Suffragette Stories

From the collection of Suffragette articles on the British Newspaper Archives, where Mitcham is mentioned.

If more evidence were necessary in support of the Public Places (Order) Bill, it could be supplied by the case of a Mitcham woman, Mrs. Brennar, who was recently arrested for ” insulting behaviour ” and locked in a cell at Bow Street.

Mrs. Brennar, to avoid the peril of standing still in a bitter wind and freezing temperature actually dared to ” walk up and down,” while waiting in the Strand to meet her husband! This seems to have been enough to convince the police that she was a woman of loose morals and she was taken into custody.

In spite of her protests she was not discharged until brought before a magistrate.

Source: Common Cause – Friday 27 March 1931 from the British Newspaper Archive

More Women County Councillors.

Two more women have been elected as members of County Councils, bringing the number of women serving on County Councils to 148. Mrs. Chuter Ede, who has just been returned to the Surrey Council, by a majority of 422, was the nominee of the undivided Labour party. Her opponent was the former chairman of the Urban District Council. She is the first woman to represent the Mitcham Division, and the fifth on the Council. The Duchess of Richmond and Gordon has succeeded Colonel Hankey on the West Sussex Council, and is the fourth woman to be returned to this Authority.

Source: Common Cause – Friday 07 December 1928 from the British Newspaper Archive

A reception is being given at Mitcham Hall, Surrey, on September 30th, by Miss Millington and Miss Hurlston, to meet Mrs. Bedford Fenwick, and to welcome home the nurses who served in the Greco-Turkish war.

Source: Woman’s Signal – Thursday 30 September 1897 from the British Newspaper Archive

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