Garden Avenue

Road off eastern side of Streatham Road. South of Melrose Avenue and north of Elmhurst Avenue.

The road was marked out on this 1913 map, but no houses had been built yet. Planning application number 6310 in June 1913 by F.R. GOODALL was for 8 houses, and application number 6318 by A.C. BALLARD was also for 8 houses.

The 1915 street directory lists houses on side as numbered even from 2 to 80, and on the other side, odd numbers from 1 to 65.

undated postcard of Garden Avenue

1913 OS map

1913 OS map

1934 OS map

1934 OS map

World War 1 Connections
Private R E Chappell

Private G C Cobbold

Private Christopher Douglas Elphick

Rifleman Maurice Henry Gower

Lance Corporal Victor Lunn

Private George Joseph Senyard

Air Mechanic 1st Class Leslie Charles De Courcy Thompson

Private Eric Williams

From the Military Service Tribunals:

Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 22nd February, 1918
Mitcham Tribunal

Mr H.A. Mawe, age 36, C3, married, order clerk, of Garden-avenue, Mitcham, said he was in a delicate state of health. If taken from civil life he would be compelled to go into hospital. He had already been discharged from the Army.

Six months’ exemption.

S.L. Gaston, U.D.C. chairman and Mitcham Borough Mayor in 1938, lived at number 2.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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