1891 James Mouland’s unlicensed cart

A Business, Not a Pleasure Cart.

— On Saturday morning, at the Croydon County Police Court, James Mouland, a watchmaker and furniture dealer, of High-street, Mitcham, was summoned for having kept a “carriage” without license.

— The defendant said he kept a cart, and always had done so, for use in his business. It was true he used it for private purposes sometimes. He was in the habit of riding in it to church—(laughter)—but then the people at Somerset House had sent him a paper stating that he might ride to church in an unlicensed carriage if he was unable to walk, and that was the case with him. He was on his way to church when the Revenue Officer saw him.

— Sir Thomas Edridge: But it was on Thursday, Mr. Mouland.

— Defendant: On that occasion I was going to Sutton on business. I was taking some clocks and watches home. I often take furniture home in the cart Ought I to have a license for that?

— Sir Thomas : You know as well as I do that you don’t need a license for that

— The Officer : It is only a light spring cart and there was no furniture in it when I saw it

— Defendant: No, but I had clocks and watches in the cart

— The Officer : Watches are not goods.

— Sir Thomas: Supposing a man dealt only in watches, and loaded his cart with them ?

— Defendant’s daughter went into the box and swore that on the day in question she had conveyed some clocks and watches to Clapham for her father.

— Eventually the magistrates came to the conclusion that the case against the defendant had not been made out, and the summons was dismissed.

Source: Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 01 August 1891 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

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