Tramway Terrace

Tramway Terrace was the name of 30 houses, on the west side of Carshalton Road and south of Arney’s Lane, north of Goat Road. They were numbered from 1 to 30 going from south to north.

In the 1925 street directory, the houses had been renumbered as part of Carshalton Road, going north to south as 24 to 53 inclusive.

Bing Birdseye view

Bing Birdseye view

1894 OS map

1894 OS map


1915 from street directory
3, George HART
4, Alfred George HALLIDAY
5, William Henry NEWTON
6, William Joseph JOHNSON
8, Arthur HENN
9, Frederick HURFORD
10, John DIXON
11, Reginald ABRAHAM
13, Arthur ANDREWS
14, Henry Edward ELVERSTON
18, Charles William NEWELL
19, John Childs TICEHURST
20, Thomas YATES
21, Benjamin MARSHALL
22, Robert BARKWELL
23, Thomas Henry BAND junior
24, George BARTLETT
25, Edgar John LAVERS
26, William BECKLEY
27, Vincent TAYLOR (insurance agent)
29, Frederick LORD
30, Harry SANDERS

World War 1 Connections
Private Frank Henn


From the Church Times, 29th June, 1900, page 755 :

Wanted situation as gardener. Orchid culture a speciality. Married. Communicant. Good Churchman. Bass voice for choir. Good reader and soloist. Excellent references.

Basso, 27 Tramway Terrace, Mitcham Junction, Surrey.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

3 thoughts on “Tramway Terrace

  1. Chiddicks Family Tree

    Hi, I have an ancestor John William Longland who was a Butcher and it looks like in 1911 he owned a Butchers shop, 6 Tramway Terrace, Carshalton Rd, Mitcham. I am just wondering where you obtained the 1915 information from? I am currently researching my family tree, hence the enquiry. Thanks Paul Chiddicks



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