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Stepney Close

Road built on the site of the former Tooting & Mitcham United football ground, and named after Alex Stepney who was born in Mitcham and played for the club in the early 1960s.

OpenStreetMap, 2018, shows the road as Stepney Way

The Royalmail website shows two addresses, number 1 and 3, both with the postcode CR4 2GG.

Guyatt Gardens

Road with houses built by Wates Ltd on the site of the Mitcham Stadium, which they bought in 1955.

The road is reached from Eastfields Road by Roper Way, and Sandy Lane by Ormerod Gardens and Priestley Road at each end. Along with Fowler Road, these five roads were collectively called the Laburnum Park Estate.

c.1956 view of houses being built on stadium site; clip from Merton Memories photo reference Mit_Buildings_61-2

OpenStreetMap extract October 2018

Houses are on the northerly side only, arranged as three terraces (two of five houses each and one of four), and are numbered sequentially from 1 from the north west end to 14 in the south east end. All have the postcode CR4 2LN.

Possibly named after Guyatt’s Pit, a gravel excavation nearby.