Park Avenue

Road off east side of Streatham Road, presumably built at the same time as Caithness Road.

1911 OS map

1911 OS map

In the 1925 street directory, houses on the south west side were numbered odd from 1 to 111 and on the north east side, even from 2 to 112. Some of the residents listed included:

2, Leonard G. DAVEY (solicitor)
2A, Euan THOMAS (wholesale grocer)
yard next to 2A, Frank RUSSELL (plumber)
3, Albert E. NASH (piano tuner)
16, Edwin Sidney DALE
84, Miss Edith FOLKERD (teacher of music)

See Merton Memories photo from 1924.

In 1954, one of the 3-bedroom houses was for sale at £2,400 (£65,000 in 2018 values, adjusted for inflation).

1954 ad from the Norwood News, via the British Newspaper Archive

World War 1 Connections
Captain John Henry William FORSTER

Rifleman Hubert William JOSLIN

Corporal Reginald Henry OSBORNE

WW2 Civilian Casualties

17th April 1941

Wardens’ Post

Robert John HUGHES, aged 35, Air Raid Warden, lived at 58 Beecholme Avenue

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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