Cecil Place

A cul-de-sac road that is off of the east side of Caesars Walk, after Burghley Place and before Walsingham Road.

The houses are arranged as three terraces of 4 houses each around a square, and are numbered clockwise sequentially from 1 to 12. All have the postcode CR4 4LH.

1954 OS map

The name refers to William Cecil, Lord Burghley, the chief adviser to Elizabeth I. See wikipedia entry.

This road, and the other roads between the railway line and the Wilson Hospital were on the former estate of The Cranmers which was bought by Isaac Wilson in 1926. All these roads have names related to Elizabeth I.

Occupations listed in the 1939 Register were:

Assistant Secretary
Carman Southern Railway
Carpenter: Journeyman
Costing Clerk Local Government Office
Daily Domestic Worker
Die Setter
Engineer Fitter (Motor Trade)
General Clerk Unemployed
General Foreman Sheet Metal Workers
Instructor in Horticulture
Insurance Agent (C I S)
Jewellery & Furs Commercial Traveller
LCC Teacher Retired
Maintenance Electrician
Retired Letter Sorter G.P.O.
Salesman Hatters & Outfitters
Unpaid Domestic Duties

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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