Woodland Way

Road off west side of Streatham Road, which runs south from Ashbourne Road and bends westward to Edenvale Road.

The road was started early 1920s. The 1921 electoral register shows two houses, named Elm View and Shalimar.

Elm View, Charles and Catherine WILSON; Cordelia REES
Shalimar, Lionel Thomas PAY

The 1925 street directory describes the road from 123 Ashbourne Road:

West Side
21 Mrs C.E. REES
23 Captain Ivor THOMAS

The 1927 electoral shows

21, Catherine WILSON; Cordelia and Malan REES
23, Tuda Iver Griffith THOMAS

The 1935 electoral register lists odd numbers 1 to 53, and even numbers 2 to 60.

This 1949 OS map shows the road, including the North Mitcham Improvement Association Hall.

1949 OS map

1949 OS map

News Articles
1923 burglary of Miss Cordelia Rhys (presumably the same Cordelia Rees in the electoral registers)

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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