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Priestley Road

Road built on the former Mitcham Stadium site, on a development called the Laburnum Park Estate. It runs south westerly from Sandy Lane, opposite Edgehill Road.

The houses are numbered sequentially from 1 to 33 and all have the postcode CR4 2LL. Houses numbered 1 to 28 are along the south eastern side of the road in blocks of 4,5 or 6, with numbers 29 to 33 in a block of 5 on the south western side.

The road was built was around 1956/7 as seen on this land registry transfer, dated January 1957, which was for a plot from Amberwood Estates Ltd., was for £500. The plan with this transfer shows that the front drive of the houses varied between 20 and 30 feet. The rear gardens are narrowest at the Sandy Lane end, and widest at the southern end. Each house has a garage, which is set at an angle, is at the end of the rear garden.

part of land registry transfer, dated 28th January 1957

Esther Rantzen bought a house in this road, according to Tony Rogers of the Rogers Estate Agency at 21 Eastfields Road.