1923 : Woodland Way burglary


Vocalist’s Story of Ransacked Rooms.

On returning from a three months’ holiday at Barmouth Mrs Edwards Rhys, Woodland Way, Mitcham, found that her house had been broken into and articles to the value of £300 taken. Miss Cordelia Rhys, a Welsh costume vocalist and Eisteddfod singer, said that when she reached home with her mother they found the upstairs rooms ransacked and clothes and other goods piled in heaps, showing that the thieves intended returning for more. The goods taken include two valuable musquash fur coats, linen, and jewellery, including three gold bracelets. They also took a child’s War Savings Certificates and money-boxes. “But what we most regret,” said Miss Rhys, is that the 1914 Star and other decorations belonging to my dead brother, Captain Rhys, were also taken.”

Source: Dundee Evening Telegraph – Thursday 26 July 1923 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

Note that in 1923 Woodland Way had only two houses.

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