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Cycle shop at 213 London Road (Buck’s Head Parade), from 1932 to 1968, which previously had been occupied by W.H. Jenner.

8th July 1954 ad

8th July 1954 ad

A comment on the Facebook Mitcham History group :

I worked at Dynes in 67. Mr Dyne used to have two shops, one in Battersea. After he died in 66 the Battersea shop was sold off… The Chinese moved in, in 68.

Chinese fast food shop Cheun Hong, can be seen in this 1987 photo on Merton Memories.

A 1959 photo on Merton Memories shows the advertising for Dyne’s on the north wall of Buck’s Head Parade. The words ‘Moped Service’ have been preserved as a ‘ghost sign’ with the mural of 2016.

2016 Ghost Sign

2016 Ghost Sign

Photo taken 16th June, 2016

Photo taken 16th June, 2016

An ad from the East Mitcham Ratepayers Association magazine, dated October 1932, said that “Dyne’s of Clapham Junction” had acquired the business of the late W. H. Jenner.

October 1932

October 1932

News for Mitcham!
(of Clapham Junction) have acquired the business at 213 LONDON ROAD (Late W. H. Jenner)

Stock Includes


from 2/3 weekly



Official Rudge Sales and Service Depot


Open Sundays Phone—MIT 2435


1. W.H. Jenner was listed in the 1925 street directory at number 5, Buck’s Head Parade.

2. A. & C. Jenner was listed at 5 Buck’s Head Parade in council minutes of 1916 for petroleum licences.

3. “2/3” meant 2 shillings and 3 pence. Decimalised, this is about 11p, and, adjusting for inflation, is equivalent to £7 in 2016.

A photo of a record from the C.P. Dyne shop in Battersea, from Facebook:
CP Dyne Record without name

Ad from 1914 for W. H. Jenner



Shop also sold fishing tackle and bait, as shown in this ad from January 1963:

ad from January 1963

Douglas House

The block of shops and flats called Abinger House, north of Bucks Head Parade, was built in the 1930s on the site of Douglas House. According to Eric Montague in Mitcham Histories 14, page 11, this was a ‘detached brick built house tenanted until 1888 by the Reverend Robert Richman, pastor of the Zion Congregational Chapel in Western Road.

1933 clip from Merton Memories photo 302638, copyright London Borough of Merton. Douglas House can be seen to the left of Buck’s Head Parade.

Bucks Head Parade

North of the Buck’s Head pub, this is a parade of 5 shops and flats above.

Photo taken 9th May 2017

Aerial view Bucks Head Parade left of the Buck Head pub

Aerial view Bucks Head Parade left of the Buck Head pub

Aerial view of rear of Bucks Head Parade

Aerial view of rear of Bucks Head Parade

Occupants in the 1925 street directory:

  • 1. George SHEPHERD, junior – wheelwright
  • 2. E.C. MORRIS – confectioner
  • 3. Frank MILES – wardrobe dealer
  • 4. not listed
  • 5. W. H. JENNER – cycle agent

The 1911 commercial directory lists

  1. George RANGER, boot & shoe maker
  2. Hugh CRESSWELL, golf goods dealer
  3. Mrs. Emily MILES, wardrobe dealer
  4. Mathew William Frederick MEE, tobacconist
  5. William Henry JENNER, cycle maker

The property numbers, running north to south 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 became 213, 215, 217, 219, 221 London Road, in 1926.


Receipt from 1986 for Mitcham Travel at no. 217

1982 ad for Cortesy Florals at no. 219

Photos from Merton Memories site