1971 Please Sir Film

From the Mitcham News & Mercury
2nd July, 1971
Page 10

Nostalgic moment for film cast

It was champagne and tears for Mitcham actor Vernon Hilsley on Saturday. He went to a farewell party for the cast of the film version of “Please Sir” in which he has a supporting role.

The party at Pinewood studios, although everyone enjoyed themselves, turned out to be a rather emotional affair.

“We suddenly realised we will probably never see each other again,” said the 23-year-old actor from Beaumont Court. “most of the girls were in tears and some of the fellers weren’t far off it.

“That’s the trouble with a film like “Please Sir”; it is such great fun to do that when it’s finished you’re completely at a loss, you suddenly miss everyone.”

But although the actors may be sad it is finished their fans should be happy. The film promises to be even funnier than the television series with suave Vernon Hilsley getting a custard pie in his face and big brave Frankie Abbott tackling an army assault course.

The premier is expected somewhere near Christmas time.

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