1957 Bryans Aeroqupment Expansion

From Flight magazine, 14th June 1957, page 820

Bryans Aeroquipment Expansion

CONSIDERABLE reorganization has recently taken place in the business of Bryans Aeroquipment, Ltd., of Willow Lane, Mitcham, Surrey.

Mr. J. R. Bryans has taken over the chairmanship of the company in the room of Major C. E. Steams and is for the time being retaining the joint managing directorship with Mr. Derek H. Broome, M.A., who joined the firm last January
and was elected to the Board in April.

Mr. Broome served his apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce, served during the war with the Fleet Air Arm, and was subsequently employed for some years by I.C.I. and then by Tube Investments.

Mr. A. Bodley Scott, A.M.I.E.E., D.F.H.(Hon.), who joined the company in April as research and development engineer, has taken over research and development activities from Mr. Austin, who remains design director.

Mr. Scott was originally with G.E.C. on design and development of telephone and V.H.F. communications equipment and electronic test gear, and later joined the Ministry of Aircraft Production to work on radar control and gyro-stabilized gun-sights.

His last appointment was with the Royal Naval Scientific Service, where he was engaged on specialized work that included the development of control and stabilization systems for guided weapons.

A new laboratory is being set up at the company’s Mitcham factory to cover work in the normal fields in which Bryans Aeroquipment has been engaged over the past eighteen years; it will undertake, in addition, more advanced electrical work and development of electronic apparatus.

A new block being built at No. 1 Willow Lane, about 150 yards from the factory, to house office staff and design and drawing office personnel, is expected to be completed this month.

1 thought on “1957 Bryans Aeroqupment Expansion

  1. Alan

    Worked there for over 10 years from 1960. Remember a lot of the names mentioned and it’s development over those years. Learnt many of my mechanical and electronic skills via this company that stood me in good stock over my future work life. In particular remember Bill Whitlock (works manager) often called Willie Whitlock behind his back. A good manager who taught me a lot.



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