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E.J. Harrison Ltd.

1951 ad

1951 ad from Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History

Buyers of

new Zinc cuttings, old zinc, lead, copper cuttings, battery plates, drosses and residues. Prompt settlements.

Suppliers of

remelted spelter and ingot lead.

Your inquires invited for any quantity

E.J. Harrison Ltd
Edmar Works, Mill Green Road
Phone MITCHAM 2231 and 1881

G.A. Cramp & Sons, Ltd.

Listed in the 1963 Borough of Mitcham List of Factories as Bookbinders and Leather Goods at Willow Lane. In the 1954 phone book, listed as Wholesale Bookbinders, at 35 Eveline Road, as seen in this 1951 OS map:

1951 OS map

Adverts from British Newspaper Archive

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Saturday 02 February 1952

FOLDING MACHINE OPERATOR (Male) required to take charge of section In London Bookbinders; latest type Cameo and similar machines; someone used to Bible folding preferred.— State salary required Cramp and Sons Ltd.. Eveline Road. Mitcham. Surrey,

Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

Cook Hammond and Kell Ltd.

35 Eveline Road

1951 OS map

Listed in the 1963 Mitcham List of Factories as Map Printers and Lithographers


Advert in Norwood News, 2nd January 1959: “LITHO flat-bed offset machine minder (T.U.), quad crown, good conditions. – Write stating experience and wages required to Cook, Hammond & Kell Ltd., 35 Eveline Road, Mitcham”

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Bond Road

Road running west from Western Road to London Road, south of the Swan.

The row of houses on the south side of Bond Road as you come in from the London Road, was called Cecil Terrace, which can be seen on this c.1900 photo on Merton Memories.

The 1918 Electoral Register shows these occupants of Cecil Terrace:

1, Ellen Mary Ann and Isaac VINCE
2, Clara Elizabeth VINCE
3, Ellen Louisa COX
4, Maria and Charles SURKITT
6, Mary Elizabeth and William Arthur SKIVENS
7, Jessie Ellen and Thomas William PAICE
8, Emma and Henry BARTLETT
9, Maud Lily and Frederick Charles GRAHAM
10, Ada Emily and James VINCE
11, Mabel and Henry Thomas JEEVES
13, Ada and Edward Joseph WALLIS
14, Maria and George WALLIS

The 1925 Street Directory shows that the houses in Cecil Terrace were numbered from 1 nearest the London Road junction. The location of the houses on the north west side of Bond Road is not given, but it could be assumed that Mortimer House was near where the junction with Mortimer Road is now. The occupants in 1918 were

House Names
Lavender House Anna and Henry FOWLER
Cavendish House Emily Ann WOOD
Mortimer House Bessie and John BRETT
Mortimer House Elsie and James Alfred RICE
Holborn Union Gas Works Kate Olive and John Emmanuel HUMPHREYS

1925 Street Directory

BOND ROAD, from 8 Rupert terrace, London Road, Upper Mitcham to Western Road

South side

1, Isaac VINCE
2, Frederick Samuel COUSINS
3, Mrs COX
4, Percy TAYLOR
5, Mrs READ
6, William Arthur SKIVENS
7, Thomas W PAICE
8, Harry BARTLETT, fodder salesman
9, Robert NOBLE
10, James VINCE
11, Charles Ellis JEEVES
12, Robert TOWNSEND
13, George WALLIS

North-west side

ALLEN, Son & Fielding, scrap iron merchants
Henry FOWLER, florist (Lavender House)
Miss WOOD, (Cornish house)
John BRETT, box repairer (Mortimer house)
John E. HUMPHREYS, (Holburn farm)

Newspaper Articles

Article Details Newspaper Date Page
Bottleneck photo Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser 01/02/1951 1
Historical Note Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser 01/02/1951 4
Improvements planned Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser 22/07/1954 1
Housing Proposal Mitcham and Colliers Wood Gazette 07/02/1958 3

World War 1 Connections
Stoker 1st Class Robert Cox

Private John Humphreys

Private Edgar Vince

Private G Wallis

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

R S COX of 3 Bonds Road, aged 18 Years 1 Months, Fitters Mate. Conscripted on 5 January 1916 to the Northamptonshire Regiment (53rd Ysb).

W MITCHELL of 12 Bonds Road Surrey, aged 31 Years 1 Months, Carman. Volunteered on 19 April 1915 to the Army Service Corps.

