Henry Hoare memorial in the parish church

From the memorial stone in the Mitcham Parish Church:

                 HENRY HOARE of Fleet Street, London, Esq.

                                 Born May 1, 1750,
                         and during the last forty years
                         of a beneficent and useful life,
                  resident owner of Mitcham Grove in this parish
                    a blessing and example to all around him,
                         died there March 15, 1828,
                  and was buried by the side of a beloved wife,
              and of children and grandchildren called before him,
                         in his family vault at Morden,
                  where a monument is erected to his memory,
              yet may affectionate veneration for his character,
                       and gratitude for a cherished gift
                long since received at his hand in this church,
                            here also fitly trace
                   the name and lineaments one so loved, 
                         immediately above the spot
                  where he constantly worshipped (as he lived)
                 In humble faith in God’s mercy through Christ,
                      And in perfect charity with all men.
                                                    T. D. A.
H.Weekes, SC, 1842.

Photo taken 17th Sept 2016

See also the wikipedia entry Henry Hoare of Mitcham Grove.

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