, Miss Dorothy Stroud, Masters Henry and Fred Stroud, Mr. Bert Procter, Mr. Geo. Ives, Mr. Hornigold, Mr. Greenaway, Mr. Francis, Mr. Stroud, Messrs. Geo., Albert and Bill MacPherson, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Enticup, and Mr. Jack Edgington.

Before leaving, each child received an apple, banana and bag of sweets. Tne festivities concluded with a fire-work display. A. telegram was sent to the King and a reply has been received from Buckingham Palace thanking the people of Phipps-Bridge-road for their kind message.

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