1954 Seven tons of tanning fluid lost after valve theft

Seven tons of fluid escaped

Seven tons of tanning fluid, worth £175, escaped and were lost when a valve was ripped from a tank in the yard of a factory in Church Path, Mitcham. It was stated at Mitcham Magistrates’ Court on Monday, when XXXXX, 17, street trader, of
Phipps Bridge Road, admitted stealing the valve. He was said to have told the police that he had sold it for £1 8s.

XXXXX admitted entering the yard at the factory of Messrs. Mitchell and Smith. Ltd., on four occasions in order to steal valves and other metal.

On the fourth occasion he was caught by a police officer who was lying in wait. He pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing metal, and asked for two others to be taken into consideration. XXXXX was remanded in custody until Monday so that his parents could be present.

Mitcham News & Mercury, 8th July, 1954, page 1

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