Coloquid Paints Ltd.

Harlequin Works

Willow Lane


News Articles
Mitcham News & Mercury, 4th August, 1961

WHEN 49-year-old Elza Cocklin arrived for her first morning’s work at
Coloquid Paints Ltd,. she thought to herself : “I’m not staying
here long.”

But last week after 20 years service, Mrs. Cocklin, the company secretary, was presented with a gold watch by managing director, Mr. W. Jacobs.

Mrs. Cocklin has seen Coloquids grow from a ramshackle building at St. Mark’s Road, Mitcham, to a large modern paint factory at Willow Lane.

“I could write a book about it.” she said. “I have enjoyed working for them. They have always been most kind and very generous.”

A director Mr. M. Jacobs, said: “Long may Mrs Cocklin continue to work for us. She is our first long service employee – we hope there will be many

Listed in the 1963 Borough of Mitcham List of Factories. Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

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