Harry Leonard Gauntlett

Born in 1881, in the 1939 electoral register he lived at 27 Mitcham Park with his wife Louisa, and his occupation was listed as the director of a soap manufacturer, which was R.F. White & Co.

In 1938 he was a councillor on the Mitcham Borough Council in the South Ward.

He died 28th June 1953, and left £18,238 2s. to his widow.

He was chairman of the Mitcham Cricket Club and was succeeded by Stephen Chart.

From the 1954 Yearbook of the Mitcham Cricket Club


It is not so much because he loved cricket that H. L. Gautlett became President of The Mitcham Cricket Club, it was rather that, when the death of Mr. S. L. Gaston left the Club without a man at the helm, it came naturally to him to lend his stocky, solid support.

The Club needed his help, and he judged it worthy of his support.

Once installed as President. Mr. Gauntlett was not content to be just a figurehead. He brought to the service of the Club a very strong sense of right and wrong. The Club respected his attitude and was in turn respected for it. His death leaves the Club indebted to one entitled to his place in a long line of worthy Presidents.

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