1935 : Boxing at Mitcham Baths

From the Mitcham Herald, 20th December, 1935

Bad Luck for Local Men.

Local boxers met with bad luck in their contests at Mitcham Baths on
Monday night, at a tournament in aid of the Wimbledon and Mitcham Poor Children’s Outing Fund.

Butcher Clements, a Morden welter-weight, appeared to be well ahead on points when his contest with Johnny Rust, of South Africa,was stopped by the referee, because Clements had sustained a cut eye, at the end of the third round. Clements had done nearly all the attacking and had forced Rust to fight almost entirely on the defensive. Rust was shaken by a hard right to the stomach, and again by a left swing to the head. In the third round, however, Rust landed an uppercut during a clinch and Clements’ eye was cut.

Jack Bowdery, of Carshalton, missed with a left lead, and was knocked out in the first round by Charlie GORY, of Mitcham. Bowdery made a game effort to rise, but just failed to beat the count.

Jacky Roberts, of Tooting, created a surprise by knocking out Al Roy, of Newcastle, with a body blow in the fifth round.

Over six rounds, Johnny Collier, of Battersea, and Micky Quinn, of Ireland, fought a draw, and Harry Taylor (Tooting) knocked out Fred Dyer (Shepherds Bush) in the second round.

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