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1929 Ban on socials, dances and whist drives in Schools


No schools controlled by the Mitcham ( Surrey) Education Committee are to be let for socials, dances or whist drives. This decision was made on Monday night by the Committee in reply to a request from two Ratepayers’ Associations. “We had so-called social gatherings,” said Dr. Henry Love, but we found that drink was brought in after the public houses closed, and our schools became a perfect pandemonium.”

Councillor Field said it was reported that cups of tea and coffee were poured into the pianos and other wilful mischief committed.

Source: Shepton Mallet Journal – Friday 08 November 1929 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

1886 Inquest

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 05 June 1886


—Mr. W. P. Morrison, district coroner held inquiry at the Bath Tavern, Thursday, touching the death Richard John Johnson, aged two years, whose parents reside at 4, Bath-road, Mitcham. From the evidence it appears that the deceased had from his birth suffered from bronchial affection. On Monday evening the child became worse, when Dr. Love was sent for, and after prescribing for the child he said he would call see it in the morning. Before he could attend the next morning he was informed that the child had died. Subsequently he found that the child had suffered from acute bronchial congestion.

—On the evidence the doctor the jury found verdict of “Death from natural causes.”