E A RUDDICK of 6 Bonds Road Up Mitcham, aged 33 Years 2 Months, Blacksmith. Conscripted on 2 March 1917 to the 30th Infantry Labour Coy.

W A SKIVENS of 6 Bonds Road, aged 26 Years 8 Months, Labourer. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Essex Regiment (14th Batn).

E VINCE of 1 Cecil Terrace Bonds Road, aged 35 Years 3 Months, Labourer. Conscripted on 25 January 1917 to the Royal West Surrey Regiment (3rd Batn). Note that the Register shows BINCE, but given the CWGC entry, this is more likely to be VINCE.

A S WALLIS of 14 Bonds Road, aged 25 Years 9 Months, Plumber. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 9 December 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment (10th Batn).

C WALLIS of 14 Bonds Road, aged 30 Years 10 Months, Motor Driver. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Middlesex Regiment (6th Batn).

H WOOD of Cavendish House Bond Road, aged 24 Years 10 Months, Postman. Volunteered on 19 October 1915 to the Royal Garrison Artillery.

From the Military Service Tribunals:
Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 14th December, 1917
Mitcham Tribunal

Mr Moore, in appearing in the appeal for exemption for Mr H. Fowler of Bonds-road, Mitcham, said his client held an agriculture certificate.

Councillor Mizen : He can stand over until it is withdrawn.

The Tribunal decided to adjourn the case until the certificate was withdrawn.

Note the use of Bonds Road. The previous name was Bond’s Lane.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Carew Road

Road that runs from south west end with Feltham Road, to north east end with Locks Lane.

2nd August, 1951

Labour councillor Tom RUFF … said that the POLE-CAREW family once owned land in Mitcham and Carew Road was named after them.

1950s map of Carew Road

1950s map of Carew Road

From the minutes of the
Croydon Rural District Council
Roads and Buildings Committee
Volume VIII 1902 – 1903
15th May 1902
page 111

2. Deposited Plans. – The Buildings Sub-Committee reported that they had carefully examined al the plans of new streets and buildings deposited since the last meeting, and on their recommendation, it was Resolved:-
(a) That the undermentioned be approved:

No. 2140, Mizen Bros., 6 cottages, Carew Road, Mitcham

Occupants in the 1911 street directory

1,Martin ADAMS
2,Herbert S HUTT
3,Frank Charles FOLGER
4,William RINGROVE
5,Charles HIGGS
6,George TOWERS
7,Thomas WHITE
8,Albert FULLER
9,George KEEN
10,William WHITE

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Armfield Crescent

A curved road that runs from the London Road, north of the Mitcham Library, southwards to St Marks Road, with council housing built after the Second World War.

View of Armfield Crescent from Mainwaring Court, Paxton Court is on the left. Photo taken in 1968.

There were originally four blocks of flats, three on the east side and one on the west, housing in total approximately 200 families.

On the east side the blocks are named, from the London Road end, Elm Court, Mainwaring Court and Coningsby Court. The latter two are of the same design, in that they are mostly maisonettes with a downstairs of kitchen and living room with an upstairs of bedrooms and bathroom.

On the west side is Paxton Court which consists of single level flats only. All of these blocks had four or five storeys and so included lifts. The use of sloping tiled roofs served to hide the lift’s engine room from view.

Each flat had use of one shed, for bicycles and prams, which were grouped into rows at the back of the blocks. Paxton Court also had sheds in front of the block. A row of sheds that faced away from the flats were frequently vandalised and broken into, with their contents stolen.

Flats are numbered sequentially, and all except Paxton Court, have their own postcode.

Block Postcode Flat Numbers
Coningsby Court CR4 2JT 1 to 56
Elm Court CR4 2JU 1 to 47
Mainwaring Court CR4 2JW 1 to 56
Paxton Court CR4 2JY 1 to 27
Paxton Court CR4 2JZ 28 to 54

In addition there are eight houses, originally for old people, called Armfield Cottages, near the St Marks Road end. They have a postcode of CR4 2JJ.

A block of flats built around 2015 on the site of garages that were between Armfield Cottages and the playground was named Calico House and given the postcode of CR4 3FB.

The road is probably named from the Armfield family and their connection with the Potter and Moore farm near Figges Marsh. In 1859, Elizabeth, daughter of James Bridger, married John Armfield.

