Robinson Road

Road named possibly after Robinson Crusoe story. Crusoe Farm Dairy was named by its owner on the possible residence of nearby Tooting Hall by Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe.

The 1862 map by Stanfords shows a road called Robinson’s Lane running from Merton Road west to Pig’s Marsh. In 1868 the railway line between Tooting station and Wimbledon (the next station was Merton Abbey) had been built, cutting through this lane. It is possible then that the road west of the railway line became known as Robinson Road, the east of it retained Robinson Lane, as far as Swain’s Farm, from there to the London Road being called Swain’s Lane.
Later, Robinson Lane became part of Swains Lane, which itself was renamed Swains Road.

1895 OS map

1895 OS map

1911 OS map

1911 OS map

Occupants from the 1891 street directory:

Robinson road, Colliers wood (Tooting Graveney),
from Merton road to Lyveden road


Rev. W. Hope Davison (Tudhoe lodge)
— here is Park road
William A. Richards (Clock house)

Denmark villas:
1, Robert Dyson
2, William Charles Parkes

Ravensbury villas:
1, S.J. Blazdell
2, Clarence Piper
3, Walter Buckley
— here is Norfolk road
Edward William Thaire (Eagle house)
George Drake (Eagle villa)
Nathaniel Moore (Belmont villa)
T.T. Ginns (Devon villa)
Frederick Thursby (Chilton)
Mrs. Radford (Clifton house)
Mrs. Jackson (2 Brunswick villas)
S.J. Cary (Rockbeare)
W.E. Pledge (Elmstead)
Mrs. Nelson (Annesley cottage)


Cecil Russel (Thistledown)
Francis Baker, florist

Cambridge villas:
1, Frederick Scotlied
2, George Palliversa

Lorne villas:
1, Henry Cleaver
2, Miss Bridge
3, Henry Mayes
4, John Charles Parrott
5, Joseph Tayler
6, Mrs Moseley
7, George Billings
8, Edward Watkins

Carisbrooke villas:
2, Arthur James Cove
1, James William Freeman

Capt. E.J. Parker (Rothsay)

Wood villas:
1, John Walter West
2, George Spiller Cooling
4, Mrs Burtenshaw

Miss Greener (Haslemere)

Victoria villas:
8, James Danks
7, H.A. Moncrieff
6, George Duggua
5, Arthur Spiller
4, Mrs Thompson
3, J. Sparkes, boot maker
2, Mrs Brown
1, W. Rayner

Horace Cath (Clan-y-mor)
Mrs Beane (Holbrooke)

Gothic villas:
8, Mrs Snudden
7, Henry Berger
6, Arthur P. Berger
5, Leon Friax
4, James Willis
3, T.G. Fisher
1, Mrs Hunt
— here is Lyveden road

World War 1 Connections
Private Harry Thomas Charles Bullock

Private Sidney Henry Cath

Private Ernest Henry Hollamby

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

F W BALZELL of 8a East Gdns Robinson Road, aged 39 Years 11 Months, Piano Tuner. Conscripted on 11 December 1915 to the Essex Regiment (17th Batn).

C T BENTLEY of 105 Robinson Rd, aged 33 Years 1 Months, Clerk. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Suffolk Regiment (1st Batn).

T W DAVIS of 21 Robinson Rd, aged 35 Years, Accountant. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment (4th Batn).

R A S DISBOROUGH of 9a East Gardens Robinson Rd Tooting, aged 20 Years 2 Months, Clerk. Conscripted on 10 December 1916 to the Royal Sussex Regiment (3rd Batn).

W FRANKLIN of 64 Robinson Rd Tooting, aged 39 Years 4 Months, Milkman. Conscripted on 12 December 1915 to the Army Service Corps (mt).

H C HIBBARD of 48 Robinson Road Mitcham, aged 37 Years 4 Months, Milkman. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 9 December 1915 to the Royal Garrison Artillery.

S J KENWRIGHT of 76 Robinson Rd Colliers Wood, aged 34 Years 11 Months, Decorator. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 12 December 1915 to the Royal West Kent Regiment (12th Batn).

A F LOOKER of 112 Robinson Road, aged 38 Years 11 Months, Clerk. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 10 December 1915 to the Norfolk Regiment (6th Batn).

C J H RICKARD of 73 Robinson Road, aged 20 Years 9 Months, Sugar Boiler. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 20 November 1916 to the East Surrey Regiment (10th Batn).

From the Military Service Tribunals:

5th July, 1918

Another adjourned case, Mr. F. P. Lock, was heard. He was in grade 1 and the Tribunal had referred him to re-medical examination. He appealed on medical grounds. He now stated his appeal for re-examination was refused.

Ald. Chart: So you are still in grade 1? -Yes.
Applicant said his age was 36, and be resided at West-gardens, Robinson-road, Merton. He was a carpenter and ship’s joiner by trade. He was totally rejected first of all, he said.
Chairman: In the circumstances, he is a grade 1 man. We have no alternative.
Applicant: It seems to me, sir, when I went to the County Hall that those who can afford to get a certificate from a Harley-street specialist or get a solicitor can get a hearing.
Chairman: That does not really affect us.

The appeal was disallowed.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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