Mitcham Model Laundry, Ltd.

52 Grove Road

Laundry and shop at 38 Monarch Parade, as shown in this ad:

1952 ad

Text of ad:


THE Laundry
THE Service

Grove Road
Mitcham Phone MIT 0858

38 Monarch Parade
Mitcham Phone MIT 2131

1934 ad

Text of ad:

The Laundry, The Service
Open-Air Drying Grounds
close to Lavender Fields

Mitcham Model Laundry

Grove Road
Mitcham Common

Mitcham 0858


1 thought on “Mitcham Model Laundry, Ltd.

  1. ful100ham

    I knew Mr. Wille very well. He was known to us all as George. He frequented the Three Kings pub most evenings and drank Barley wines or stouts. Very well liked and did not show his wealth in any way at all.



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