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The Red Lodge, London Road

The Red Lodge was a house on the east side of London Road, north of the junction with Mitcham Park. Its location is described in the 1915 street directory, heading south:

— here is Berkeley place
William Jackson (Lorne villa)
Frederick Saxon (Hall villa)
Sydney Gedge (Mitcham hall)
Mrs Chapman (Campfield)
Charles Tibbitts (Oakleigh)
Arthur Horsley (The Red lodge)

Baron Cottages:
1, George William Thompson
2, Mrs Martin

— here is Mitcham Park

1910 OS map

1910 OS map

It can be seen on this map that the Red Lodge was the house before the Baron Cottages at the corner with Mitcham Park, where the “.877” is shown. This number, 0.877, is the size of field number 230, of which this house was a part of.

This 1953 OS map shows the house now numbered as 389 London Road.

1953 OS map

1953 OS map

World War 1 Connections
Private Lawrence John Horsley

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.