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Millars Motors (Mitcham) Ltd.

363 and 365 London Road

1953 OS map

1953 OS map

Listed in the 1938 commercial directory as motor cycle dealers, 365 London Road, telephone number 0829. Not shown in the 1930 commercial directory.

In 1954 phone book as Millars Motors (Mitcham) Ltd., Motor dealers, 363 London Road, telephone MITcham 0829.

Listed in the 1963 Borough of Mitcham List of Factories as Motor Vehicle Repairs, Sidecars.

This letterhead shows the outline of the building.

undated letterhead

undated letterhead

This clip from Merton Memories shows the left hand side of the building where ’36’ can be seen which matches the ‘363’ on the letterhead.

clip from 1938 photo of tree in garage next to Millars Motors building at 363 London Road, from Merton Memories photo reference Mit_​Work_​Industry_​18-1

Note that the description on Merton Memories says that this site was used by Kwik Fit and is now vacant, but that is incorrect. Across the London Road at Allen Bros. is where Kwik Fit was the last occupier.


22nd September 1939 ad from Croydon Advertiser

1982 ad from Mitcham Diary

1955 Stationery

District Stockist
Agents for

Part Exchanges
Insurances Arranged

The site at 359, 363 and 365 were built on around 2002 by Green Acre Homes (South East) Ltd whose planning application, no. 02/P0208, was for

Erection of a 3 storey building fronting London Road and comprising 3 x 2 and 6 x 1 bed flats and a 2 – storey building fronting Baron Grove and comprising 4 x 1 bed flats with associated car parking (the proposal involves demolition of all existing buildings on site)

Merton Council haven’t put online any documents for planning applications before 2005, so no other details are known.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Home Radio

Shop that was established at 187 London Road (opposite Eagle House), in 1946 by brothers Alan and Colin Sproxton, using their service gratuities. The name “Home Radio” was suggested by their father.

September 1947 – the shop at 187 London Road, and their van. From Murphy News.

In 1959 Colin Sproxton took part in the Monte Carlo Rally.

Colin Sproxton in 1959 at the Monte Carlo Rally. Clip from Merton Memories photo reference Mit_​People_​124-1, copyright London Borough of Merton.

Home Radio initially sold electrical appliances, as shown in these adverts from 1960.

The business grew with selling components by mail order. According to an article in The Radio Constructor magazine (pdf), Home Radio and Mitcham became known all over the world.

Colin Sproxton retired in 1964, the year of this catalogue cover:

1964 Home Radio catalogue

The back cover of this catalogue showed how to get to their shop by public transport. The map also showed their service shop in Locks Lane.

Their 1968 components catalogue, was advertised in Practical Wireless magazine, and said that it was:

Used and acclaimed by scientists, engineers, technicians, teachers & students

1968 Practical Wireless magazine ad

In 1969 they moved to larger premises to cope with the need to store large amounts of components for the mail order business. They went to the top floor of a new office block at 234 – 240 London Road, which gave them 2,400 square feet of space. The business was being run by Alan Sproxton and Ernest Layton at this time.

The Radio Constructor magazine described the dinner that was held at The Grange on 23rd April 1969 to celebrate the expansion of the business. A guest at the dinner was an old friend of the Sproxton family, Mr B. Mund Hopen from Bergen in Norway, who was in charge of the Norwegian Shipping Mission during World War 2. Mr Sproxton, in his after-lunch speech said that it was his opinion that three things saved Britain from defeat: radar, the tenacity and courage of the RAF, and the Norwegian tanker fleet which came over to Britain.

The company was wound up in 1982, as recorded in the London Gazette:


“That it has been proved to the satisfaction of the Company that this Company cannot, by reason of its liabilities, continue its business and that it is advisable that the same should be wound up; and that the Company be wound up and that Keith John Chapman of 1-2 Pudding Lane, London EC3R 8AB, be and is hereby appointed as Liquidator of the Company for the purpose of such voluntary winding-up.”

A. Sproxton, Chairman