The housing site is also called Elm Nursery Estate, as it was originally a Mizen nursery. This name is preserved in a horse watering trough located in front of Coninsgby Court, at its southern end.

Photo taken 1st November 2017.

This council housing estate was developed in 1951/2. Flats were accessed via stairwells or lifts to communal balconies. In Mainwaring Court for example, the ground, second and fourth floors were in the main part of the block and had 12 flats each. On the ‘wings’ of the block were the ground, first and third floors.

Heating was by coal or coke fires in each flat, and a coal bunker was provided in the kitchen with access from the communal balcony. An example of the costs is shown from this extract from my mother’s diary, shortly after moving in to Mainwaring Court.

2nd January 1953, cost of living in a flat in Mainwaring Court

Rent was £1 13s. 10d, about 40% of the wages of £4 4s. Electricity cost £1 5s. 6d., gas (for cooking) 11s. 10d.

Kitchen sink in flat in Mainwaring Court. The coal bunker was under the draining board on the left. Photo taken c.1972

The blocks of flats on the east side of the road had grass areas at the back for children to play on. These were changed to numbered car parking bays, starting with Elm Court, in September 1974, as noted in my diary.

The bays were numbered sequentially from north, at the rear of Elm Court, to south, at the rear of Coningsby Court. As the numbers didn’t relate to flat numbers, e.g. there was one bay 20 and three flats numbered 20, this did cause some confusion with residents. I used two bays at one point, much to the irritation of my neighbours.

My Hillman Hunter estate in car parking bay 38, and my Singer Sunbeam estate plus Triumph TR62R motorcycle in bay 37. Photo taken in 1979.

Land to the east of between Armfield Crescent was kept for allotments, although later it was planned by Mitcham council to build a bypass road, the ‘Eastern Loop’ to run from the London Road around the centre of Mitcham. This didn’t happen, and in 1979 the land was cleared.

Northern section of allotment land behind Elm and Mainwaring Courts

Allotment land cleared between Mainwaring Court and Feltham Road.

Housing was built on this land from 1979.

View from 4th floor of Mainwaring Court of Feltham Road housing being built on former allotment land.

1979. View of housing being built on former allotment land behind Elm Court.

News Articles

From the Mitcham & Tooting Advertiser

3rd May, 1951

£180,505 borrowed by Mitcham Council over 60 years to build 103 flats and maisonettes on the Elm Nursery estate.

2nd August, 1951

Labour councillor Tom RUFF complains that the names chosen for the new blocks on the Elm Nursery estate have no relation to local history. He said that MIZEN would be better for Mainwaring Court and CAREY or CAREW for Coningsby Court. The POLE-CAREW family once owned land in Mitcham and Carew Road was named after them. The new flats were adjoining a road known locally as Carry Close, although it should be called Carey Close. Conservative councillor MINGAY said that the names chosen did have a connection with Mitcham.

See also Armfield Crescent Block Names.

8th September, 1951

Elm Nursery scheme will be completed next Spring”

About 20 families have moved in so far, into Elm Court first. The first block, Elm Court, has 40 3-bedroom flats and 7 2-bedroom flats. The second block, Mainwaring Court has 56 2-bedroom flats as does the third block Coningsby. The fourth block, Paxton, will probably have a high proportion of 3-bedroom flats.

Mr & Mrs D.M. O’KELLY were among the first tenants in Elm Court. Mr G.C.A. PANNEL, caretaker for the whole estate, also moved in.

The rents for 2-bedroom flats in Elm Court are £1 12s. 6d. and £1 17s. 6d. for the 3-bedroom flats.

The flats include special drying cupboards and electric water-heaters.

Grove Terrace

A row of small shops with living accommodation above between Laings Corner and the Windmill pub on the east side of London Road, south of Figges Marsh.

The 1914 Street Directory has numbering from 1 to 10, north to south:
1914 Street Directory has numbering from 1 to 10, north to south:

  1. Mrs Ethel Grist, toy and china dealer
  2. Frederick Ayling, greengrocer
  3. Alfred William Berry, confectioner
  4. Telephone Call Office and George A. Stoffell, hair dresser
  5. Mrs H. Cook, confectioner
  6. William Lewis, hardware stores
  7. Mrs J. Ball
  8. George Wheeler
  9. John McKay, boot maker
  10. George Usher

In this 1951 OS Map, only 6 of the original 10 are standing.

1953 aerial photo from Britain From Above

1953 aerial photo from Britain From Above