1970 Rutted footpath of Moffat Gardens

From the Mitcham News & Mercury
16th January, 1970

A RUTTED footpath fronting properties in Moffat Gardens, Mitcham, badly needs repairing – but no one has yet been able to agree who should finance the work.

The trustees of five of the eight houses in Moffat Gardens recently suggested that Merton Council might improve the foot-path which runs from Church Road.

“We would be willing to contribute £10 per property towards the cost of such work,” the trustees have told the council. Interested departments of the council ought to finance the rest of the work, the trustees thought.

It was felt the education committee might have an interest in seeing the path put in order as it led on to a side entrance way to Benedict Junior School.

And the housing committee should have an interest in making good the path as they managed three properties which had been acquired in Moffat Gardens by Merton Council.

Merton Borough surveyor, Mr. C. H. French, had indicated that work to this footpath could not be undertaken by the council as highway authority. But he suggested improvements mights be carried out if the trustees, the housing committee and the education committee — in respect of schoolchildren using the footpath — contributed on a proportionate basis.

Chief Education Officer, Mr, Ronald Greenwood, reported, however, that it appeared that only children actually residing in Moffat Gardens would need to use this footpath.

And so the education committee have backed a resolution by their general purposes
sub-committee that “in view of the comparatively small use made of this footpath by schoolchildren, the sub-committee feel unable to contribute towards the cost of improvement works.”

The housing committee views on the matter are expected next week.

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