1955 Bryans Aeroquipment Ltd Board Appointments

From Flight magazine, 10th June 1955, page 818

Bryans Aeroquipment Board Appointments

THREE executives of Bryans Aeroquipment, Ltd., have been appointed to the Board. They are Messrs. Jack Austin, as design director, Victor Lawton, sales director, and H. D. Strawson, O.B.E., production director. All three previously held the posts of “special directors” of their respective departments.

Mr. Austin has been with the company since its early days, controlling the design and drawing-office sides of the business. Except for a short break during the war, when he was with M.A.P., Mr. Lawton has served successively as sales manager, general manager, and sales director since he joined the company in 1939. Mr. Strawson took over the production side of the business when he joined in 1952, following employment with Imperial Airways and B.O.A.C., in the latter case as chief engineer (operations).

Other directors of the firm are:

Mr. C. E. Stearns (chairman),
Mr. J. R. Bryans (managing),
Mr. M. C Bryans, and
Maj. P. W. S. Bulman, C.B.E., M.C., A.F.C., F.R.Ae.S.

Bryans Aeroquipment, Ltd., market test equipment covering the fields of gyroscopes, manometry, electrical temperature measurement (including jet-pipe thermocouples), oxygen breathing, cabin pressurization, sound recording, and artificial breathing and reaction testing for pilots. They have agents in over thirty countries throughout the world.

The company was based in Willow Lane, Mitcham.

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